DoT to issue notice for one-time spectrum fee

DoT to issue notice for one-time spectrum fee New Delhi: Department of Telecommunications is learnt to be in the process of issuing demand notice to old telecom operators for collecting one-time spectrum fee.

"The demand notice for one-time spectrum fee will be issued this week," a government official said.

Earlier, telecom operators were given 4.4 Mhz of spectrum with licence at price of Rs 1,658 crore for pan-India operations and later they were entitled to get 1.8 Mhz spectrum on fulfillment of certain subscriber base criteria.

In November, the government decided to levy one-time spectrum fee on quantum of spectrum held by existing operators over 6.2 mehgahertz and 4.4 Mhz spectrum.

As per government decision, telecom operators have to pay a retrospective one-time charge on spectrum held over 6.2 Mhz from July 2008 onwards till December 2012 and from January 1 , 2013 they had to pay charge computed based on price determined through auction held in November 2012.

For spectrum held above 4.4 Mhz, the government decided to levy a one-time charge prospectively upon the existing operators at 2012 auction-determined price.

According to sources, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has tentatively fixed provisional rate for spectrum in 1800 Mhz band for Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan and Karnataka circles where it did not receive any bids and premium 900 Mhz band.

Auction of the unsold spectrum in 1800 Mhz is due to start from March 11 after which auction of 900 Mhz and 800 Mhz will follow.

No decision was taken with respect to charging CDMA operators as the spectrum in this band attracted no bidders in November, 2012.

Sources said telecom operators have been asked to pay the amount in equal annual installments for the balance number of years of licence in a manner that the last installment is paid a year before the expiry of company's licences.