A prototype TV that helps you interact virtually!

A prototype TV that helps you interact virtually! Img/2011/12/29/prototype76.jpgLondon: A US media student has come up with a prototype television, which converts physical hands into virtual ones when users put them in the back of the box.

Google Streetview appears as a backdrop courtesy of a green screen and digital objects can be manipulated and moved around at will.

Jayne Vidheecharoen from the Art Center College of Design in California, who designed the prototype, asserted that she has connected boxes to the internet, implying that the computerised space can be shared with other people.

“Looking at Google Streetview as a magic circle it becomes a kind of virtual public space, frozen in time, with untapped potential,” she said.

“I am trying to bring it to life and activate the space so it can be more like a real public space, subject to fiction, mutability and idiosyncratic uses by multiple people.”

The components and materials used are all dirt cheap and not necessarily hi-tech and include ‘foam core, duct tape, fabric scrap, a desk lamp, an end table, a borrowed monitor and the cheapest webcam possible’.Nevertheless, Vidheecharoen is very eager to make improvements and envisage an enormous commercial potential in what she has invented.“I can speculate about a ton of potential ways people might use these boxes, from building entire parallel worlds to cross-country puppet shows,” she added.