UMANG: This pan-India app will give you access to all government services

The UMANG app will enable people to have an access to pan  India e-Gov services from the  central  government,  state  governments,  local  bodies  and  their  agencies and private sector.

UMANG: This pan-India app will give you access to all government services

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New Delhi: In a bid to provide major central/state government services, the National e-Governance Division -Department of  Electronics  &  Information  Technology has floated a proposal paper seeking to select  a partner agency which would    be    responsible    for    development,    implementation, enhancement  and operations  & maintenance  of  Unified  Mobile  Application  for  New-age Governance  (UMANG) .

How will the UMANG App help you

The move taken under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's aim of making a Digital India, wants to create an app that will enable people to have an access to pan  India e-Gov services from the central government, state governments,  local  bodies  and  their  agencies  and private sector.

In  addition,  it  would  facilitate  convergence   of  various  efforts,  carried  out separately, to reach out to citizens through their mobile phones.

How to access the UMANG app

Citizens will have to download just a single application which will work on one short code on, GPRS/Internet, support for SMS and Toll Free for IVR will be additional features.

Objective of the UMANG App

The proposal paper lays down the following objectives:

i. Act as an enabler and facilitat or in developing overall mobile based service delivery  ecosystem in India.

ii. Provide  easy  access  for  citizens  to  various  services  via  single  Mobile  Application,  easy to remember short code and single Toll Free number.

iii. Provide  easy  discoverability  of  services,  easy  manageability  and  standardization  of service delivery.

iv. Provide for quick mobile enablement of e-Gov applications/services of Government
departments  through  easy  and  fast  integration,  on-boarding,  mobile  front-end  roll-out  by  bringing  their  services on  this  mobile  application  platform.  Provide  another  value  added  services  to  departments  via  a  common  platform  through  integration with   TSPs   and   payment   gateway.      This   will   facilitate   easy   on-boarding   of Government departments.  

v. Provide  multi-lingual  support  covering  official  Indian  languages,  in  addition  to English. Also, provide support for voice interaction in local languages.

Availablity of the UMANG app

The app, to be available for Android, iOS, and Windows will support 12 Indian languages including English.

You can also visit the link and read the full proposal paper:

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