Top 15 Indian companies to work with in 2017

Career growth, team work & bonding, trust boosting are the factors that impact employees' perceptions the most, are quite a synonym to these organisations atmosphere.

Updated: Jul 17, 2017, 18:18 PM IST
Top 15 Indian companies to work with in 2017

Zee Media Bureau/Smriti Srivastava

The list of 'India's top companies to work with in 2017' is out. Maintaining the past records, IT companies still dominate over others to stay at the peak of the list. A study revealed that how workplaces at these companies are way more exciting and comfortable than theres for the employees. Career growth, team work & bonding, trust boosting are the factors that impact employees' perceptions the most are quite a synonym to the atmosphere in these organisations.Therefore, here we come up with a list of top 15 technology companies to work with in India for 2017:

1) Intuit India

Founded: 2005
Employee Strength: 948
Gender diversity (F/M): 1:3.21

Highlights: It is one of the few companies in the country that has been openly vocal about LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) rights and inclusivity at the workplace. Intuit employees are allowed to use 10 percent of their time (called 'unstructured' time) to think about customer problems and work on new solutions.

American Express

Founded: 1921
Employee Strength: 11748
Gender diversity (F/M): 1:1.52

Highlights: They are one of the world's largest global payments network, owning relationships with Card Members and Merchants. They also provide products and services to customers around the world, process millions of transactions daily, and drive more than $1 trillion in commerce a year.

2) Google India

Founded: 2004
Employee Strength: 1863

Highlights: Google recently declared the results of a study done by Googlers, of Googlers, to see what processes an effective team at Google. Inspired by the Project Oxygen, it looks at what contributes makes great managers at Google. The company analysed more than 200 teams over 200 interviews and assessed more than 200 ways of evaluating effectiveness of team.

3) Sap Labs

Founded: 1998
Employee Strength: 6489
Gender diversity (F/M): 1:1.93

Highlights: SAP Labs India has been focusing on building a strong culture of entrepreneurship, over the . SAP Startup Studio, its accelerator programme focuses on curating early or growth-stage startups, that holds disruptive technology to sort complex business challenges. The company has also redecorated its sabbatical policy which allows entrepreneurship for up to two years to those who have completed similar number of years or more at SAP.

4) Adobe India

Founded: 1998
Employee Strength: 6489
Gender diversity (F/M): 1:1.93

Highlights: The company is also working towards reintegrating its returning moms. It began to assign buddies to employees who went on maternity leave, six months ago. The company is also focused on hiring more females to its workforce. From its 23 percent female employees in 2016, it has risen up to 31 percent.

5) NetApp India

Founded: 2001
Employee Strength: 1536
Gender diversity (F/M): 1:3.56

Highlights: While taking care of employees within the organization, the company also focuses on budding fresh talent. This is done is by working with faculty at institutes like IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Guwahati, and IIT Bangalore, to provide them expertise and teaching resources to infuse storage, data management, and cloud-related content into their academics.

6) Teleperformance India

Founded: 2001
Employee strength: 8302
Gender ratio (F/M): 1: 2.56

Highlight: Teleperformance deserted annual appraisals two years back. It now has a monthly, real-time transparent scorecard process in place that gives visibility and motivates self-governance. The company also offers room for real-time improvements instead of waiting a whole year to give feedback to employees.

7) Pitney Bowes

Founded: 2007
Employee strength: 660
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:3.93

Highlights: ​Employee attendance is not monitored in Pitney Bowes. One of the styles of the company to boost its ability to provide growth opportunities. Close to 70 percent of the people who joined the company in India in the first year are claimed to be still working with the company.

8) Cadence Design Systems – India

Founded: 1987
Employee Strength: 1785
Gender Ratio: 1:4

Highlights: This electronic design automation firm has a CFO Advisory Council consisting a cross-section of employees across different levels and functions. The mission is-

  • to help improve engagement and
  • to communicate and represent the voice of the employees to the CFO

The group’s mission is to help improve engagement, communications, foster a sense of community, and represent the voice of employees.

9) PayPal India

Founded: 2006
Employee Strength: 1255
Gender Ratio: 1:3

Highlights: A global program called Opportunity Hack, which is a platform that brings together NGOs and developers interested in creating tech-based solutions for challenges faced by them. The hackathon, last year, witnessed nearly 150 developers clock 5400 hours to help 15 NGOs develop technology based prototypes to solve real world challenges.

10) BT Global Business Services

Founded: 1987
Employee Strength: 4388
Gender Ratio: 1:2.13

Highlights: The BT CBS Employee Assistance Program (EAP) programme offers easy 24x7 telephone and chat-based assistance and support to all employees of the company.

11) inMobi India

Founded: 2007
Employee Strength: 786
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:2.57

Highlights: This mobile advertising company has developed an idea called Founders Staff, whereby 4-5 high potential employees are identified every year to work closely with the founders. By working with the founders, these star employees are exposed to the values and culture of the company at the source.

12) BMC Software India

Founded: 2001
Employee Strength: 1640
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:3.56

Highlights: The company has a 'MyHappiness App' using which employees participate in a ten second survey at periodic intervals. Employees are asked if they feel recognized, find their work and whether they find BMC a fun place to work with. The data collected is co-related to factors like customer satisfaction ratings and attrition.

13) Atria Convergence Technologies

Founded: 2008
Employee Strength: 6693
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:9.92

Highlights:  Its a broadband and digital TV company’s ACT Carnival, a program for employees’ children, involving art competitions, game stalls and lots of food. Digital prints of the children's paintings go into the creation of the company calendar. All of the company’s locations are virtually connected during this event and one can view the celebrations in the other locations on the large screens placed at the venue.

14) Citius Tech Health Care Technology

Founded: 2005
Employee Strength: 2158
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:1.96

Highlights: The company has a ‘Green Channel’ process when hiring people for management roles, an extension of its referral program, wherein very strong recommendations for candidates lead to automatic hiring. This hiring procedure is carried out without going through the conventional process of interviews. This ensures high potential candidates are quickly absorbed into the company.