IPL 2017, Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rising Pune Supergiant — As it happened...

KKR vs RPS: After a 48-run loss against Sunrisers Hyderbad, Kolkata Knight Riders would be desperate to get back to winning ways.

IPL 2017, Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rising Pune Supergiant — As it happened...

New Delhi: Gautam Gambhir and his men are up against Steve Smith & Co in Match 42 of Indian Premier League 2017. We bring to you the live cricket score and live cricket updates from KKR vs RPS match. (IPL 2017 Live Score | IPL Points Table || Match report)


MAXIMUM SIXES- Rahul Tripathi (7 sixes)

STYLISH PLAYER- Suryakumar Yadav

MAN OF THE MATCH- Rahul Tripathi

RPS win by 4 wickets with still 4 wickets remaining

Rising Pune Supergiant Innings; Target 156

Over 19.2 | Score 158/6 | Sunda 1 (3) ; Christian 9 (10)

5 runs needed off 6 deliveries as Grandhomme paces in for the last and final over. Tensed faces all aroun Eden. Single to start off with. And then Colin goes for the slower flatter delivery and Christain drags it over mid-on for a six. And it is two more points for Pune  

Over 19 | Score 151/6 | Sundar 0 (2) ; Christian 3 (9)

And tonight's best bowler charges in. It is Chris Woakes in for his final over now. Two singles off the first two deliveries. 150 up for RPS now. 6 off 10 needed now. Fourth ball, slower, shorter as Tripathi pulls it hard over...catch at midwicket it is. Fantastic innings comes to an end.

RA Tripathi c sub (R Powell) b Woakes 93 (52b)

Could be the game changing scenario now. It is 6 off 7 now. Leg-bye stolen off the last ball.  

Over 18 | Score 148/5 | Tripathi 92 (48) ; Christian 2 (8)

10 more needed off the last 18 deliveries to go. Definite win from such a situation for Pune. Umesh Yadav paces in for his fourth and final over. Four dot balls to start off with and then a singles driven down cover. Single off the last ball. 8 off 12 now.  

Over 17 | Score 146/5 | Tripathi 91 (47) ; Christian 1 (3)

And Kuldeep Yadav in for his last over now. First ball, googly to start off with as Dhoni gets just a nick off it as Jackson catches it behind and starts off celebrating.

MS Dhoni c Jackson b Kuldeep Yadav 5 (9b)

Dan Christian is the new batsman. Just a single off the five deliveries bowled. Last ball, swung away for six downtown as Tripayhi creeps into his 90s.  

Over 16 | Score 139/4 | Tripathi 85 (46) ; Dhoni 5 (8)

Umesh Yadav in for his third over now and gives away just five singles. 17 off 24 more needed.  

Over 15 | Score 134/4 | Tripathi 83 (43) ; Dhoni 2 (5)

25 off 36 balls needed. Easy now for Pune as Dhoni walks in after Stokes departed in the last over of Sunil Narine. Caught and bowled it is. Kuldeep now in for his third over. Just three off the over.  

Over 13 | Score 130/3 | Tripathi 81 (38) ; Stokes 14 (13)

Spin and spin and Kuldeep in. First ball, shimmies down to whack it high over the long-on. Splendid! And then again. Sweeps it this time to clear the rope, this time going even more the distance. And then agaaaain! Mistimes it though, but just clears the rope. Three in a row.  

Over 12 | Score 110/3 | Tripathi 62 (33) ; Stokes 13 (12)

And it is Sunil Narine in for his third over now. Second ball, length and Tripathi stretches forward to sweep it over midwicket for a boundary, off a fumble from Woakes in the deep. Seven runs already racked up off the five deliveries bowled.  

Over 11 | Score 101/3 | Tripathi 57 (30) ; Stokes 9 (9)

And more of spin coming into action as Kuldeep Yadav comes in for his first over. Just five off the over as 100 comes up for RPS.  

Over 10 | Score 96/3 | Tripathi 54 (29) ; Stokes 7 (4)

And it is Sunil Narine back into the attack. First ball, length, straight and Stokes reverse sweeps it down point for a boundary. Just seven off the over.  

Over 9 | Score 89/3 | Tripathi 53 (26) ; Stokes 1 (1)

Chris Woakes in for his third over now as Pune's third wicket goes down. Good length, ripper of an in-swinger as it seeps through bat and pad to rip off the stumps.

MK Tiwary b Woakes 8 (9b)

And it is Ben Stokes is the new man in. Wicket and just one- excellent over from Woakes.

Over 8 | Score 88/2 | Tripathi 53 (23) ; Tiwary 7 (7)

And for the first time today Sunil Narine into the attack. First delivery, outside off, spinning in as Manoj lazily cuts it past the keeper for a boundary. Three singles scooped between the wickets off the next three deliveries. Last ball, scoops it past the keeper to notch up a fifty off that boundary.  

Over 7 | Score 77/2 | Tripathi 48 (20) ; Tiwary 2 (4)

Chris Woakes charges in for his second over now. Just three off it.  

Over 6 | Score 74/2 | Tripathi 47 (18) ; Tiwary 0 (0)

Nathan Coulter-Nile paces in for his third over now. Run rate already over 11 now, courtesy, Rahul Tripathi. Third delivery, bak of the length, cutter, slower and Tripathi sends it sailing over mid-on for a six. And then comes boundary with a cover drive. Tripathi is on fire already. Four to finsh off the over. Send the quicker bouncer over mid-on again, one bounce and over the rope.

Over 3 || Score 30/1 - Rahul Tripathi 18(7b); Steve Smith 0(2b)

Nathan Coulter-Nile continued with his second over. A dot to Rahul Tripathi to start the over, then some quick runs coming for the batting side.

Tripathi hit the second ball for a four, a brilliant cover drive.  It was followed by a wide, and a dot on the reload.

Tripathi then hit the next three balls for a six, and two fours. Tripathi came down and lofted the fullish delivery over mid-on. Two fours were brilliantly times shots, first one through mid-on, and the last one, pulled.

19 runs from the over.

Over 2 || Score 11/1 - Rahul Tripathi 0(1b); Steve Smith 0(2b)

What an over from Umesh Yadav. Two dot balls to Ajinkya Rahane, then a lucky for the batsman, with the ball beating the third man.

Then an ever climbing bouncer chased a withdrawing Rahane, getting a faint nick of the glove, and a god catch by Sheldon Jackson behind the wicket.

WICKET: Ajinkya Rahane c Sheldon Jackson b Umesh Yadav 11 (9b)

Four runs and a wicket from the over. Pune skipper Steve Smith is the new man.

Over 1 || Score 7/0 - Ajinkya Rahane 7(5b); Rahul Tripathi 0(1b)

Quiet start to the chase. Nathan Coulter-Nile resumed the proceeding with a good over. Seven runs from it, with Ajinkya Rahane hitting the second ball for a a four.

A dot ball, then a couple. A single followed, before the over ended with a dot ball.

RPS need 156 runs to win off 120 deliveries


Over 20 | Score 155/8 | Umesh 1 (1) ; Suryakumar 30 (16)

And it is Ben Stokes to end their innings. Varying pace, keeps the line same though as just a single off the first two deliveries. Third delivery, length ball, pressing down leg side as Nathan shifts but fails to get the shot right as the ball edges the pads to fly off to backward point and catch it is.

NM Coulter-Nile c Washington Sundar b Stokes 6 (5b)

Umesh Yadav walks in now. Just three singles and a wicket off the five deliveries bowled as the last, very last ball too goes for a single. Good slow ball indeed.  

Over 19 | Score 151/7 | Coulter-Nile 6 (3) ; Suryakumar 28 (14)

And it is the last over of Jaydev Unadkat. First ball, length, slower, outside off as Surya sweeps it down square-leg for a boundary. Second ball, similar delivery as Surya makes room to drive it down point for a boundary. And then goes the six! Slower, cutter and slog swept for a six over square-leg. "KKR, KKR", goes the crowd. Fifth ball, six from Coulter-Nile now as Smith injured in the deep. Stokes and Smith charge in to take the ball as the duo clash with Smith banging his head onto the advertisement board.

Over 18 | Score 130/7 | Coulter-Nile 0 (1) ; Suryakumar 11 (8)

Unadkat is getting some treatment on his finger in the sidelines. It is time for Dan Christain to charge in for his third over. Third delivery, slower, short and flat as Suraykumar sends it sailing over midwicket off his front foot for a six. And then goes another WICKET! Woakes departs off a run-out. Surya punches the slower delivery down to long-on and looks for the second run as Christian, meanwhile collects the ball and off the stumps.

CR Woakes run out 1 (3b)

Nathan Coulter-Nile is the new man in. His first ball, paced up, shorter delivery and it strikes the grille of the helmet. Assistance immediately flies in for treatment.  

Over 17 | Score 120/6 | Woakes 0 (2) ; Suryakumar 4 (6)

Time for Jaydev Unadkat to return back to attack as he goes around the wicket for his third over. Second delivery, slower cutter as Colin gets the leading edge with the ball flying all the way to short third man. He strikes again! Another big hope toppled down.

C de Grandhomme c Washington Sundar b Unadkat 36 (19b)

Chris Woakes is the new man in. Outstandind over from the pacer. Just one run and a wicket.  

Over 16 | Score 119/5 | Grandhomme 36 (17) ; Suryakumar 3 (4)

Imran Tahir into the atack for his fourth and final over now. Fourth ball, rare flat delivery outside off stump as Colin slices it over slip for a boundary. Nine off the over.  

Over 15 | Score 110/5 | Grandhomme 29 (13) ; Suryakumar 1 (1)

And it is Dan Christian into the attack for his third over now. Starts off with a yorker, angling it well in as Pandey whips it high off his back-foot over midwicket, but Rahane, once again in the deep to take it.

MK Pandey c Rahane b Christian 37 (32b)

Suryakumar Yadav is the new batsman in. Second ball, slower and back of the length as Grandhomme opens the face of the bat to drive it down cover.  

Over 14 | Score 103/4 | Grandhomme 23 (10) ; Pandey 37 (31)

And it is Ben Stokes yet again, this time for his third over. Starts off with a full toss, outside off as Grandhomme strikes it with a timely drive down cover for a four. Three singles off the next three dleiveries as Kolkata bring up the much needed 100. Eight off the over.  

Over 13 | Score 95/4 | Grandhomme 17 (7) ; Pandey 35 (28)

And changing the bowler now as Dan Christian paces in for his first over. Third delivery, back of the length, flat, outside off as Pandey cuts it down to third man for a boundary. Suddenly the crowd is back to life at Eden, roaring loud, cheering loud for their home team. Six off the over.  

Over 12 | Score 89/4 | Grandhomme 16 (6) ; Pandey 30 (23)

Tahir in for his third over now. Fifth ball, googly, outside off as Grandhomme slogs it over mid-on for a six. And then again. This time a leg-break as Grandhomme slices it over cover and Christian misses it in the deep as the ball crosses the rope after slipping off his fingers.

Over 11 | Score 74/4 | Grandhomme 3 (3) ; Pandey 28 (20)

Shardul Thakur back into the attack now for his third over now. First ball, full, angling in as Pandey whips it hard over midwicket to strike a much needed boundary. And then agains, but this time off an overthrow by Manoj Tiwary from short cover. Third ball, slower and short as Pandey chops it with an open bat over midwicket for another boundary. A much needed over by KKR 

Over 10 | Score 59/4 | Grandhomme 2 (2) ; Pandey 14 (15)

And after all the plan and regrouping it is Pune who again stands tall. Tahir into his second over dismisses Pathan off the very first ball. Quicker through the air, along middle and leg stum and strikes the pad.

YK Pathan lbw b Imran Tahir 4 (9b)

Colin de Grandhomme is the new batsman in. Just four off the over.  

Over 9 | Score 55/3 | Pathan 4 (8) ; Pandey 12 (12)

It is mix and match and pace again. Shardul Thakur into his second over now. Just two runs between the wicket off the four deliveries bowled. And it is single to finish the over. KKR must be surely missing Robin Uthappa today. He could have surely racked up a couple of boundaries today.  Strategic time-out

Over 8 | Score 52/3 | Pathan 2 (4) ; Pandey 11 (10)

Imran Tahir comes into the attack now. He wasn't much of an effect in their last encounter on April 26 as these were the two batsmen that got the better of him. Just the two singles off the first four deliveries. Fifth delivery, tossed up, to the off as Pandey sends it all the way sailing it downtown for a six. 

Over 7 | Score 44/3 | Pathan 1 (2) ; Pandey 4 (6)

A time for some real good pace as Shardul Thakur is the new bowler into the attack now. Just a single off the first half of the over. Just three off the over.  

Over 6 | Score 41/3 | Pathan 0 (0) ; Pandey 2 (2)

Last over of power-play as Smith relies on Washington Sundar. Third delivery, angles it in, full and Gambhir makes room to shovel it over cover for a boundary. And then comes a six! Places it off side, length remains same as Gambhir muscles it high over long-on for a maximum. And then again...WICKET! This time he places the shot too early as Rahane takes it in the deep to dismiss the skipper.

G Gambhir c Rahane b Washington Sundar 24 (19b)

Over 5 | Score 27/2 | Gambhir 12 (15) ; Pandey 0 (0)

Ben Stokes again into the attack for his second over now as Manish Pandey makes his way to the pitch. Fourth delivery, back of the length, angling in as Gambhir smacks it down midwicket for a boundary. And he fires again! This time drifts the pace down fine leg for another four.  

Over 4 | Score 19/2 | Gambhir 4 (9) ; 0 (0)

And now some spin action to follow. It is the 17-year-old Washington Sundar into the attack now. Starts off with three dot balls. What a start from Pune! Completely tightened in everything for Kolkata. Fifth ball, straight, full band Jackson shimmies down the wicket to scoop it over the bowler for a boundary. And then a WICKET. Last ball, fuller again, spins in as Jackson trying to push the ball down square-leg, pushes himself to back as his leg click off the bails. HIT-WICKET!

SP Jackson hit wicket b Washington Sundar 10 (9b)

Over 3 | Score 14/1 | Gambhir 4 (5) ; Jackson 6 (7)

And it is Jaydev Unadkat in for his second over now. Second delivery, short, seaming across to the offside as Sheldon cuts it hard down point for a boundary. Two dot balls follow in and then a single pushed down square-leg by Jackson. Single to finish the over.  

Over 2 | Score 8/1 | Gambhir 3 (4) ; Jackson 1 (2)
Sheldon Jackson is the new man in now as Ben Stokes shares the new ball. First delivery, length, along the leg side as the ball glances off Gambhir's thigh to travel to the boundary. That was leg-bye surely. Just three runs scored between the wickets off the next four deliveries. Eight off the over.

Over 1 | Score 0/1 | Gambhir 0 (0) ; 0 (0)

Former Kiwi captain and a legend himself, Stephen Fleming is the man to ring the bell as the umpires step onto the field. High-flying KKR side is there too with the openers Gambhir and Narine at the pitch. Pune, on the other hand, are peaking at the right time of the tournmanet and will be aiming to finish second in the league. Jaydev Unadkat is the bowler with the new ball.

First ball, swings outside, well outside the off stump and Narine leaves it alone. Keeps the line and length similar for the next three deliveries too, just varying the pace- fast, slow and flat and then paced up again. Five deliveries, no runs scored yet. Last delivery, Narine looking to break the ice, smacks the shorter, flatter delivery outside off straight down the line, but Unadkat grabs it instantly and off goes the opener.

SP Narine c & b Unadkat 0 (6b)

TEAM CHANGE: Robin Uthappa is injured and so Suryakumar Yadav will replace him. 

Rising Pune Supergiant are peaking at the right time having won their last two matches. Ben Stokes, the costliest overseas player in the history of IPL, injected a lot of confidence into his team with a stunning century against Mumbai Indians in the team's previous match. Pune were wobbling at 10/3 when he came at the crease and went on to hit one of the best innings in IPL history. Now that Stokes has found his rhythm, Pune would be hoping that their senior batsmen would put a big total on board.

KKR, on the other hand, would enter the match on the back of a 48-run defeat against Sunrisers Hyderabad, where David Warner demolished them with a brilliant century. Looking unstoppable with a hattrick of wins and enjoying a two-point lead over Mumbai Indians, KKR's winning streak was stopped by Sunrisers.

They would want to get back to winning ways and a win against RPS can take them back on the top of the points table.


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (capt), Darren Bravo, Yusuf Pathan, Sunil Narine, Robin Uthappa and Umesh Yadav, Suryakumar Yadav, Ankit Rajpoot, Trent Boult, Piyush Chawla, Nathan Coulter Nile, Colin De Grandhomme, Rishi Dhawan, Sayan Ghosh, Shaikb-Al-Hasan, Sheldon Jackson, Ishank Jaggi, Kuldeep Yadav, Chris Woakes, Chris Lynn, Manish Pandey.

Rising Pune Supergiant: Steve Smith (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ashok Dinda, Mayank Agarwal, Faf du Plessis, Ankit Sharma, Baba Aparajith, Ankush Bains, Rajat Bhatia, Deepak Chahar, Rahul Chahar, Dan Christian, Lockie Ferguson, Imran Tahir, Jaskaran Singh, Usman Khawaja, Saurabh Kumar, Ben Stokes, Washington Sundar, Milind Tandon, Manoj Tiwary, Adam Zampa, Jaydev Unadkat, Ishwar Pandey, Rahul Tripathi, Shardul Thakur.

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Date & Time: May 3 (Wednesday) at 20:00 IST

Venue: Eden Gardens, Kolkata

TV Listing: Sony Six, Sony Six HD, Sony ESPN, Sony ESPN HD and SET MAX.

Online Streaming: Sony LIV, Hotstar