Did you try these tricks on your Facebook?

Did you try these tricks on your Facebook?

1. Restore deleted Facebook messages and images

Simple Login to your Facebook account and head towards general setting page through this link. Click on download a copy of your Facebook data

Then click on download Archive button. You will have to enter your password again.

When you click on Submit button and you will see download link for your data will be sent to your email id.

2. Post animated (.gif) images on Facebook:

If you though animated(gif) images are not allowed on Facebook, then here is your solution to the problem:

Simple visit http://giphy.com/​ and  select the picture you would like to post on your Facebook page.

3. Download Facebook photo Album in a single click

Go to the app http://dphoa.apphb.com/

Login with Facebook. Then choose your friend's album you would like to download. Click and save.