Try new features on WhatsApp before anybody else!

Try new features on WhatsApp before anybody else!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: If you are an ace in juggling technology on your finger tips, then this news is for you. WhatsApp now offers Android users its beta versions so they can try out new features before everyone else.

In order to do that, you just have to sign up to be a WhatsApp Testers straight from Google Play.

To become a WhatsApp tester, you have to do the following:

Click on this link given below

2. Click on “BECOME A TESTER” button.

3. WhatsApp will now automatically update your device with the most recent beta version.

You can remove the beta at any time. Simply go back to the first link above and click the “Leave the program” link.

By becoming the WhatsApp tester you will be able to test the newer versions of WhatsApp and you would always know which new feature could be coming next on WhatsApp.

There is a warning too! If you install the beta version, your mobile may freeze or restart itself at times (as mentioned in the terms and conditions). This is absolutely normal, and nothing to worry about. Yur phone will become normal after the update.