NBCC offers new housing projects across country

The NBCC also announced a net profit of Rs 257 crore for 2013-14, an increase of 24 percent over that of 2012-13.

New Delhi: The National Buildings Construction Corporation (NBCC) is offering new housing projects across the country in the coming months besides working on plans to redevelop as "green complexes" three government colonies in the Capital.

The NBCC also announced a net profit of Rs 257 crore for 2013-14, an increase of 24 percent over that of 2012-13.

Addressing a press Conference here on Friday, CMD of NBCC Anoop Kumar Mittal said that housing projects for general public are underway in Gurgaon, Khekra (near Delhi), Patna and Kochi.

He said new projects would be also launched in Ghaziabad, Kolkata and second phase of the project in Alwar.

Mittal said that while houses in Patna are expected to be ready in six months the project in Gurgaon may take one-and-a- half to two years for completion.

He said applications will be invited for the apartments constructed by NBCC and in case the number of aspiring buyers is more than the number of flats, there will be a draw of lots. He said prices vary with location and while some are high end, many residences also come under the affordable category.

Apartments will also be built in Faridabad, officials said.

Officials of NBCC, a government enterprise under the Ministry of Urban Development, said that more projects were being considered in several states including Rajasthan and MP.

Mittal said redevelopment of government colonies is a thrust area for NBCC and work done by it in redeveloping New Moti Bagh in the Capital had been appreciated and more colonies had been earmarked for this purpose.

He said that Netaji Nagar, Kasturba Nagar and Tyagraj Nagar were among the colonies to be redeveloped and after the required approvals from Cabinet is received, work will start.

Mittal said it is envisaged that these colonies are developed into green complexes on the lines of redevelopment done in New Moti Bagh.

Officials said while most of the flats in redeveloped colonies would be for government housing, a certain percentage could be sold to entities like PSUs to raise funds for the projects.

They also said that to increase NBCC's foreign footprint an agreement had been signed with a company in Oman and an office would be set up in Botswana.