Pakistan least forward-looking country in world: Report

Pakistan least forward-looking country in world: Report London: Pakistanis are the least forward-thinking people in the world, according to a research.

The scientists, based in the UK, Switzerland and the US, who correlated data from Google searches and national economic performance, found Germany to be at the top of the list, reports the Daily Mail.

The team first published a set of results last year, with Pakistan at the bottom of the list; and Britain at the top of the list, as people looked forward to the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

The researchers looked at the ''mammoth amounts of data'' generated by internet use, and discovered that there are ''strong links between changes in the information users are seeking online and events in the real world''.

They analysed some 45 billion Google search queries and found ''a striking correlation'' between the per capita GDP of a nation and the inclination of people to look to the future.

Lead researcher Professor Tobias Preis of Warwick Business School said there seems to be a relationship with the economic success of a country and the information seeking behavior of its citizens online.