`Swaramadhuri`, a `singing` silk saree

`Swaramadhuri`, a `singing` silk saree Hyderabad: `Swaramadhuri`, a `singing` silk saree embedded with eight micro speakers on its border has caught the fancy of many traders down south.Conceptualised by P Mohan, a small-time designer of Dharmavaram town in Andhra Pradesh`s Anantpur district, the saree has a small iPod at the `pallu` which can play as many as 200 songs continuously for four hours.

A 2-GB memory chip to support the iPod on the saree has been used. Mohan toiled for two months to come out with this unique design and now the unusual piece has generated a lot of interest and curiosity among silk traders in south.

B Datta Shiva, the master weaver who has purchased the rights of the saree, said "orders are pouring in from showrooms in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh for the
supply of the attire."
"It took nearly a month to make one saree. Ten members of our unit continuously worked and finished it. It can play for four hours non-stop music without disturbing others," Shiva told.

The saree will be put up for an open auction to be held in Dharmavaram on February 14.

The designer had earlier created sarees with small LED bulbs which he calls the `lighting saree`. He had also made silk sarees using sandalwood.