Durban: Rainbow effort to solve climate jigsaw
Plane loads of scientists, activists and policy makers are heading to the land of the Zullu amid muted expectations from the climate stakeholders about forward movement on ways to cool down a boiling planet....»
Canada formally withdraws from Kyoto Protocol
SA says pressing too much would have killed talks
India stands ground on equity, as Kyoto Protocol reviv
The summit Food security
The Durban Climate Summit
The ultimate goal of the Convention is to stabilise greenhouse gas concentrations....»
Seven billion mouths to feed
Are we incapable of feeding everyone? The answer is clearly ‘no’....»
India's Stand Previous Conferences
Climate change- India’s stand
India is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in volume after the US and China....»
Previous climate conferences
The first UNFCCC Conference of Parties was held in March 1995 Berlin, Germany....»

The Changing Planet
Climate change is one phenomenon the entire human race is trying to halt, or at least slow down....»
Kyoto Protocol
The 21st century might see the earth’s temperature rise by almost 3 degrees....»
Do you agree with India’s stand on climate change?
Q&A on climate change
Given the nature and magnitude of the challenge, national action alone is insufficient.
- Ban Ki-moon
Rhetoric vs Hypocrisy
In conversation with Dr. Milap Chand Sharma...»
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