£5m iPad 2 studded with dinosaur bones, gold

£5m iPad 2 studded with dinosaur bones, gold London: Customized iPad 2, worth 5 million pounds, is covered with dinosaur bones, gold and diamonds and surprisingly the gadget has also found a customer.

The iPad 2’s Gold History edition, developed by luxury goods maker Stuart Hughes, is apparently the most expensive gadget, which can be bought.

Not only is it covered with two kilos of 24-carat gold and 12.5 carats of diamonds, but also the precious stone round the bezel is mixed with crushed-up shavings from a fossilised T-Rex.

If you flip the gadget, the Apple logo is made out of 52 separate, individually set rocks.

Oddly, these pale into insignificance next to the front half - made from 750g Canadian Ammolite, the oldest rock in the world at 75 million years, the Daily Mail reported.
Fifty-seven grams of a fossilised Tyrannosaur thigh were shaved into the stone.The limited edition just has two pieces for sale and one has already been sold to an undisclosed customer.