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‘Smartphone, tablet users not satisfied with web speed’

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 7, 2012 - 22:02

New York: Smartphone and tablet users in the US are not satisfied with the internet speed and a large number of people want their desired web pages to load within seconds, a survey has said.

An online survey of over 5,000 people in the US, conducted by research and analysis firm Keynote, found that 60 percent of tablet users expect to wait less than three seconds to get to a website.

Further, 64 percent of the smartphone owners want a website to load within four seconds. Among those working on a personal computer, 48 percent of users want their download speeds to be faster than two seconds.

"Overall, the survey showed that while expectations vary somewhat depending on the platform - desktop, smartphone or tablet - they are definitely increasing. In short, user expectations, no matter the device, are for very fast performance," the study said.

Despite such high expectations, the survey found, many sites on smartphones and tablets continue to be slow and disappoint consumers on a regular basis.

As per the study, 66 percent of the smartphone users found 'web pages slow to load' as the most frustrating issue, while 48 percent found 'website not optimised for smartphone' a key problem.

"The expectation gap for performance has tightened considerably across platforms, and vendors ignore these increased expectations for blazing fast performance at their own peril," Keynote said.

In the cases where mobile websites take lot of time to load, 44 percent of the survey respondents try refreshing the page, 21 percent close the page and try again later while 16 percent give up.

The study further said that 29 percent of smartphone users and 37 percent of tablet users spend at least 1-2 hours browsing the internet.

Accessing local information emerged as top activity for 88 percent of the smartphone users, while majority of the tablet users (79 percent) go to internet for news and entertainment.

In terms of usage, more than 40 percent of the smartphone owners access e-mail, social media updates and map information on their devices, while a little over 30 percent of the tablet users do the same.

Keynote said that smartphone users preferred to use mobile apps over mobile websites for map information, social media updates, e-mail, and banking information.


First Published: Tuesday, August 7, 2012 - 22:02
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