Answering machine, chats on QR code coming soon on WhatsApp!

Answering machine, chats on QR code coming soon on WhatsApp!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: You would agree that the popular WhatsApp messenger is constantly evolving and bettering user experience. As per the leaks trickling from WhatsApp's official translation centre, the messenger is planning to bring in these four new features which will revolutionize the way you have been using WhatsApp so far:

Voice Mail on WhatsApp

If you have faced the angst of your contacts for missing their call via WhatsApp, then relief is on the way. As per the leaks, soon you will be able to apply a personalized and automatic voicemail feature which will be sent to contacts who were trying to call you when you were unavailable. 

QR Codes on WhatApp

The feature will work on WhatsApp exactly the same way as Snapchat does. You will be able to begin conversations with new contacts even without saving their mobile number. Adding a contact to WhatsApp will be so much easy! 

Snapchat has a feature called Snaptags that creates a unique QR code for every Snapchat user. When someone points their Snapchat camera at a Snaptag, the app adds the corresponding person as a friend.

Security and convenience in group chats on WhatsApp

A new feature will take care of your concerns, whether or not a certain chat group is safe or not. Safety in chat groups depends whether it is encrypted end to end, i.e. no outside source spies on your conversations.

Another feature in the form of a new button on the screen (below the conversation) will allow you to land up at the latest message in the group chat.

Video Calling on WhatsApp

This feature is set to allow you to turn your camera on during WhatsApp calls, making your conversations much more fun and personal with your friends and family.

To go by the leaks, all these features are in the test phase and will roll over sooner than you would expect them on your messenger!





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