Future peek: loos that will analyse your poo

Future peek: loos that will analyse your poo Img/2012/2/24/loo.jpgLondon: It may look to be coming straight from some science fiction but high-tech toilets that can analyse your poo, 3D contact lenses and doors that open just as you look at them would become a reality in future.According to top futurologist Frank Shaw from Britain`s Centre for Future Studies, these things could all materialise within 15 years, the Sun reported Thursday.

Shaw has revealed a list of changes to our homes which he believes will be common place by 2027, transforming our lives for the better.

The study was commissioned to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the creation of Broadband firm Plusnet.

The firm`s Chief Executive Officer Jamie Ford said: "The next 15 years will see an exciting transformation take place, where we integrate `smart devices` into the home, and the net becomes much more about rich services."