Failed Products 2012 : Nokia Lumia 900
Failed Products 2012  

Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia showcased the Lumia 900 at the CES back in January. What might have been a change in thought about Windows phones couldn’t gel well in a market rife with iOS and Android users. Lumia 900 came out at just USD 100 with a two-year contract with AT&T. The carrier slashed prices to USD 50 when it couldn’t find many customers. Much to its dismay, the Lumia 900 failed to garner admirers. The main problems concerning the smartphone were its weak screen resolution, as the competition provided better, and the lack of applications provided on the Windows OS platform.

Nokia, once a dominating player in the mobile phones market, has witnessed a steady decline in sales over these years. Owing to companies like Apple and Samsung who have amassed a greater chunk of the market share, the Finnish company has had a lot to struggle with.
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