IPL 10, Match 8: KXIP vs RCB - As it happened...

Live Coverage of Match 8 of IPL 10 between KXIP and RCB.

IPL 10, Match 8: KXIP vs RCB - As it happened...

New Delhi: Welcome to our Live coverage of Match 8 of Indian Premier League Season 10 between Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore.

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CATCH OF THE MATCH- Wriddhiman Saha

MAXIMUM SIXES- AB de Villiers (9 sixes)



Summary- It was a night by the the Kings and for the Kings as they dominated the evening throughout to power themselves to a comfortable eight-wicket victory over the visitors from Bengaluru.

Much was going round with the return of AB de Villiers into the RCB team sheet. But notheing went right for them as wickets started topping down from the very first over. Axar Patel departed skipper Shane Watson off an inside edge in the very first over. Consecutively others too fell down. Mandeep and AB were there at crease to build some momentum. But good bowling skills and attacking fielding put their plans at rest.

Fans kept cheering "AB" , as they expected that firework off him. The one that everyone remembers from the last season. But it was only until 17th over when things started looking strong. Couple of sixes and fours off the last 18 deliveries somehow sailed their struggling 120 to 148.

Now it was time for the Kings to put their batting skills to test and indeed, like kings they dominated their home ground as openers Vohra and Amla powered throught to a commendable 60-run stand. But soon Vohra fell to Mills and then Axar to Chahal making way for Maxwell to step in.

In form and he showed what he can once again going with his unorthodox shots which sailed over the rope in all sides. And with Amla by his side, Punjab finished things right in the 15th over with still eight wickets in hand.

The win, well it placed the Kings up to the second spot behind Sunrisers Hyderabad.

KXIP win by eight wickets

Over 14.3 | Score 150/2 | Maxwell 43 (19) ; Amla 57 (37)

Chahal into the attack. Just 5 to go. Maxwell looking to finish off with a six. And he gets that. Impressive win from that skipper and the team as well. 

Over 14 | Score 143/2 | Maxwell 37 (19) ; Amla 57 (37)

Maxwell goes again...six. Stanlake, places it wide off the off stump and he cuts it hard over third man. Just 14 needed now. 39 deliveries still to go. Six to finish with. Maxwell over point.  

Over 13 | Score 127/2 | Maxwell 24 (16) ; Amla 55 (34)

Pawan Negi brought in. Second ball and Maxwell crunches it to midwicket for a four. And this time to long on, but settles for a single. KXIP marching along to victory already. Eight off the over.  

Over 12 | Score 119/2 | Maxwell 18 (12) ; Amla 53 (33)

After his expensive first over, skipper Watson comes back into the attack. Another skipper at crease. Outside off, Maxwell slices it to backward point and the fielder drops that important opoortunity. Watson disappointed on Mandeep Singh. Seams to the leg side and Amla turns to pull it off to fine leg and get that boundary. Gets his fifty with that. Incredible Amla. Wide outside off stump and Maxwell slices it over cover, one bounce and crosses the rope.  

Over 11 | Score 107/2 | Maxwell 13 (9) ; Amla 47 (29)

Chahal back in. The Kings are in complete control of the game. Hitting fours and sixes all over. RR over nine till now. Maxwell knocks it down to long on to take a single and with that they need 50 more now to win. Looks like a easy win for them, until RCB pull off a stunner in the last minute. 100 comes up for the Kings. Amla now...six. What a way to finish off the over.  

Over 10 | Score 97/2 | Maxwell 11 (6) ; Amla 39 (27)

Tymal Mills around the wicket to Maxwell. Off the pads and gets a leg bye single. Slwer this time to Amla, turns it to square leg for a single. There is Virender Sehwag calm and composed, enjoying it as Maxwell smashes it down the line for a boundary. Absolute ripper. Slower and short and hits Maxwell's arm. Outside off now, and Maxwell gives himself a liitle bit of room to slice it over point to get that six. 12 off that over.  

Over 9 | Score 85/2 | Maxwell 1 (1) ; Amla 38 (26)

Chahal returns back to googly down Axar. Turns straight through gap and strikes the stumps. Chahal gets the wicket.

AR Patel b Chahal 9 (6b)

The skipper Maxwell steps in. In form batsman indeed. Amla...downtown, picks up the length and gets that flat six. Seven off the over.  

Over 8 | Score 78/1 | Axar 9 (5) ; Amla 32 (22)

Abdullah into the attack now. Short and hovers it over deep midwicket. Definitely not his best delivery and Axar utilises it to hit that six. Single to finish it off. 11 off it. 

Over 7 | Score 66/1 | Axar 1 (1) ; Amala 29 (19)

Chahal into the attack now. KXIP have started in strong with a good opening partnership that took them past 60. But Vohra fell shortly off an LBW to Tymal Mills. RR now inching 10 already as new batsman Axar Patel steps in into the field.   

Over 6 | Score 62/1 | Amla 26

Billy Stanlake drops Hashim Amla at fine-leg boundary. Worse, the ball went for a six. Tymal Mills absolutely furious seeing the fielder drop the only chance RCB had. Mills later came back strong with a slower ball to get Manan Vohra out LBW. They need a lot more of those to bring the match back in balance. It's time for a strategic time-out!

Over 5 | Score 50/0 | Amla 20, Vohra 29

Still no success for RCB. Stanlake finishes his third over, havin given away 25 runs so far. Shane Watson needs to put on his thinking hat and come out with a solution quickly.

Over 4 | Score 42/0 | Amla 15, Vohra 27

Shane Watson brings himself into the attack and was smacked for a 4 on the first couple of balls. Three boundaries for Manan Vohra as KXIP look to be cruising towards a victory at this early stage of the match. 17 runs from the over.

Over 3 | Score 26/0 | Amla 14, Vohra 11

Boundaries coming easily for the Glenn Maxwell-led side as Amla and Vohra face trouble free begining. De Villiers, meanwhile is on the mic with the commentators and was telling how he had a conversation with his wife after doubting himself a little before the start of the match.

Over 2 | Score 14/0 | Amla 12, Vohra 2

Hashim Amla trying to follow his countryman AB de Villiers' footsteps. Second boundary of the inings for him as Kings XI Punjab are off to a comfortable start. RCB, meanwhile, have strated witha combination of Stanlake and Abdulla.

Over 1 | Score 6/0 | Amla 5, Vohra 1

Six runs from the first over for KXIP. Hashim Amla getting the boundary for the hosts. They really need to just get 6-7 runs every over and will be able to achieve the target.

21:51 IST: The Punjabis are out on pitch!

KXIP need 149 runs off 120 deliveries

Over 20 | Score 148/4 | Binny 17 (19) ; AB de 89 (46)

Mohit up for the last over. Binny gets AB at strike with a single down long-on. What will be Mohit's strategy now? Slow and wide, excellent from the seamer. Again wide and AB steps out shifts to right but somehow gets a touch of the bat and gets a six. Lucky AB!. Last ball, straight and he slogs it over the rooftop once again. Beauty from the batsman. Superman AB!   

Over 19 | Score 133/4 | Binny 17 (18) ; AB de 76 (42)

Sandeep Sharma back for his last over. Binny edges the outside off delivery to third man, but Mohit there to field it off. AB at strike now. Wide, outside off stump and he cuts it sharp over point to get that stylish boundary. He is here, ladies and gentlemen, hold your breathe.

Full toss, wide and he slogs it over the roof!. Disappeared completely. OHH...that is remarkable. And yet again!. There is another to the second tier near deep midwicket. 19 off it. Big over for RCB.  

Over 18 | Score 115/4 | Binny 16 (17) ; AB de 59 (37)

And now its time for Binny. He strikes that big six over deep midwicket. And then down extra cover. He is on fire. Inspired from AB it seems. 100 up for struggling RCB.

AB on strike now. Short delivery sails it over midwicket, but Miller makes that timely save. Full toss this time, strikes it in the same region, flat six. Fireworks have started at Indore already.  

Over 17 | Score 94/4 | Binny 5 (14) ; AB de 51 (34)

24 more deliveries to go and no one has seen AB's fire work yet. Just few trailers of it. And there it is. Powers it over midwicket and AB gets that six. Good length ball though, but you should hace heard that crackling off his bat. Loud and clear. 137Kmph was the speed of that bat. Another similar delivery, outside off, short and he sends it whistling over midwicket. 50 for the South African  

Over 16 | Score 80/4 | Binny 3 (12) ; AB de 38 (30)

Aaron into the attack. His last over. Last 20 balls, 7 runs and one wicket. That is not the familiar RCB. But AB....downtown and gets a six. Fabulous. They need more of it. Another time-out

Over 15 | Score 71/4 | Binny 1 (7) ; AB de 31 (27)

Axar Patel in his last over. First ball, off the pad and Saha takes it. Didnt get that edge. Axar is definitely at his best today. His figure is already 1/12 in four over. Just one off that over.  

Over 14 | Score 70/4 | Binny 1 (3) ; AB de 31 (27)

Varun Aaron comes back into the attack. Short delivery, Mandeep gets upper edge and ut flies over the keeper but still high in the sky. Saha runs in and waits, waits and somehow dives to take it in the last minute. Catch of the match, definitely. And young Mandeep departs.

Mandeep Singh c Saha b Aaron 28 (34b)

Staurt Binny in the new man in. Outside off, inside edge past the wicket to the keeper. Nervous start from Binny.  

Over 13 | Score 68/3 | Mandeep 28 (33) ; AB de 30 (25)

Axar Patel back into the attack. Another tidy over from the spinner. Just three off it.

Over 12 | Score 65/3 | Mandeep 26 (28) ; AB de 29 (24)

Stoinis up for his second. AB is the man who can provide RCB that big total, just dont know when that firework would start. NOTE- Mandeep's six was the 100th six this tournament. Thje duo are playing in singles. Five already off five deliveries. Single to end it.  

Over 11 | Score 59/3 | Mandeep 23 (25) ; AB de 26 (21)

Axar Patel returns to bowl his second over. Gets a two with a cut to third man. Now gets AB at strike.

Flat delivery, Mandeep slogs it to deep midwicket and Aaron there to filed it beautifully.  

Over 10 | Score 53/3 | Mandeep 19 (22) ; AB de 24 (17)

Marcus Stoinis into the attack. AB at strike. Takes a single. Is trying his best to get a big total. Mandeep now taking things sensibly, rotating strikes. That is what RCB needs right now.  

Over 9 | Score 47/3 | Mandeep 17 (20) ; AB de 20 (14)

And now it is time for left-arm medium pacer Natarajan to come into the attack. AB at strike now. Wide ball. Slightly under pressure when one sees such a hard hitting batsman at crease. Better line now, struck down to long-off for a single. Shorter delivery now, back of the lenght and he cracks it to third tier. Mandeep gets a six . Humongous! And now a boundary. 10 off the last two balls. Natarajan in trouble definitely. Strategic time-out.  

Over 8 | Score 34/3 | Mandeep 6 (15) ; AB de 19 (13)

This man is surely keeping hope alive with those boundaries. Mohit Sharma into the attack. Second ball and Mandeep fends it to midwicket. Amla too close, holds the ball and throws it hard. Had a chance of getting him run out. Mandeep losing patience given he has given so many dot balls. Gets a two now, with a shot down extra cover. Single to finish.

Over 7 | Score 31/3 | Mandeep 3 (9) ; AB de 19 (13)

Aaron comes up for his second over. He is swinging it well. Adding pressure on the RCB. Three dot ball already. Fourth ball, Mandeep slices it to third man. Fielder fumbles there at boundary and he gets a two. Last ball, near the two and AB pushes it down mid wicket to get a boundary.  

Over 6 | Score 23/3 | Mandeep 0 (5) ; AB de 14 (11)

Mandeep is the new batsman and KXIP has given Sandeep Sharma to bowl his third over. Thats three early blows to the RCBteam, a team with such good batting line-up and with all in form. The Kings are definitely dictating the game. With AB at crease, the hope is surely alive for the away team. Just one off it. Excellent over.

Over 5 | Score 22/3 | ; AB de 13 (10)

Varun Aaron is the new bowler. Has been included in this match. AB at strike. Fends it to square leg to take a single. Crowd just can stop cheering his name. Last ball, to Jadhav, little too high, strikes the pad and Umpire gives him LBW.

KM Jadhav lbw b Aaron 1 (4b)

Over 4 | Score 19/2 | Jadhav 0 (2) ; AB de 11 (6)

Sandeep back into the attack. Vinod on strike. Short ball, seams to the leg side and Vino steps out to pull an immature shot. Top edge and skipper Maxwell at long-on to comfortably take it. Complete inexperience displayed off that shot.

Vishnu Vinod c Maxwell b Sandeep Sharma 7 (12b)

Kedar Jadhav steps in. Was the top scorer last match. Dangerous delivery to end up. Just missing off stump.  

Over 3 | Score 18/1 | Vinod 7 (9) ; AB de 10 (5)

Mohit Sharma into the attack now. Vinod over long on and smashes it for a boundary. Fielder little short to take that catch. Did jump high indeed. Last ball, outside off and he slices it off for a flat six over cover. That is what the fans are expecting and they get full entertainment.  

Over 2 | Score 7/1 | Vinod 1 (6) ; AB de 4 (2)

AB de Villiers comes in. Mr Destructive is at the runners end now. Sandeep Sharma into the attack. Wild swing past the leg stump. Vinod goes for the big one but fails to strike the ball.

Now AB at strike. Crowd going haywire already. And he starts off with a boundary. Plays it soft, and it travels backward point for a four.  

Over 1 | Score 2/1 | Vinod 1 (2) ;

Both are underway to their second match this season. They have both registered a victory in their first match and will be hoping to continue with their winning ways. The big man Gayle has been dropped to bring in Mr. 360 AB de Villiers. And Varun Aaron has made his way to the Punjab team sheet.

The crowd is going all RCB as the two batsman, Watson and Vinod out at crease. Axar Patel will be starting the attack. Single down leg side and Watson off the mark. Fourth ball, presses it to offside. Watson goes for the late cut, but inside edge to strike off the stump. Huge, huge celebration at the Lion's den as the skipper depart way too early.

SR Watson b Patel 1 (4b)

19:45 IST: Here are the squads:-

19:40 IST: The big news is that AB de Villiers replaces Chris Gayle in the playing XI for RCB. KXIP, meanwhile, have opted for Varun Aaron in place of Swapnil Singh.

19:32 IST: Toss underway! Shane Watson wins the toss and decides to bat first.

19:15 IST: Stay tuned for live action from IPL 10 - Match 8.

After respective victories in their encounters on Saturday, Glenn Maxwell's KXIP and Shane Watson's RCB look to continue winning run but it is always far easier said than done.

Punjab, who defeated a batting-heavy Pune side in their previous encounter, are slight favourites going into the clash considering the injury situation of the team from Bengaluru, who might just see South African superstar AB de Villiers making a return after missing out on the first two games with back injury.

The KXIP bowlers did extremely well in the previous match, restricting Steve Smith-led RPS to just 163 and subsequently, their skipper Glenn Maxwell put on an incredible show with his unbeaten 44-run knock to instill serious confidence in the team.

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RCB, on the other hand, managed to defend a modest total of 153 runs against Delhi Daredevils, who deserve an equal amount of credit for the opponents victory on the day after some seriously poor show with the bat barring young prodigy Rishabh Pant's heroics.

Going into the match, the visitors will be hoping for the talismanic opener Chris Gayle to hit peak form and reach the 10,000-run mark in T20s by putting on a stylish performance. On the other hand, Maxwell will be hoping to settle his score against Royal Challengers Bangalore - in five matches against RCB, he has scored a total of 45 runs, with a best of 25.

As far as both team's head-to-head record is concerned, the teams have met in 18 matches, of which KXIP have won ten and lost eight.