Efforts to incorporate digital signatures in Mobile connections

Efforts to incorporate digital signatures in Mobile connections

Last Updated: Thursday, August 19, 2010, 18:10
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Efforts to incorporate digital signatures in Mobile connections
Kochi: To ensure safety of digital
signatures, Efforts are on to incorproate it in Mobile
connections, Dr V Vijayaditya, Controller of Certifying
Authorities (CCA), Department of Information Technology,
Government of India, today said.

`We are trying to introduce a proxy SIM which will have
the digital signature. It will have a co-processor which will
generate a private and public key..`, Vijayaditya told
reporters here.
A prototype of the proxy SIM has been developed by one of
the vendors and approval will be taken from the RBI, he said.

Digital signatures stored in Pen drives and PCs are not
safe as there are chances of their being hacked, he said. The
digital signatures stored in private key can be stored
in the proxy SIM and it cannot be replicated, he said adding
when digital signatures are used in ATMs and credit card
transactions, it would be very secure. Presently, such
transactions are not very safe, he said.

As of today, digital signature gives 100 per cent security
to the data, he said.
Earlier, addressing an awareness programme on here on
National Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), he stressed the need
for adapting secure communications over the cyberspace on
applications pertaining to e-governance, E Commerce and online

Inaugurating the PKI awareness programme here, Kerala DGP
Jacob Punnoose said Cyber revolution is happening. At the same
time, security is essential with the advent of any technology.
There is need for safety measures in technology as chances of
unscrupulous persons committing crimes was high.

`Only if Cyber criminals are tracked and brought to book,
the public would use cyber technology in a large scale`, he
said. Cyber forensic is very important. If that is strong,
cyber technology will be used by everyone.

The identification for cyber transactions should be unique.
For that forensic support should be identified like digital
signature, biometrics, he said.

The symposium was organised by the Centre for Development
of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) to crate awareness on PKI, a
vital programme to secure E-commerce, E-Governance and other
activities of the Internet.

Rajan T Joseph, Director General C-DAC,
said given the rapid spread of internet in the country and the
vulnerabilities of the users, it is important for India to
develop the eco system for building secure E Commerce. The
broadband revolution and next generation mobile revolution
driven by 3G will fuel growth in the segment and putting
together PKI has to go hand in hand with broad band
participation and awareness to ensure safe and exponential

C-DAC is currently pursuing R&D in the areas of Intrusion
Detection and Prevention, Cyber Forensics, Crypt Analysis,
Stegenography, Face Recognition among others, he said.

Senior officers from various government departments ,
police, and fire departments, industries, banking and
financial institutions participated in the programme.

The programme aims at providing insight into the PKI for
adapting secure communications over the cyberspace on
applications pertaining to e-governance, online transactions,
E Commerce.


First Published: Thursday, August 19, 2010, 18:10


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