IPL 2017: KXIP coach Virender Sehwag tells players to stand against corruption and fixing

The arrested suspects have revealed the name of two Gujarat Lions players who reportedly were prepared to do as asked.

By Zee Media Bureau | Updated: May 12, 2017, 16:43 PM IST
IPL 2017: KXIP coach Virender Sehwag tells players to stand against corruption and fixing

New Delhi: After three bookies were nabbed by Kanpur police for alleged involvement in a betting scandal on the recent Gujrat Lions vs Delhi Daredevils match, Kings XI Punjab coach Virender Sehwag said that stopping such practices is the hands of players themselves.

“You can’t stop all these things, it is player’s responsibility whom he wants to meet. It’s my wish whom I want to meet, but if my conscience is clear then I can help the game keep clean too,” Sehwag, said during a promotional event in Mumbai on Friday.

“You can keep as much security as you want, but they can’t stop anything if the player wants to do something (unlawful). It’s player’s own responsibility to ensure that no one questions their integrity. If tomorrow someone tells something about me.... When I used to play I would say I would retire that moment, now (when I am not playing) I would say remove all my records. “

Viru also said that if the player decides against seeing unknown people, bookies won't even attempt for a meeting.

“If players take such type of responsibility then these guys (bookies) won’t meet you.

“I don’t remember meeting anyone unknown in the hotels because it’s my choice. If one of my friends comes to meet me, then I ensure only he comes and no other friend of his comes along. Similarly, if my relative is coming to meet me, I ensure people in my relation only meet me.

“It is all about player’s awareness. This game is such that it will give you a lot but if your image is tarnished, then you also lose your respect. People love cricket in this country but if someone does something wrong with this game, they will be sidelined.,” said Sehwag.

In the recent IPL betting probe, police will reportedly question two Gujarat Lions players, after two names were revealed by the arrested suspects.