IPL 2017, Match 35: Gujarat Lions vs Mumbai Indians — As it happened...

Gujarat Lions win toss, elect to bat first

By Zee Media Bureau | Updated: Apr 30, 2017, 00:32 AM IST
IPL 2017, Match 35: Gujarat Lions vs Mumbai Indians — As it happened...





MAN OF THE MATCH- Krunal Pandya

MI wrap things up in the Super Over to grab two more points 


Over 1 | Score 6/0 | Finch 1 (4) ; McCullum 2 (3)

Six deliveries and 12 runs needed. Anxious indeed! First ball, to Finch, yorker, wide off leg and ...ohh that is a NO BALL. Unbelievable! FREE HIT, Finch at strike, just a single. 10 off 5 now. Second ball, to Baz, wide. Bumrah seems to mess it up for Mumbai. 9 off 5 now. Baz fails to strike the seond ball now, real good slow delivery. 9 off 4 now. Third delivery, to Baz, bye-one. And then the slow yorker comes up. 8 off 2 now. Full toss and a single by Finch. 8 off one now. Impossible! Last ball, single and Mumbai Indians have won it in the Super Over.

And it is Jasprit Bumrah who will be coming into the attack for Mumbai. For Gujarat it is Aaron Finch and Baz to be at the pitch.


Over 1 | Score 11/2 | ; Rohit 10 (3)

First ball, Buttler gets a single with a stroke down cover. Faulkner is goinf around the wicket to angle the ball in. Pollard on strike now for the second ball- slow, well wide and Pollard gently chips it over mid-on for a boundary. Third ball, sailed over long-on boundary. Pollard is hammering already. Fourth ball, yorker this time as Pollard once again goes for the biggy, but Finch there in the deep to take it. Fifth ball, slower, Buttler slices it high over cover as Kishan runs in to take it. Thats it. 12 TO WIN FOR GL

So James Faulkner will do the damage for the Lions. Has indeed been splendid today. Was the game changer for today's match. For the Mumbi-based team it is Jos Buttler and Kieron Pollard who will be there at the crease.  


Mumbai Indians Innings; Target 154

Over 20 | Score 153/10 | ; Malinga 0 (1)

Last six balls 11 needed and Pathan in for the last over. Six off the very first ball. Sent the yorker sailing downtown for the maximum. 5 off 5 needed. Third ball, Bumrah run out by a stunning throw from Jadeja.

JJ Bumrah run out 0 (1b)

Nine already off the four deliveries now and just 2 off 2 needed now. What is going to happen at Rajkot?

Fifth delivery, single with a stroke down mid-on and it is Malinga on strike now. One ball one run. Last delivery, angles it well to the leg side, looking to drift it down leg, touches his leg and goes off side. Jadeja throws it in and runout again. Mumbai all out and it is SUPER OVER now.

KH Pandya run out 29 (20b)

Over 19 | Score 143/8 | Krunal 19 (16) ; 0 (0)

12 deliveries to go 15 runs needed. Tensed situation at Rajkot now as Thampi paces in for his fourth and final over. First ball, angles in, fuller as Hardik flicks it off his backfoot over midwicket, but Kishan there at the deep and WICKET again.

HH Pandya c Ishan Kishan b Basil Thampi 4 (5b)

Bhajji is the new man in. Three runs racked up off the next three deliveries. Fourth ball, angles it in, full and straight and strikes Bhajji's pad and Umpire slowly raises his finger as Thampi jumps in excitement.

Harbhajan Singh lbw b Basil Thampi 0 (1b)

Mitchell McClenaghan is the new man. Scoops the first ball off to third man. Well fielded by Pathan and he throws it hard at the striker's end and rips off the stump as Mitch was well off a yard away from the crease.  

MJ McClenaghan run out 1 (1b)

Over 18 | Score 139/5 | Krunal 16 (13) ; Hardik 4 (4)

Faulkner into his last over now. He is the man that has brought back the hope of the Lions. Just a single off the first two deliveries. Third delivery, angles it in as Krunal ramps it over cover, but Raina...ohh misses it. Could have been the Aussie's third wicket for the night. Five off five now in this over. Last ball, boundary! Racked up over mid-on by Krunal.  

Over 17 | Score 130/5 | Krunal 9 (9) ; Hardik 2 (2)

Thampi up for his third over now. Firts ball, good length, Pollard picks it up and smacks it off over midwicket for a boundary. He goes for it again...no Baz there at long-on and takes it comfortably. The Big Man departs

KA Pollard c McCullum b Basil Thampi 15 (11b)

And it is the younger joining in the older one at the pitch. So far a good over- just that four off that first ball and then two singles and a wicket off the next four deliveries. Single to finish off.

Over 16 | Score 123/4 | Krunal 8 (7) ; Pollard 11 (9)

Faulkner back again into the attack for his third over now. Second over, full, outside off as Krunal smacks it over mid-off for a boundary. Seven runs already racked up in the four deliveries bowled. Nine off the over.  

Over 15 | Score 114/4 | Krunal 2 (4) ; Pollard 8 (6)

And it is Basil Thampi in for his second over now. Another tidy over as five runs have been scored in it.  

Over 14 | Score 109/4 | Krunal 0 (1) ; Pollard 5 (3)

Jamie Faulkner in for his second over now and gives the breakthrough to the Lions by dismissing the skipper. First ball, off-cutter and it edges of the bat to fly into Karthik's hand.

RG Sharma c Karthik b Faulkner 5 (13b)

Kieron Pollard is the new man in. Similar bowl, and Pollard pushes it past the keeper for a boundary. Fourth ball, full, and Pollard flicks it over to Thampi at midwicket and he misses it. Big opportunity gone and Raina looks disheartned. Ohh...Faulkner doesn't give up. Gets Parthiv this time off a similar delivery as that of Rohit's dismissal.

PA Patel c Karthik b Faulkner 70 (44b ) 

Over 13 | Score 104/2 | Parthiv 70 (43) ; Rohit 5 (12)

And Suresh Raina introduces Ravindra Jadeja into the attack now. Was splendid in the previous game against Bengaluru. Three singles off the four deliveries and then comes up the boundary from Pathiv off the fifth ball. Elegantly ramps it over midwicket. And Parthiv finishes off the over with another boundary drifted past the keeper.  

Over 12 | Score 93/2 | Parthiv 61 (40) ; Rohit 3 (9)

Leggie Ankit Soni now back for his fourth and final over. Another tidy over from the young lad as just three runs have been scooped up off it.

Over 11 | Score 90/2 | Parthiv 60 (39) ; Rohit 1 (4)

Skipper in for his last over now. First ball, tossed up, full toss, low and Parthiv spanks it down midwicket and Tye dives in but fails to make a complete effort as the ball touches the rope. Ohh...Tye is down! Probably a slit around the left-arm. Will be a big blow for the Lions if another man calls off with injury. Little treatment in the dug-out now.

Seven runs already racked up off the four deliveries bowled.  

Over 10 | Score 82/2 | Parthiv 53 (35) ; Rohit 0 (2)

Soni back in for his third over and he gets punished in the very first delivery. Spins it well outside off as Rana glides it over mid-on for a boundary. Fifth delivery, Soni keeps it along the middle line, fuller this time as Rana looking for the sweep misses it and the ball strikes the edge of his pad. LBW! And Soni gets his first wicket of the night.

N Rana lbw b Ankit Soni 19 (16b)

Rohit Sharma now in at the crease.  

Over 9 | Score 76/1 | Parthiv 52 (34) ; Rana 14 (13)

Mumbai Indians well in control as the game inches to the ninth over. Skipper back into the attack for his third over now. Four off the over.  

Over 8 | Score 72/1 | Parthiv 50 (32) ; Rana 12 (9)

And after that short time-out is is Ankit Soni back in for his second over. Just two singles off the first half off the over. Fourth ball, taps the inside spinning ball down to square-leg and that brings up his half-century. And there is the appreciation from his teammates.  

Over 7 | Score 68/1 | Parthiv 48 (29) ; Rana 11 (6)

And it is the skipper back again for his second over now. Seven off the over.  

Over 6 | Score 61/1 | Parthiv 43 (25) ; Rana 9 (4)

Last over of power-play as Andrew Tye comes up with his knuckle-ball deliveries. And Parthiv Patel bangs the slow, outside off shorter delivery down to third man for a four. Tye then comes back strong to concede just three off the next four deliveries.  

Over 5 | Score 52/1 | Parthiv 36 (20) ; Rana 7 (3)

And it is Suresh Raina taking things up now. Fourth delivery, full outside off and Rana sweeps it over midwicket for a six. Nine off the over.  

Over 4 || Score 43/1 - Parthiv Patel 34(17b); Ankit Rana 0(0b)

Another bowling change, and this time, the new bowler has managed to put some breaks on.

Ankit Soni, the leg-spinner leaked only three runs off his first five balls, and it put the Mumbai openers in some sort of pressure, unwarranted though, resulting in a run-out.

Soni bowled to Parthiv Patel, with the latter playing a cut shot to James Faulkner at backward point. The Aussie then produced a direct hit to send back Jos Buttler.

WICKET: Jos Buttler run out 9 (7b)

Nitish Rana is the new man.

Over 3 || Score 40/0 - Parthiv Patel 32(14b); Jos Buttler 8(4b)

Bowling change for the Gujarat Lions. Suresh Raina introduced Irfan Pathan. A dot ball to Parthiv Patel to start the spell, but the Mumbai opener responded with a four and six off successive deliveries — both results of disdainful pull shots.

A dot followed, then a double as Patel played another pull shot. Then, a four to end the over. This time a flick. 16 runs from the over.

Over 2 || Score 24/0 - Parthiv Patel 16(8b); Jos Buttler 8(4b)

James Faulkner shared the new ball with Basil Thampi. And a four to start the over, again. Parthiv Patel reached to the full and wide delivery, and timed his shot to perfection. Four through cover.

A double, then a dot ball. Patel hit the fourth ball for another four, this time towards backwards point. A dot and a single to make it a 11-run over.

Over 1 || Score 13/0 - Parthiv Patel 5(2b); Jos Buttler 8(4b)

What a start to the chase from the Mumbai Indians. Parthiv Patel hit the first ball for a four, over point. A single, then a dot ball later, his opening partner Jost Buttler hit the second four of the over, flicked.

A dot ball, then Buttler hit the sixth ball for the third four, again flicked.

13 runs from Basil Thampi opener.


MI need 154 runs off 120 deliveries to win


Over 20 | Score 153/9 | Thampi 2 (4) ; Soni 7 (2)

Two new man in for the Lions as McClenaghan comes in to finish things off for Mumbai. Two dot balls and then a dropped catch by Nitish Rana at point. Could have finished off right there. Theree singles off the five deliveries bowled and the final delivery goes for a big hit. Six it is from Soni and thus Lions cease at 153.

Over 19 | Score 144/9 | Thampi 0 (0) ; 0 (0)

12 more deliveries to go and these two batsmen are smacking hard. Where will the target hit for the Lions?

Bunrah up for his last over. Over-pitched, off as Tye slices it down point for a boundary off the very first ball. And then comes up the NO BALL. Mumbai Indians are troubling themselves in the last couple of overs. FREE HIT, Faulkner at strike, single and a N O BALL again. Ohh... what is up with Bumrah! FRE HIT again, Tye at strike, single. Third delivery, places it well off as Faulkner stretches out to ramp it leg side over mid-on for a boundary. Fifth ball, paced up full toss delivery and Faulkner defends it. Ball bounces high and so does Bumrah to stop it. Tye already mid-way for a single and Bumrah runs him out.

AJ Tye run out 25 (12b)

And then the vicious yorker, as Faulkner looking for a sweep. Ball travels below his feet to rip apart the stumps.

JP Faulkner b Bumrah 21 (27b)

Over 18 | Score 129/7 | Faulkner 14 (22) ; Tye 20 (9)

Aggressive McClenaghan up for his third over now. Hadn't got a wicket till now in the game. Third delivery, slow ball, shorter to the off and Faulkner smacks it down point for a boundary. Fifth ball, shorter again and Tye pulls it hard over deep midwicket for a six. And more, more. Slow ball, to the off as Tye sends it sailing down the wicket for another maximum.  

Over 17 | Score 110/7 | Faulkner 9 (20) ; Tye 6 (5)

And it is Mumbai's death-bowling expert Jasprit Bumrah into the attack now. This will be his third over. Fourth delivery, straight, slightly short as Tye volleys it high, downtown for a boundary. Eight off the over.  

Over 16 | Score 102/7 | Faulkner 7 (18) ; Tye 0 (1)

And it is Krunal Pandya in for his last over now. Just a single off the first three deliveries. Excellent fielding too from the Men in blue. Fourth delivery, not turning at all, as Pathan slogs it over midwicket for a biggy, but too short as Hardik there at the deep to take it comfortably. Its the Pandya effect once again coming into play as Gujarat go seven down at their own homeground.

IK Pathan c HH Pandya b KH Pandya 2 (3b)

Andrew Tye steps in to bat now.  

Over 15 | Score 100/6 | Faulkner 5 (14) ; Pathan 2 (2)

And it is the season's debutant Irfan Pathan as the new batsman at crease as Malinga warms up for his fourth and final over now. Ohh..what is that! We have a Malinga look-alike in the crowd!

Well, for the real Malinga, he is bowling well in this over. Four runs off the five deliveries as the last one goes for a single. 100 up for Lions.

Over 14 | Score 95/6 | Faulkner 3 (10) ; Pathan 0 (0)

Krunal Pandya returns back for his third over now. Three singles off the four deliveries bowled. Fifth ball, over-pitched, to the off-side as Jadeja looking for a slog, slices it high into the air, straight over the bowler as Krunal waits and takes it.

RA Jadeja c & b KH Pandya 28 (21b)

Over 13 | Score 92/5 | Faulkner 1 (6) ; Jadeja 27 (19)

Jasprit Bumrah into the attack now for his second over. Just two singles off the first half of the over. Fourth delivery, seams it across and Jadeja volleys it over cover for a four. Eight off the over.  

Over 12 | Score 84/5 | Faulkner 0 (5) ; Jadeja 20 (14)

Bhajji up for his fourth and final over and he gets the big wicket today. First ball, shorter as Ishan steps out to strike a biggy, but the ball tosses up to Pollard at long-off . He indeed played his part, but probably Gujarat needed him more at the pitch.

Ishan Kishan c Pollard b Harbhajan Singh 48 (35b)

James Faulkner is the new man in.  

Over 11 | Score 83/4 | Kishan 48 (34) ; Jadeja 20 (14)

And it is Malinga up for his third over now. Will definitely be looking to get his third victim. Second ball, over-pitched, well off and sliced by Jadeja down third man for a boundary. Nine runs off the four deliveries now, so pretty productive for the Lions indeed. The over sums up to 14 runs. Effective enough for Gujarat.

Over 10 | Score 70/4 | Kishan 48 (34) ; Jadeja 8 (9)

Harbhajan Singh back in for his third over now. Three singles off the four deliveries bowled. Last ball, spinning off as Kishan shimmies down to whack it downtown for a boundary.  

Over 9 | Score 62/4 | Kishan 42 (31) ; Jadeja 6 (5)

Krunal Pandya is the bowler now, in for his second over. Second delivery, tossed up, spun it right behind his leg and Parthiv grabs it stumps Karthik out, as the batsman shimmied down out of the crease.

KD Karthik st Patel b KH Pandya 2 (8b)

Ravindra Jadeja is the new man. His third ball, full to the off and Jadeja slogs it over midwicket for a six.  

Over 8 | Score 55/3 | Kishan 42 (31) ; Karthik 2 (7)

And the Turbanator returns back for his second over now. Just a single off the first two deliveries now. Two more singles come up off the fourth and fifth delivery off the duo. Single to finish off.  

Over 7 | Score 51/3 | Kishan 40 (27) ; Karthik 0 (4)

And it is Krunal Pandya into the attack for the first time today. Wickets have fallen on a regular interval in the power-play overs and now its upto Kishan to pull it up for Gujarat. Just three off the over.  

Over 6 | Score 48/3 | Kishan 38 (25) ; Karthik 0 (1)

Last over of power-play as Lasith Malinga returns for his second over. Starts off with two varied deliveries- first one, yorker and then a slower, outside off ball- doesnt give any run to Gujarat. Fifth ball, WICKET again. Shorter, straight and Finch looking for the chop shot, gets the unfortunate inside edge that clicks off the bails. Two wickets in two overs as Malinga gives Mumbai the edge in the power-play overs.

AJ Finch b Malinga 0 (3b)

Over 5 | Score 47/2 | Kishan 37 (22) ; Finch 0 (1)

And it is Jasprit Bumrah into the attack now. Second delivery, good length, middle line and Suresh Raina chips it leg side, and Pollard at mid-off, jumps high to take that important wicket.

SK Raina c Pollard b Bumrah 1 (3b)

Aaron Finch is the new man in. No runs scored off the four deliveries bowled till now. And finally a single off the full toss fifth delivery. Kishan somehow drifts it down midwicket to take a single off that slower delivery.  

Over 4 | Score 46/1 | Kishan 36 (19) ; Raina 1 (1)

And Rohit Sharma brings in the experienced Harbhajan Singh. First ball, spins off and Kishan cuts it surgically down point for a boundary again. And then again off the fifth delivery. Flatter, short and Kishan pulls it yet again down mid-on for a boundary.  

Over 3 | Score 36/1 | Kishan 27 (14) ; Raina 0 (0)

McClenaghan stunned off the first two deliveries by young Kishan. Two deliveries, two biggies. First one- paced up, seaming off delivery sent sailing over midwicket for a six and then a similar delivery cut down backward point for a four. And four more! Late cut down to third man and McClenaghan absolutely shocked.

Over 2 | Score 21/1 | Kishan 11 (8) ; 0 (0)

And it is Lasith Malinga marking a return. Just a single off the two deliveries now and also a wide ball bowled too. And then off the third delivery, maximum struck by young Ishan Kishan. Straight, full length as Kishan flicks it high off his back-foot over midwicket for a six. 10 runs already racked up off the four deliveries. Four! Banged off a cut shot by Baz. Saw the shorter ball, seaming off and he does what he could. And then all of a sudden, Baz ripped apart! Straight yet again, flatter this time as Baz shimmies down to cut it. But ball seams down below the bat to send the bails blazing red.

BB McCullum b Malinga 6 (4b)

Over 1 | Score 7/0 | Kishan 5 (5) ; McCullum 1 (1)

Not a crucial match for the Mumbai-based team, but for Gujarat, they desperately need this victory to stay in contention for the play-offs spot. Well, finally it is Irfan Pathan making his debut for the sixth team now.

Little surprised over Gujarat's decision to bat first after winning the toss. Raina must have some plan indeed.

Openers Baz and Kishan there at the pitch as McClenaghan starts off with the attack. First ball, wide, restart again. First ball, and a dot. Third delivery, extra pace and bounce, off the top edge, arcs over Parthiv Patel for a boundary. Lucky Kishan! Fifth ball, shorter again to the off as he fumblingly cuts it to cover to take a single. Last ball, Baz at strike, single to get off the mark.  

TOSS TIME: Gujarat Lions win toss, elect to bat first

High on confidence after decimating a high-profile Royal Challengers Bangalore, an upbeat Gujarat Lions will be aiming to lift their game a notch higher when they face title contenders Mumbai Indians.

The Lions will be hoping that their skipper Suresh Raina is fully fit. Raina scored an unbeaten 34 off 30 balls but had hurt his shoulder during fielding and was seen in considerable pain while batting.

The India international will not like to miss out a match at this crucial juncture, having already scored 309 runs in the tournament so far.

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The two teams have been a study in contrast during the tournament with MI winning six out of their eight matches while Gujarat have just about managed to get across the line on three occasions.

For Mumbai, both their defeats have been at the hands of Rising Pune Supergiant with the second one coming in their previous encounter.

One of the more balanced outfits with all bases covered, Mumbai's primary aim will be to get two more wins as quickly as possibly which will all but ensure a smooth passage into the Play-Offs.

Lions on the other hand need to win five out of their next six games and any slip up from here will considerably lessen their chances of making it to the Play-offs on successive occasions.

Likely XIs:

Gujarat Lions: Brendon McCullum, Ishan Kishan, Suresh Raina (C), Aaron Finch, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Ravindra Jadeja, James Faulkner, Andrew Tye, Basil Thampi, Nathu Singh, Ankit Soni

Mumbai Indians: Parthiv Patel (wk), Jos Buttler, Nitish Rana, Rohit Sharma (C), Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Harbhajan Singh, Mitchell McClenaghan, Mitchell Johnson, Jasprit Bumrah


Gujarat Lions: Suresh Raina (Captain), Akshadeep Nath, Shubham Agarwal, Basil Thampi, Dwayne Smith, Chirag Suri, James Faulkner, Aaron Finch, Manpreet Gonly, Ishan Kishan, Ravindra Jadeja, Shadab Jakati, Dinesh Karthik, Dhaval Kulkarni, Praveen Kumar, Brandon McCullum, Pradeep Sangwan, Jason Roy, Jaydev Shah, Shelly Shaurya, Nathusingh, Tejas Baroka and Andrew Tye.

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (Captain), Lendl Simmons, Mitchel Johnsohn, Mitchell McClenghan, Nitish Rana, Parthiv Patel, Saurabh Tiwary, Shreyas Gopal, Tim Southee, Lasith Malinga, Krunal Pandya, Keiron Pollard, Ambati Rayudu, Asela Gunaratne, Harbhajan Singh, Hardik Pandya, Jagdish Suchith, Jaspreet Bumrah, Jos Buttler, Karn Sharma and Vinay Kumar.

When and where to watch the match:

Date & Time: April 29 (Saturday) at 08:00 pm IST

Venue: Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot

TV Listing: Sony Six, Sony Six HD, Sony ESPN, Sony ESPN HD and SET MAX.

Online Streaming: Sony LIV, Hotstar

New Delhi: Welcome to our live coverage of the match 35 of IPL 2017, between Gujarat Lions vs Mumbai Indians, being played at Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot.