Smartphone addicts haunted by ‘phantom’ vibrations

Smartphone addicts haunted by ‘phantom’ vibrations Img/2012/1/18/smartphones100.jpgLondon: Addiction to smartphones literally stresses out users, and many a times they experience “phantom vibrations,” where they imagine they got a notification buzz but in fact they did not, a new study has revealed.
Researchers from the University of Worcester have asserted that there is a link between the number of times people check their phones for personal messages and their stress levels.
Researchers conducted a stress test and a survey of more than 100 participants in different fields of work.

People buy smartphones in hopes of managing their time better, but they get stressed when their virtual social life becomes too demanding, Discovery News reported.
“Organizations will not flourish if their employees are stressed, irrespective of the source of stress, so it is in their interest to encourage their employees to switch their phones off; cut the number of work emails sent out of hours, and reduce people``s temptation to check their devices,” said psychologist Richard Balding.