How WhatsApp is killing your mobile phone battery!

How WhatsApp is killing your mobile phone battery!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Did you realize that WhatsApp on your phone is eating up the battery and may eventually kill the phone battery in the long run?

You may wonder how batter completely drains out in a matter of hours even after the smartphone was charged to its optimum capacity.

The fact is that the WhatsApp Messenger constantly keeps your phone busy trying to connect and download small bit of data all the time, even when your phone is sleeping.

If you are on WiFi, this behaviour keeps the phone awake, still running in the background, and draining the battery. 

WhatsApp also stores the incoming messages until you use it again, putting the pressure on the battery.

How to save your phone? If you're using mobile data , it is best to go to Settings, and put your Network Mode under 2G Mode. As you use Whatsapp mainly to send text messages it works better with this Mode. Using the web version PC version would not be a bad idea.



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