Vegetable prices go through the roof in Delhi

Basic household vegetables like capsicum and tomatoes are being sold at four times the regular price while even potatoes are selling above the normal rate.

Last Updated: Jul 06, 2013, 00:10 AM IST

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Consumers, who are already reeling under high inflation, are being forced to suffer more, thanks to an unreasonable hike in vegetable prices as early monsoon has caused a supply shortage.

Basic household vegetables, like capsicum and tomatoes, are being sold at four times the regular price. The sky-high rates of potatoes have also hit the common man hard.

Though the versions presented by retailers and hawkers are different, one cannot believe that bad weather is the sole reason for such high prices.

A newspaper has reported that wholesalers at Azadpur Mandi believe that retailers are profiteering in the name of affected supplies from rain-battered Uttarakhand. They believe, despite early rains in Delhi and Uttarakhand floods, supplies from neighbouring states like Haryana and Punjab have not been disrupted, hence the prices cannot skyrocket as is the case in the retail market.

In Mumbai too prices of vegetables have skyrocketed making the common man’s kitchen even tougher. A kilo of tomato will cost nothing less than Rs 50, Green peas at Rs 10, Brinjal at Rs 80 and Potato at Rs 40. Vegetable wholesalers in Mumbai are blaming it on bad rains as well.

Meanwhile, there are reports of two- to three-fold price hikes in vegetables in cities like Jaipur and Patna also. Traders there too are blaming bad rain for the price hike.