Coca-Cola to invest $1 bn in Mexico; to create over 1 lakh jobs
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Coca-Cola to invest $1 bn in Mexico; to create over 1 lakh jobs
Davos: Beverages maker Coca-Cola will invest over USD 1 billion in Mexico this year, a move that will create more than 1,00,000 jobs in that country.

"It is a pleasure to share with you that Coca-Cola will invest more than one billion dollars in Mexico this year, as part of the company`s five billion dollar investment plans," the country`s President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa has said on the sidelines of World Economic Forum annual meeting here.

"...The company will soon directly employ more than 1,00,000 people in Mexico," he said in a statement.

Mexico is one of the leading emerging economies in the world.

On January 26, Hinojosa announced that global auto-maker Nissan would bring in foreign investment of about USD 2 billion to build a new assembly plant and create 20,000 jobs.

"I can assure you that, not only the Coca-Cola Board meeting in Mexico this year, a decision I appreciate greatly, ... but I can also any business that operates lawfully and in a positive manner, will succeed and generate returns for their shareholders. Therefore, these companies will always have an ally in the Mexican Government," Hinojosa had said.

According to him, Mexico will always look to partner with businesses that invest, compete, work, generate jobs and succeed.

On the WEF sidelines, Hinojosa met with about 40 CEOs of global companies, including Indian entities Suzlon Energy, Great Eastern Energy Corp and Godrej Industries.

Hinojosa would preside over the G-20 leaders` meeting to be held in Mexico in June this year.

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