Be safe! 5 things you should never put on Facebook

Be safe! 5 things you should never put on Facebook

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: You may boast of huge popularity on Facebook and may have a long list of friends, but do you know that there are some dos and don'ts you need to keep in mind as you share and network on Facebook?

1. Never share your home address: It often happens that you may not have blocked strangers from viewing your Facebook or those on the friends list may not be necessarily trusted people. Why invite unnecessarily invite 'friends'( trouble) dropping in by sharing your residential address on social media. 

2. Keep your passwords to yourself: It may sound unbelievable, but people sometimes share their passwords on Facebook, could be through a personal message. If you are close to someone, it may happen that the relation may go sour in future, but the personal information will be always available to the other person on Facebook.

3. Don't share inappropriate photos: Needless to say, it would be inappropriate, but you may not want some important contacts, office colleagues or future employer to see those pictures!

4. Avoid sharing your current location and relationship status for the obvious reason that there are many who would not mind exploiting the facts and dupe you.

5. Don't post your date and place of birth: For the same reason as given above, giving too many personal information putting on social network may put you in the radar of imposters and scamsters. 

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