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Japanese firms look to market energy efficient products in India

Last Updated: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - 13:19

Kogo city (Japan): Japanese firms are looking to market energy efficient products in India.

These firms appear to see a great opportunity from a business expansionist point of view, given that India has disturbingly high levels of carbon, which is increasing by the day.

A study compiled by the University of East Anglia in the U.K in 2012 said India’s carbon emissions have shot up by an estimated 7.5 percent.

It found the country to be the world’s fourth largest carbon dioxide polluter (Co2).

Burning fossil fuels, primarily coal to generate electricity, account for more than half of India’s carbon emissions.

But now, it is believed that Japan can help in reducing carbon emissions with the use of technical gadgets that use alternate energy in households.

In Koga city, fuel-cells have been installed in “Common Life Koga”, a community consisting of 14 houses.

And, LPG gas helps to generate electricity, run water heaters and it is also used for cooking.

"Each house is equipped with three meters. One shows the amount of electricity generated by fuel cell. The other is the gas meter for sub water heater and one is for the regular use of gas," said Takayuki Nakata of Gas One-Saisan Co. Ltd

Japanese companies are also manufacturing energy-efficient products to protect the environment.

Nagoya-based Rinnai Corporation makes gas appliances, including energy-efficient tank less water heaters, home heating appliances and boilers as per the environment protection norms.

Rinnai is a member organization of the Alliance to Save Energy, and its products qualify for residential development projects with Energy Star certification.

"Eco One is the best energy efficient hybrid water heater, air heating system in the market. It uses powerful gas and economic electric heat pump combined together. This electric heat pump uses 410A catalyst, which is widely used in air conditioners. By using this catalyst, we achieved COP (Co-efficient of Performance) 600 with this product, " said Yuji Kondo,Director and Managing Executive Officer of the Rinnai Corporation.

Rinnai’s energy-efficient water heaters have huge potential in Indian markets where the major thrust is on reducing carbon emissions.

These products will not only help save electricity but will also prevent pollution of the environment.


First Published: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - 13:19
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