The Rupee fall — where it will hurt the most? : Rising prices
The Rupee fall — where it will hurt the most?  

Rising prices
High inflation could add more misery to an already light wallet. The weakened rupee has resulted in increased prices of crude oil, medicines, and fertilisers and so on.

Take for instance crude palm oil. It is very much responsible for setting the benchmark for other edible oils. Any increase on import on crude palm oil will result in mounting pressure on an already high inflation.

Next up, crude oil. India depends upon imports for a major portion of crude oil it consumes. About 70 percent of it is imported from the gulf. With the rupee encumbered by international demand for the dollar, crude oil prices can skyrocket.

Fuel has a major role to play in the price of food as well, since cost of transportation is directly connected to it. Transported goods from one country to another will also result in the rise in price of various food items. Soaps and shampoos, deodorants and perfumes, detergents other fast moving consumer goods could be charged more.
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