The Rupee fall — where it will hurt the most? : The Rupee`s Dirty Dive
The Rupee fall — where it will hurt the most?  

The Rupee`s Dirty Dive
The rupee is at its miserable self again. The movement in rupee is taking a turn for the worst. As the economy reels under an onslaught from foreign markets, staggering demand for the dollar and encircled by market volatility, the fall in the Indian currency couldn’t have come at a better time (sarcasm).

The apparent slump isn’t singular to the stock market and the corporate world. The common man, too, has quite a considerable chunk in the woes that follow in the aftermath of rupee’s ugly downfall.

It is time to make a list of all those things which you may have to overlook or work hard and pay more for this year.

For starters, loosen up the pockets for all the fancy new gadgets you were saving for. Cheese burst and thin crust pizza could be replaced by paranthas. You may also need to let go of the idea of putting that stereo system into a new car you’ve been planning for some time. Those who are looking to spend some quality time with their loved ones on a foreign trip, even a honeymoon, forget Paris, try Manali or Goa instead. And students who have applied for a loan to study at swanky foreign universities, you might have to chip in doing overtime at the grocery store or at the side street bar.

Faizan Nizami
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