First Apple computer to fetch 250,000 pounds in auction

Apple's pioneering Apple-1 computer, which is 37-years-old, has a wooden keyboard.

Last Updated: May 25, 2013, 16:40 PM IST

London: Apple's pioneering Apple-1 computer, which is 37-years-old, has a wooden keyboard is being offered for sale for 250,000 pounds during an auction in Germany.

The computer is being offered for sale along with a batch of ancient typewriters and a 1905 toy battleship. In a report by The Independent, Cologne's Breker auction house that specializes in vintage toys and office equipments has previously auctioned one of the 46 examples of the 1976 computer still in existence for a whopping 6,40,000 dollars.

Uwe Breker, the owner of the auction house disclosed the seller to be a young American working for a software company. Computer historians believe that these computers are Apple's creation history tracing the incredible success of the device today to its early origins.

An estimated 175 to 200 of the rudimentary computers were produced in the family garage of the late Apple founder and visionary Steve Jobs. Stephen G Wozniak, Apple's hardware hacking engineer, designed the primitive Apple-1 computer.

All that the age-old computer offered was a computer motherboard and a cluster of chips. It could be used only to run primitive games and write basic programmes having a mere 4 kilobytes of memory. A major league baseball player Fred Hatfield first owned the computer.

The documents along with the device include a letter to Hatfield signed by Jobs offering an Apple-II to which he declined and 400 dollars cheque for the Apple-1, the report added.