Avaya unveils new software and cloud-based services

Avaya unveils new software and cloud-based services New Delhi: Communication solutions provider Avaya on Friday unveiled a set of new software and cloud-based services, which makes it possible to embed collaboration capabilities into other applications.

The offering also marks its shift from telecommunications to providing mobile, scalable collaboration and communications solutions, a transformation it started six years ago.

"These new offerings are part of the USD 2.5 billion investment in research and development (R&D) made by Avaya during this time to reshape its portfolio for the future of collaboration," Avaya said in a release.

Avaya's Aura Collaboration Environment is a software platform that dissolves the complexity of embedding collaboration and communications capabilities into business applications, making it possible to quickly develop creative new ways of doing business, it added.

This enables social, mobile or cloud-based collaboration capabilities to be added to business applications or processes generally without the cost and time previously required, it said.

Avaya IP Office software extends Avaya innovation to the midmarket, delivering a seamless collaboration experience across voice, video and mobility for up to 2,000 users for the first time.

Besides, Avaya Messaging Service extends SMS messages to and from smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktop devices, thereby enabling one-number communications via text messaging.
It also brings the same level of security, compliance and quality companies expect in email to text messaging.

"Today, teams are located all over the globe, trying to work on a variety of devices as they move between meetings or connecting flights," Avaya CEO and President Kevin Kennedy said.

Avaya's software and cloud-based services are designed to be effective, efficient and transparent so people can focus on the task at hand and not the barriers, he added.