The Rupee fall — where it will hurt the most? : Vehicles
The Rupee fall — where it will hurt the most?  

The automobiles industry has been quivering due to lack of sales in these past few months. It has been
declining at a steady rate, impacted by a nose-diving rupee.

That has not deterred adamant car buyers to look the other way. In fact, those who wish to buy a new vehicle book it way in advance. But there are some factors that result in the slowing down of the auto sector in the country.

Primarily, cost of imported components will have to be handled by the industry due to the free fall in rupee.

Imported cars sold in India are bought in Indian rupees at a rate far exceeding the original price. Judging by the slot the rupee has on the foreign market, these luxury rides will carry a hefty price tag.
Car makers will have to increase rates on their vehicles to protect margins. Increase may come from the country’s biggest car maker Maruti Suzuki to foreign brands like Volkswagen, Toyota, and Honda and many others.
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