Failed Products 2012 : Intel Ultrabook
Failed Products 2012  

Intel Ultrabook
Apple MacBook found a competitor when Intel released its ‘Ultrabook’. Though being a worthy competitor to the highly successful lineup that is MacBook is a bit far-fetched. As a matter of fact Ultrabook doesn’t even come close. Research firm IHS lowered the forecast of 22 million Ultrabooks to be shipped in 2012 to just 10 million. Though the new piece of hardware offers something refreshing it isn’t an altogether a head turner. Its ultra high pricing — around USD 1,000 — and the fact that it’s placed in an environment where pricing is everything doesn’t stack up well for the Intel product.

The movement of users from PC to handheld devices like tablets and smartphones has withered any chance Ultrabook had to chalk a definitive space in the market.
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