Chandrayaan completes 100 days in lunar orbit

Bangalore, Jan 29: India`s maiden unmanned Moon mission Chandrayaan-I completes 100 days tomorrow and preliminary findings from data generated by on-board scientific instruments were discussed by scientists for the first time on Thursday.

The scientists associated with Chandrayaan-1 had a day-long meeting at the ISRO Satellite Centre here on the eve of the 100th day of the launch of India`s historic lunar mission on October 22.

"The discussions were largely technical in nature", an official of Bangalore-headquartered Indian Space Research Organisation said. ISRO is expected to issue a statement detailing deliberations of the closed-door meeting this week.

Preliminary findings from the data generated by three instruments on board the lunar probe-- the Moon Mineralogy Mapper, Mini-SAR and the Imaging X-ray Spectrometer, which have already been announced, are encouraging.

ISRO had invited scientists behind Indian payloads (scientific instruments) as well those from countries whose instruments, including from NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), are onboard the spacecraft for today`s conclave.

Chandrayaan-1 has 11 instruments on board -- five from India, three from ESA (one of which is developed jointly with India and other with Indian contribution), one from Bulgaria and two from the US.

Bureau Report

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