5 Easy steps to make your CIBIL score good

5 Easy steps to make your CIBIL score good


Check out some easy steps that can be a boon to you for increasing your credit score.

1. Eliminate balances: To add plus points to your credit score ensure that you immediately eliminate your credit card balances. Any unpaid due on loans should be cleared off in time any amount of negligence in not repaying your debts on time can not only land you in trouble while applying for a loan but also will make your credit card score low.

2.Dispute Errors: Check your errors on WWW.CIBIL.COM. mistakes happen, even lenders resort to some errors while going through your application and data entry. Every financial institution is alloted a time span of 30 days to handle any disputes.So be on alert and check your errors. once, all disputes cleared your credit card rate will get improve. 

3.Maintaining records of old credit cards: A healthy and clean record of your credit card balances can be a great boon.If you really want to increase your CIBIL score, Any amount dues on loans and debts may act as a loss for you so ensure that you are keeping all the records of old credit cards and are also paying of bills before the expiry of your billing date.

4.Payment of EMIs on time:When your are purchasing any commodity by using a credit card make sure that you are paying your bills and EMIs on time.this will help you in better dealing with CIBIL. Also, it will enhance chances of increasing your CIBIL score. Even an increase in your credit card limit can also be a better option for making your credit card rate good.

5.Look for a secured card: Are you going through a poor CIBIL score? then no need to worry you still are not at loss completely a secured card issued by several banks can come at your mercy. Banks such as DCB Bank, ICICI Bank, CITI Bank offers secured card against a fixed nominal amount. 

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