Zee Business: Sensex ka Sultan Show Format

Show Format

Our Sultan will be a champion trader who can consistently generate good returns, irrespective of the ups & downs of the market.

The competition is divided into 3 phases –

  • PHASE-I: ONLINE (Registration & Online Portfolio Construction)
  • PHASE-II: CITY (Ground Competitions across 10 Cities)
  • PHASE-III: Grand Finale



  • In order to participate, you will need to register online either on this website or through the BSE App/Website.
  • After registration, each participant will be allotted a corpus of virtual money for creating his/her online portfolio.
  • Contestants will only be able to choose from Sensex stocks but are free to limit the number of scrips they want to put in their portfolio
  • Participants will trade for a window of 3 weeks.
  • The cumulative % returns of all players for the duration of two weeks will be calculated after the closing bell on the last trading day.
  • Top net gainers from across the country will then be shortlisted and invited to participate in the city round.



  • In the city competition stage, 4 contestants will be allocated to each of the 10 cities based on their online performance and proximity.
  • As the competition progresses, city contestants will compete against each other in a series of on-stage challenges.
  • Only the city winners will move on to the final stage
  • Every city competition will be divided into 4 rounds –
    • Round-1: Online Portfolio (10%)
    • Round-2: Derivatives Pitch Round (40%)
    • Round-3: Jackpot Quiz (30%)
    • Round-4 Derivatives Mind Quiz (20%)



  • By the end of phase-II, we will have one winner from each of the 10 cities  
  • The 10 city winners will then have the privilege of competing for the crown at the grand finale at BSE, Mumbai.