A female robot that can sing like a pop star

A female robot that can sing like a pop star  London: A life-sized female robot, known as HRP-4, has been taught to sing just like a real pop star.

It has movable features that are able to mimic the expressions of a human singer.

She is able to `sing` using a synthesized voice technology that sounds and breathes like a human too, reports the Daily Mail.

Masataka Goto, from Japan`s Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, said: "This robot primarily utilises two technologies. One is for its singing voice."
"Last year, we used Yamaha`s vocaloid software to synthesize notes directly. But this year, we`ve used our own technology called VocalListener," Gato said.

This is a new technology which synthesizes a singing voice on the computer side as if imitating a person`s singing voice.

"Also, for the robot`s facial expressions, we`ve developed another new technology called Vocawatcher. This analyses a video of a person singing to create expressions naturally," Gato said.
Researchers used a real singer as a model, recording her every move as she sang a typical Japanese pop song.

The movements were mapped onto HRP-4, who was then able to mimic her real-life counterpart`s every movement.

The team even helped the robot breathe realistically, by modelling real, human breathing sounds