IPL 2017, Match 14: Kolkata Knight Riders vs Sunrisers Hyderabad – As it happened...

Chasing a challenging 173-run target, Sunrisers Hyderabad could reach 155 for six in their allotted 20 overs with Kolkata bowlers putting on a commendable performance.

By Zee Media Bureau | Updated: Apr 15, 2017, 20:16 PM IST
IPL 2017, Match 14: Kolkata Knight Riders vs Sunrisers Hyderabad – As it happened...

Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad by 17 runs in their Indian Premier League match. Chasing a challenging 173-run target, Sunrisers Hyderabad could reach 155 for six in their allotted 20 overs with Kolkata bowlers putting on a commendable performance.

For Hyderabad, David Warner and Yuvraj Singh top scored with identical 26 each.


Earlier, Robin Uthappa struck a gritty 68 off 39 balls to help the Knight Riders recover from a jittery start and post 172 for six.

Despite seeing off openers -- Sunil Narine and Gautam Gambhir -- early, the Sunrisers bowlers failed to make further in-roads in the middle overs and the Karnataka duo of Uthappa and Manish Pandey (46) put on a solid 77-run partnership from 52 balls.

KKR win by 17 runs 

Over 20 | Score 155/6 | Ojha 11 (11) ; Bipul 21 (14)

Six deliveries to go and just moments away from their second win at home. Fans shouting, players ready to run. Boult up for the final over. Two back-to-back boundaries from Bipul Sharma, pulls SRH's score to 150.

And thats the end. KKR win their second match at home. KKR have also won all last five matches against them at home

Over 19 | Score 143/6 | Ojha 10 (10) ; Bipul 10 (9)

Woakes into the attack now. And six off the second delivery by Bipul Sharma. 33 off 8 deliveries to go.  

Over 18 | Score 132/6 | Ojha 8 (9) ; Bipul 1 (3)

18 more deliveries to go and off the first one Boult gets a wicket. Sunrisers' last hope, Cutting is the man to walk back.

BCJ Cutting c de Grandhomme b Boult 15 (10b)

Bipul Sharma is the new man. Gambhir must already be dancing in his mind. A sure victory indeed now for the knights.  

Over 17 | Score 129/5 | Ojha 7 (8) ; Cutting 15 (9)

Woakes into the attack now. Things looking in absolute dismay for the Sunrisers and 55 runs is needed off 22 deliveries with the asking rate inching to 15 now. Only Cutting can change the game now. He has got that power and aggression to pull off a miraculous win at Eden Gardens. Fourth delivery and Cutting racks up that yorker from Woakes for a straight six.  

Over 16 | Score 116/5 | Ojha 3 (5) ; Cutting 7 (6)

Naman Ojha is the new batsman at crease. Gautam Gambhir must be really happy with the way the game is shaping up around him. Narine comes in to give away just four runs.  

Over 15 | Score 113/5 | Ojha 1 (1) ; Cutting 6 (4)

Woakes into the attack. Second delivery, off-cutter and short and Yuvi strikes it high over deep extra cover off the backfoot. Sensational shot indeed, one off the best delivered by him. And Cutting too notches up a boundary. Powers the off side delivery over midwicket for a four. And with the end of the over, KKR gets a prized wicket. Yuvi departs while going for the big one.

Yuvraj Singh c sub (R Dhawan) b Woakes 26 (16b)  

Over 14 | Score 98/4 | Yuvraj 18 (13) ; Cutting 1 (2)

Sunil Narine comes back to strike off Hooda. Tempting outside off delivery as Hooda steps out to ramp it over, but fails to touch as Uthappa dismisses him of a stump out.

DJ Hooda st Uthappa b Narine 13 (7b)

Ben Cutting is the new man at the crease. Fabulous over from the spinner- three singles and a wicket. 75 more needed of 36 deliveries.  

Over 13 | Score 95/3 | Yuvraj 17 (10) ; Hooda 13 (6)

Umesh Yadav back in only to fly high dwontown for a six. In style, a typical Yuvi shot indeed. And there is another one. To the leg side theis time, shorter one and Yuvi hooks it to the fine leg for a four. He is already looking dangerous. And a boundary by Hooda to finish the over. Expensive for the pacer.  

Over 12 | Score 80/3 | Yuvraj 8 (6) ; Hooda 9 (5)

Kuldeep back in for his fourth over. And Hooda welcomes the leggie with a surprise six. Ramps it in style, off one foot over long-on. 10 off the over.  

Over 11 | Score 70/3 | Yuvraj 5 (3) ; Hooda 1 (1)

Woakes into the attack now. Four from Henriques in the third delivery. Only he can get it now for the Sunrisers. But...that is it for the Aussie as he departs too. Caught and bowled by Woakes as misery continues for the defendind champions.

MC Henriques c & b Woakes 13 (10b)

Off the final delivery, Yuvi ramps up a boundary over the midwicket region. His firts for the day.  

Over 10 | Score 59/2 | Yuvraj 0 (1) ; Henriques 8 (7)

Kuldeep Yadav back into the attack. And he dismisses the big man. Skipper walks back to the pavilion. Slower, to the off side and Warner stretches his bat to slog it over long-on, but too short and Chris Wiakes there to take it. Huge, huge wicket for the Knights.

DA Warner c Woakes b Kuldeep Yadav 26 (30b)

Over 8 | Score 48/1 | Warner 23 (25) ; Henriques 0 (1)

Kuldeep Yadav back in and misses a perfect opportunity off the very first delivery. Placed it near the leg and it turned like a killer between the leg and bat as the skipper stepped out to miss it. But keeper too wouldnt hold on to the spin to stump him out. Excellent over so far. Warner at crease and yet just one run dug out off the over.  

Over 7 | Score 47/1 | Warner 22 (19) ; Henriques 0 (1)

And for the first time this season it is Yusuf Pathan introduced into the attack. Surprisingly does the job and gets Dhawan off the pitch. Third ball, pturning it toe leg side as Dhawan makes room to ramp it over the long-on region for a boundary, but too short as fielder was in position to take the catch.

S Dhawan c de Grandhomme b Pathan 23 (22b)

Moises Henriques is the new batsman at the crease.  

Over 6 | Score 45/0 | Warner 20 (15) ; Dhawan 23 (21)

Kuldeep Yadav now into the attack. Third delivery, to Warner and he plays an excellent animated shot. Ball turns to leg and he swutches side to hit a boundary. Splendid!   

Over 5 | Score 39/0 | Warner 15 (10) ; Dhawan 22 (20)

These two opener have started things off with a bang. And now Sunil Narine starts off with the attack now. RR well over seven already.

Third delivery, little bit straight and Warner tucks it past fine leg for a boundary. Seven off the over.  

Over 4 | Score 32/0 | Warner 10 (7) ; Dhawan 20 (17)

Trent Boult back into thye attack now. Bouncing back from that deadly outside off short ball, pulls off a similar as it rockets past midwicket to hit the ropes. Fifth delivery, paced short ball, perfect bouncer indeed and Warner with a timely reflex, pulls it over fine leg for a boundary and then one more to finish it off.  

Over 3 | Score 19/0 | Warner 2 (5) ; Dhawan 15 (13)

Umesh back into the attack. Beautiful length and Dhawan slices it over the bowler to get a boundary. And one more comes up. Dhawan yet again. Can see that confidence in him after his excellent innings last match.

Over 2 | Score 9/0 | Warner 2 (4) ; Dhawan 5 (7)

And it is Trent Boult into the attack. Has done much till now in the campaign. Dhawan, saw the width, cut hard to third man for a four. And what is that...Dhawan breaks Laxman's laptop. Four off the over.  

Over 1 | Score 5/0 | Warner 2 (4) ; Dhawan 1 (2)

And two left-handers are out on the field- Warner and Dhawan. However, Michael Clarke just before the match announced that the skipper doesnt have a good track record at Eden Gardens. Something that will add to the benefit of the knights.

For Kolkata, it is Umesh Yadav starting off. Had got four wickets in his comeback match, which was on the same track against KXIP.

Warner off the mark with a two off the second delivery. Pushed it down to midwicket to get it. Dhawan too off the mark, off the fifth delivery, cutting it down point to get it. Five off the first over.

SRH need 173 runs to win off 120 deliveries

Over 20 | Score 172/6 | Pathan 21 (15) ; Woakes 1 (1)

Bhuvi to finish off for SRH. Last six deliveries to go. And it is Pathan, six. Slow and he swings it high over the long-on region. KKR is looking to take it past 180 now. But Bhuvi strikes off yet another knight now. And it is the new batsman Grandhomme. Paced yorker and it crashed their hope down the river fall.

C de Grandhomme b Kumar 0 (2b)

Just nine off the over. Wonderful fight back by the Sunrisers indeed.  

Over 19 | Score 163/5 | Pathan 13 (11) ; Grandhomme 0 (1)

Nehra into the attack now and he starts off with a wide. Pathan will be the key batsman at this stage. Has to strike at this stage to post a huge total for his team. But Suray is no less too. Off the third delivery, flicks to the leg side to get a boundary down deep midwicket. But departs off the very next ball. Short, down the leg side and Surya puls it probably angling it backward, but ball gets a like edge as Ojha dives left to take a brilliant one-handed catch.

SA Yadav c Ojha b Nehra 4 (3b)

Over 18 | Score 154/4 | Pathan 10 (9) ; Suryakumar 0 (0)

18 more deliveries to go. There is a glimpse of Juhi Chawla who is the venue to cheer for her side, Kolkata. Bhuvi up for this over. Third delivery, outside off and Pandeu slices it up in the air for the big one, but doesnt travel the distant as skipper Warner runs in to mid-off region to take it. However, not quite happy with it. Doesnt smile at all.

MK Pandey c Warner b Kumar 46 (35b)

Over 17 | Score 150/3 | Pathan 6 (4) ; Pandey 46 (34)

Cutting back for his last over now. And KKR start off with a ban. Off side placed, yorker and off the backfoot, Pandey strikes it hard, down th eline for a six. Another yorker and he usus the pace to direct it down past point for yet another boundary. Four this time. 14 from the over as 150 comes up for the knight riders.

Over 16 | Score 136/3 | Pathan 5 (3) ; Pandey 33 (29)

Bipul Sharma into the attack now. And Pandey flies it downtown for a six. He knows that with the dismissal of Uthappa, he has a huge responsibility on his shoulders now. And he is looking to handle it. Last ball, well wide to the off side and rockets a sweep to push it down midwicket for a four. Strategic time-out. Time to regroup for SRH and comeback with a well-sounding plan for the last four overs.  

Over 15 | Score 124/3 | Pathan 1 (1) ; Pandey 26 (25)

Cutting back in for his third over now. Short and slow, outside the off stump and Uthappa goes for his pull shot. Floats high in the air and Rashid Khan there near the long-on area to take it comfortably. Finally they get the man, they have wanted long. Uthappa departs.

RV Uthappa c Rashid Khan b Cutting 68 (39b)

Yusuf Pathan is the new batsman.Pandey now, gets a boundary off the edge of the bat past the keeper.

Over 14 | Score 117/2 | Uthappa 68 (37) ; Pandey 20 (22)

Rashid into the attack now. Turns out and Uthappa goes for a sweep. Swing sit across and it gets a cheeky edge and flies past the keeper for a four. These two have built on a strong partnership with the RR well over eight now.  

Over 13 | Score 109/2 | Uthappa 61 (33) ; Pandey 18 (20)

And its Ashish Nehra back for his third over for the day. Second delivery, pressing to the leg side, flatter one and Uthappa goes for the sweep. Nicks off the pad and it shortly floats just near the keeper and Naman Ojha makes a stunning dive to take it. Umpire immediately goes upstairs for it and...NOT OUT. Soft signal was out, but they overrule their on field decision. An all raged Uthappa goes for a boundary. Twice, back-to-back- one to the leg and other to the off. He is on fire. And now from Pandey. Timely struck, between the cover fielders and he gets four.

Over 12 | Score 94/2 | Uthappa 53 (29) ; Pandey 13 (18)

Rashid now into the attack. And that is fifty up for Uthappa as yet smashes yet another boundary. Smacks it timely over to the midwicket region and Dhawan there, but makes a half-hearted dive, misses it and gives away a four. Seven off the over.

Over 11 | Score 87/2 | Uthappa 47 (26) ; Pandey 10 (14)

Henriques continues the with the attack. First ball, Uthappa picks up the area and sweeps it high over the deepmidwicket region for a six. Yet another expensive over from the defending champion- 12 runs off it.  

Over 9 | Score 67/2 | Uthappa 30 (19) ; Pandey 8 (10)

Moises Henriques making a return to this game after being rested for the last due to illness. Comes up for his first over today. Single to Pandey off the first delivery which was struck down to long-on. Third delivery, pounces off a flatter off side ball well above the midwicket region for a maximum. Ohh...misery continues for the Aussie as he gives away a bye-four on a short, real short delivery and even the keeper fails to clutch on to it. Expensive over indeed- 14 runs off it.  Strategic time-out.

Over 8 | Score 53/2 | Uthappa 23 (15) ; Pandey 6 (8)

And it is Rashid back into the attack. Tidier over, five off it just.  

Over 7 | Score 47/2 | Uthappa 21 (13) ; Pandey 2 (4)

Ben Cutting back into the attack now. Four off the first four deliveries bowled. RR is looking well over six now. Last ball, Uthappa cuts it to third man to get a single. Seven off the over.  

Over 6 | Score 40/2 | Uthappa 16 (9) ; Pandey 0 (1)

And the young Afghan lad Rashid Khan introduced into the attack. Bouncing back from the dangerous googly off the first delivery, Uthappa notches up a stright six to answer back.

Fourth delivery, turning straight, Gambhir looking for the square cut as the ball spins over to click off the bails. Huge dismissal by the youngster as the team rejoice on the skipper walking back to the pavilion.

G Gambhir b Rashid Khan 15 (16b )

Manish Pandey is the new batsman at crease.  

Over 5 | Score 33/1 | Uthappa 9 (6) ; Gambhir 15 (15)

And now its Ben Cutting into the attack. Gambhir gets a single on a flatter delivery pushed to the squre leg side. Off the second delivery, Uthappa angles the paced ball past the backward square leg for a boundary.

Fourth ball- seaming to the off side and off the backfoot, Gautam smashes it down the cover for yet another boundary. Twelve already off the five deliveries. Single to finish the over.  

Over 4 | Score 20/1 | Uthappa 3 (3) ; Gambhir 9 (12)

Nehra back into the attack. Off-side delivery and Gambhir picked up the length to punish him down the cover for a boundary. Single to finish off the over. Six off it.  

Over 3 | Score 14/1 | Uthappa3 (3) ; Gambhir 4 (6)

Bhuvi back into the attack for his second over. Second delivery, yorker, pressing to the off side and it seamed past the bat to rip off the off stump. And the hard-hitting Narine departs early this time.

SP Narine b Kumar 6 (9b )

Robin Uthappa is the new batsman at strike and off the first delivery, healthy nick off the bat and a huge appeal by both the keeper and the bowler, but the umpire denies. Lucky for the batsman indeed.  

Over 2 | Score 9/0 | Narine 6 (8) ; Gambhir 2 (3)

Ashish Nehra into the attack now. Bringing in all his experience. Second delivery, offside delivery to Narine and he slaps it just inches over the bowler to notch up the first boundary of the day. Seven off the over.

Over 1 | Score 2/0 | Narine 1 (4) ; Gambhir 1 (2)

It may not be a surprise anymore as Sunil Narine once again comes out open for the knights along side the skipper Gautam Gambhir. Skipper, after all, has indeed considered his batting skills as he spoke about it in the last match's pot-match conference.

For the defending champion its Bhuvneshwar Kumar opening up with the attack. First ball, inswing and Narine off the mark with a single. Gautam too off the mark with single down to third man. Fourth delivery and Bhuvi goes for a leg side yorker to Narine, Umpire gives that single a leg-bye.  

15:42 IST: KKR XI: Gambhir(c), Narine, Uthappa, Pandey, Pathan, Yadav, de Grandhomme, Woakes, Kuldeep, Boult, Umesh

SRH XI: D Warner, S Dhawan, M Henriques, Y Singh, D Hooda, B Cutting, N Ojha, B Kumar, B Sharma, R Khan, A Nehra

15:39 IST: Here are the playing XIs for today's match:-

15:32 IST: David Warner wins the toss and invite KKR to bat first at Eden Gardens.

15:27 IST: KKR have hosted SRH 4 times on this ground so far, and in all of those encounters, the hosts have come out on top. Remains to be seen if we see a change today.

15:10 IST: Orange-cap holder Gautam Gambhir will be up against purple-cap holder Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who famously took 5 wickets against New Zealand on the track during the recent Test series.

Two equally matched teams in the form of Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad go head-to-head against each other at the Eden Gardens stadium today.

KKR, placed second in the table behind leaders Mumbai Indians, will face a resolute challenge from SRH, who are sitting third, level on points with today's opponents.

It will be a battle between two top bowling sides of the IPL and Kolkata will hope to avenge their defeat in the Eliminator round last season.

After a win and a loss, the two-time former champions, KKR, began their campaign at home with an eight-wicket thrashing of Kings XI Punjab with 21 balls to spare last night.

Their 11th successive run-chase at Eden Gardens, which began in the triumphant 2012 season, was made possible by another Gautam Gambhir masterstroke in letting Sunil Narine open the innings as the duo killed their chase with their best ever Powerplay display of 76 runs.

With SRH also boasting a superb pace-cum-spin attack in Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Rashid Khan, who lead the tally with 13 wickets from three matches, it promises to be a nice contest between bat and ball.

Purple Cap holder Bhuvneshwar has been outstanding at the death and he and veteran Ashish Nehra are two key Indians of their pace attack that also features Mustafizur Rahman who played a key role in their 2016 title-winning journey.

The Bangladeshi pacer conceded 19 runs from his first over to return with poor figures of 2.4-0-34-0 against Mumbai and he would look to get back his 'fizz'.

Afghanistan leg-spinner Rashid Khan, who has foxed the batsmen with ease to return with six wickets from three outings, will be the one to watch out for.

Here's everything you need to know about IPL match 14:-

Possible playing XIs:-

Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (captain), Robin Uthappa (wk), Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan, Suryakumar Yadav, Shakib Al Hasan , Chris Woakes, Sunil Narine, Piyush Chawla, Umesh Yadav, Trent Boult

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Shikhar Dhawan, David Warner (captain), Deepak Hooda, Yuvraj Singh, Moises Henriques, Naman Ojha (wk), Vijay Shankar, Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ashish Nehra, Mustafizur Rahman

When and where to watch the match:-

Date & Time: April 15 (Saturday) at 16:00 IST

Venue: Eden Gardens Stadium, Kolkata

TV Listing: Sony Six, Sony Six HD, Sony ESPN, Sony ESPN HD and SET MAX.

Live Streaming: Sony LIV, Hotstar

As far as the head-to-head record is concerned, KKR have a 6-3 win-loss record against Sunrisers.

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