Tracking device can tell you where your kids are

Tracking device can tell you where your kids are   	 London: Would you like to have the security of being able to find your children whenever you want? Then read this.

A wristwatch with a built-in tracking device can tell you exactly where your kids are - and allow you to speak to them at the flick of a button.

Edinburgh-based former acting Lance Corporal Dean Corrigan, 32, has designed a device that contains a GPS system so parents can monitor children`s whereabouts within two to three metres through a computer or a mobile phone app.

It also contains a sim card so it can receive calls from a number of pre-programmed phone numbers.

The Loc8er device was developed when Corrigan was serving in the Army as a physical training instructor.

"As a soldier I always think about situations on the ground and practical solutions. The radio system wasn`t that good for soldiers on the ground when I was in the Army and it got me thinking about GPS, which means you always know where everyone is," the Scotsman quoted him as saying.

"Then I realised it could work for kids, because even if kids have mobile phones there`s no way of knowing where they`ve gone or where they were last."

However, child safety groups have expressed concern that using GPS to track a child could be an extreme measure and say parents should communicate with their children rather than rely on technology.