55 inch ‘razor thin’ OLED TV to hit markets soon

55 inch ‘razor thin’ OLED TV to hit markets soon  Img/2012/1/3/tv 275.jpgLondon: A tech giant will be unveiling first-of-its-kind ‘razor-thin’ 55-inch OLED (Organic LED) this week, which would be 1000 times faster than LED sets.

LG’s flatscreen will be just 4mm thick and weigh 7.5 kgs, making it barely thicker than a poster.
OLED is widely used in high-end smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy S2, but up till now, manufacturing large screens using the technology has been too expensive.

LG claims to have cracked a new manufacturing process that makes the set far cheaper to produce - although the company has still not said how much the TV will cost, the Daily Mail reported.The set features four colours of pixel, rather than the usual three, which makes for high-contrast, sharp images with realistic colours.

“We have a product which not only delivers on all the advantages of OLED over LCD but at a significantly lower cost,” said Havis Kwon,CEO of LG Electronics.

“OLED is clearly the future of home TV entertainment,” Kwon added. (ANI)