The Rupee fall — where it will hurt the most? : Foreign Vacation
The Rupee fall — where it will hurt the most?  

Foreign Vacation
The gradual decline in rupee will come as bad news for interested Indians flocking to foreign abodes on vacation. With the rupee bowing to foreign pressure, finding R&R on trips could be short lived.

Air fares could go up, owing to the levied fuel surcharge. Shopping could become costlier, not to mention the stay will see an increase too. City tours, local cuisines and generally eating out can be heavy on the billfold.

While many travellers plan their vacation way in advance, especially the ones heading for foreign shores, those who want a quick getaway might have to look inland, like Goa, Manali and Simla, for spending their well-earned rest. Closer destinations like the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Maldives and so on may feel like a better spot to rest one’s head. Tourists could also try and avoid non-dollar vacation spots and rely on places like Thailand, Malaysia in south-east Asia or may even head over to Dubai and Doha.
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