Samsung hires US judge who ruled against Apple

Samsung hires US judge who ruled against Apple Washington: Samsung has reportedly hired a judge who favored the Korean mobile maker in a recent court case against rival Apple.

U.K. Judge Robin Jacob served on the bench last year in a case that forced Apple to publish an apology notice asserting that Samsung did not infringe on the design of the iPad for its own tablet.

Though Jacob had retired a year earlier, U.K. law allows for ex-judges to still sit on the bench.

According to Foss Patents, now Samsung is in the midst of a new case with Ericsson in which Jacob is playing a different kind of role.

The U.S. International Trade Commission is investigating a patent infringement claim filed by Ericsson against Samsung last November, CNET reports.

And, according to a letter to the court from Samsung obtained by Foss Patents, Jacob has been hired by Samsung as one of the nine legal experts for the case, the report said.

Jacob's new job comes less than four months after he presided over the case between Samsung and Apple, it added.