Zee Business: Sensex ka Sultan Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Eligibility Criteria –

  • Any person who is an Indian citizen is at least 18 years old can participate.
  • Applicant should not be in any way affiliated with Zee Business, BSE, BSE IPF, CDSL, ICCL, AIPL, BSE group companies for this activity.

General Terms & Conditions –

  • All contestants will be subject to due diligence & KYC norms.
  • The judging of the contestants will be done by a jury comprising members from Zee Business editorial team & independent financial analysts.
  • The decision made by the jury will be final and binding on all contestants and not open to discussion.
  • Zee Business reserves the right to change the contest elements & rules at their discretion without prior notice or assigning reasons thereto.
  • Though our ground contests will be held in specified cities, contestants need not necessarily be domiciled in the same city/region/state to be able to participate. However, the expenses for travel and accommodation will have to be borne by the contestants themselves.
  • This is a television series and all contestants will have to follow prescribed dress code and cooperate with show producers. Please read the show format and trading rules before registering for the contest.
  • By submitting his/her application, the contestant acknowledges to have read the terms & conditions of the contest, and undertakes to abide by them at all times.
  • Participants may be asked to submit proof of identity & residence for which only government issued photo IDs shall be accepted.
  • Any participant found to have made a false disclosure at any time will be suspended from the competition immediately and barred from taking part in all such competitions in the future.
  • Neither Zee Business nor BSE recommend or endorse any stocks/sectors used by the contestants on the show.

Online Round Rules –

  • The contest is based on participant’s ability to create a portfolio of shares out of S&P BSE Sensex 30 shares which will yield the highest returns over a fixed time frame.
  • Each participant will be allowed to create his/her portfolio by selecting the shares & their quantity in the portfolio page.
  • The price of each share will be the previous trading day’s closing price on BSE.
  • Each of participants will be allocated a fixed amount of capital (e.g. ₹ 1 crore) every week to invest in such a portfolio.
  • The portfolio will be allowed to be created on start of week (e.g. Monday) and will be wound up at the end of the week (e.g. Friday).
  • The price to be taken on Friday (or week’s last trading day) to close out the portfolio will be the closing price of such shares which are selected in the portfolio.
  • The same activity will required to be repeated by the contestants for 2nd and 3rd week.
  • The contest will close in 3 trading weeks.
  • The top performers based on earning will be shortlisted for the city round.