IPL 2017, Match 44: Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rising Pune Supergiant — As it happened...

Defending a mere low total of 148, Pune bowlers rose to the occasion to take on the responsibility. Ben Stokes started off with the wicket taking ways as Tahir and Unadkat followed in. Finally it was Unadkat hat-trick in the final over to shed off the the last minute anxiety to seal the victory and climb up to the second spot.  

IPL 2017, Match 44: Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rising Pune Supergiant — As it happened...

Jaydev Unadkat produced a scintillating spell of pace bowling to take third hat-trick of the season and helped Rising Pune Supergiant post a 12-run victory over Sunrisers Hyderabad in their Indian Premier League match. The win helped Pune climb to second spot in the table with 16 points from 12 matches.

Brief scores:

Rising Pune Supergiant: 148/8 in 20 overs (Ben Stokes 39, Steve Smith 34; Siddarth Kaul 4/29).

Sunrisers Hyderabad: 136/9 in 20 overs (Yuvraj Singh 47, David Warner 40; Jaydev Unadkat 5/30, Ben Stokes 3/30).

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CATCH OF THE MATCH- Rahul Tripathi



MAN OF THE MATCH- Jaydev Unadkat

RPS win by 12 run; first team to defeat SRH at home


Over 20 | Score 136/9 | Kaul 0 (1) ; Nehra 0 (0)

13 off the last six deliveries. Tensed situation at Hyderabad as Unadkat sprints in for the last. Starts off with a slower deliver, wide off the off stump – no runs. Second delivery, slower again, this time angling in as Bipul strikes it high and hard, but not too far as Stokes takes it in the deep. Pune fans celebrating, Pune team celebrating.

Bipul Sharma c Stokes b Unadkat 8 (7b )

Third delivery, length, well off to Rashid as he slices it high, straight high as Unadkat takes it.

Rashid Khan c & b Unadkat 3 (4b)

Two-on-two and....HAT-TRICK! Length again, angling in as Bhuvi strikes it high over cover for Rahane to take it effortlessly.

B Kumar c Rahane b Unadkat 0 (1b)

Nothing left for the remainers to do as Pune clinch victory at Hyderabad. First team to win against SRH at home.  

Over 19 | Score 136/6 | Rashid 3 (3) ; Bipul 8 (5)

Ben Stokes in for his last over now as Rashid Khan makes his way to the pitch. A singles off the first two deliveries. Short third man and deep point comes into the place as Pune too feels the pressure. Two each off the very next two delivery brings the equation to 17 off 9. So far, just seven runs off the five deliveries bowled. Two runs off the last delivery.  

Over 18 | Score 127/6 | 0 (0) ; Bipul 3 (2)

32 off 18 – is what the equation is now as the Pune gets the prized wicket of Yuvraj Singh. First ball, shorter, wide off the off stump as Yuvi cuts it away to Tripathi in the deep.

Yuvraj Singh c Tripathi b Unadkat 47 (43b)

Bipul Sharma steps in after listening to a short advice from Yuvi. Second ball, to Ojha as he sails it downtown for a sky-high maximum. Did spend a lot of time in the air. Unadkat is having some discussion with the skipper now as the equation says "23 off 14". Last ball, fuller well to the off as Naman slices it up to Stokes racing to cover.

NV Ojha c Stokes b Unadkat 9 (9b)

Over 17 | Score 117/4 | Naman 2 (6) ; Yuvraj 47 (42)

41 runs to score off the 24 balls remaining. And it is Dan Christian into the attack gain, for his third over now. Second delivery, slower this time, angles in in as Yuvi plays the front-foot pull and it goes way in the crowd. That will surely help the equation to lower down. Nine off the over.  

Over 16 | Score 108/4 | Naman 1 (5) ; Yuvraj 39 (37)

Last chance for Imran Tahir to get another wicket. First ball, fuller as Yuvi flicks it over to short fine legggg...misses the catch. Tiwary waited for it but didn't anticipate the ball going further behind him. Tahir too disappointed. Second ball, tossed up as Yuvi shovels it over midwicketr for a boundary. Just a single off the next four deliveries. Strategic time-out.  

Over 15 | Score 101/4 | Naman 1 (2) ; Yuvraj 32 (34)

Dan Christian into the attack for his second over as Naman Ojha is the new batsman for the home team. Finally it the middle-order batsmen of Hyderabad that will be put to test today. The brilliancy up the order has done the work so elegantly that the batting order lower down has never been put to test. Four singles off the four deliveries brings up 100 for SRH. Five off the over.  

Over 14 | Score 96/4 | 0 (0) ; Yuvraj 28 (30)

And it is Imran Tahir in for his third over now. Two singles off the five deliveries and then another WICKET. Googly, outside the off stump line as Henriques looking for the cut gets a thick inside edge to crack off the middle and off stump.

MC Henriques b Imran Tahir 4 (6b)

Over 13 | Score 94/3 | Henriques 3 (2) ; Yuvraj 27 (27)

Eight overs still to go and 66 runs more to score as Stokes paces in once again to hunt down his third wicket. Second delivery, short and outside off as Warner jumps for an upper cut to place it to Shardul Thakur in the deep. Big, important WICKET for RPS.

DA Warner c Thakur b Stokes 40 (34b)

Another Aussie into the pitch now- Moises Henriques. Last ball, cross-seam delivery, length and straight as Yuvi volleys it elegantly down the line for a six.  

Over 12 | Score 83/2 | Warner 40 (32) ; Yuvraj 19 (26)

Change in attack as Dan Christian has been introduced into the attack. First ball, length, staright as Warner shimmies down to shovel it over mid-off, on e bounce and into the boundary. That was indeed needed by the home team after that brilliant over from Thakur that failed to see any boundary. Well, for the duo, it is a 50 run partnership now. Regardless of that, the over turns in favour of the visitors. Just seven off it.  

Over 11 | Score 76/2 | Warner 34 (28) ; Yuvraj 18 (24)

Shardul Thakur back into the attack for his second over. Had given away 10 in his first over. Three dot balls and then a single via extra owing to the over throw from Ben Stokes. Single off the last ball by Warner and he keeps the strike.  

Over 10 | Score 74/2 | Warner 33 (26) ; Yuvraj 17 (19)

And it is Imran Tahir back again for his second over now. Three singles off the first half of the over and then follows two dot balls. Five off the over.  

Over 9 | Score 69/2 | Warner 31 (24) ; Yuvraj 15 (16)

Shifting to to pace attack now as Shardul Thakur sprints in for his first over. Third delivery, length, wide to the off as Yuvi gets a thick outside edge to whistle it down the boundary past the keeper. And then off the last ball.  

Over 8 | Score 59/2 | Warner 30 (23) ; Yuvraj 6 (11)

And finally Smith thinks that it is time for Imran Tahir to step into the attack to hold David Warner. First ball, wrong ball, tossed up wide off the left hander as Warner pushes it down leg side to take two runs. 50 up for the home team. Second delivery, fuller this time to the off as Warner swings his bat powerfully to loft it downtown for a six.  

Over 7 | Score 49/2 | Warner 21 (20) ; Yuvraj 5 (7)

And after a stunning first over, Stokes yet again for his second. Starts off with three dot ball. Varying pace and length and line to puzzle unsettled Yuvraj Singh. Just two singles off the over.  

Over 6 | Score 47/2 | Warner 20 (19) ; Yuvraj 4 (3)

And the clinical Sundar continues into his third over now. Third delivery, length, as Warner sweeps it over backward square-leg for a boundary. And that brings up 500 runs for Warner in this season. Fifth delivery, length, to the off as Warner beautifully drives it down cover for another boundary. And another four to finish off the power-play over.  

Over 5 | Score 33/2 | Warner 6 (13) ; Yuvraj 4 (3)

Change in attack as Ben Stokes paces in for his first over now. And what a start! WICKET off the first delivery. Back of the length, too low, past the bat to strike off the off-stump.

S Dhawan b Stokes 19 (12b)

And it is Kane Williamson bow at pitch. His first ball, full toss, to the off as Kane glides it down past the keeper for a boundary. Stokes immediately apologises. And then another WICKET! Length, off, cross-seam delivery and Kane gets the outside egde as Dhoni takes it comfortably behind.

KS Williamson c Dhoni b Stokes 4 (2b)

Stokes has stared with the bat for Pune and now he is doing it with the ball. A watchful Yuvraj Singh steps in now. Boundary driven down point off the last delivery by Yuvi.  

Over 4 | Score 25/0 | Warner 6 (13) ; Dhawan 19 (11)

Washington Sundar into his second over now. Two singles off the first two deliveries. Pretty good so far in the tournament. Has somehow justified the position of the man he replaced in the league- Ravichandran Ashwin. Three dot balls to follow. Brilliant over from the youngster- just two off it.  

Over 3 | Score 23/0 | Warner 5 (8) ; Dhawan 18 (10)

And the pace-spin combo continues with Unadkat into the attack for his second over. Starts off with a vicious slow delivery to Warner, which goes just inches over the stump. Third ball, short, off, slower again as Dhawan ramps it over long-on boundary for a maximum. SRH is off to a rollicking start. Nine runs already off the five deliveries bowled. Dot ball to finish the over.  

Over 2 | Score 14/0 | Warner 3 (5) ; Dhawan 11 (7)

Much of a same start as Pune shifts to 17-year-old Washington Sundar for the second over. Around the wicket to the left-handers. Two singles off the four deliveries bowled. Single to end the over.  

Over 1 | Score 11/0 | Warner 1 (1) ; Dhawan 10 (5)

The two left-hander are there for the home team to stat off with the chase towards the paltry total set by the visitors. Jaydev Unadkat starts off with the attack for Pune. Fourth ball, back of the length, well to the off as Dhawan drives it down cover, beating the pace of Rahane in the deep to whistle to the boundary. Last ball, shorter to the off as Dhawan shimmies down to ramp it over cover for another boundary.

SRH need 149 runs to win off 120 deliveries


Over 20 | Score 148/8 | Unadkat 0 (0) ; Sundar 1 (3)

And it is Kaul to finish off with the things. New batsman Sundar takes a single off the first delivery to bring Dhoni on strike. And it indeed pays off. Net ball, length, flat, off as Dhoni reaches out to drift it down third man for a boundary. Third delivery, back of the length, angling to the middle stump as Dhoni aiming for another biggy gets only the outside edge of the bat as Ojha does the rest behind.

MS Dhoni c Ojha b Kaul 31 (21b)

Fifth ball, takes the pace off the ball, length as Thakur strikes it straight to David Warner at mid-off. It is two-of-two for Kaul.

SN Thakur c Warner b Kaul 0 (1b)

Last ball, bye-single as RPS cease at 148.  

Over 19 | Score 142/6 | Dhoni 27 (19) ; Sundar 0 (0)

And it is their star bowler up again for his fourth and final over. Second delivery, back of the length, angling in as Dhoni swings his bat hard to pick it over midwicket for a boundary. Third delivery, short and to the off as Dhoni muscles it over deep midwicket for a six. Fourth delivery, over-pitched , off as Dhoni slices it over long-off for another six. 18 already off the five deliveries bowled. Last ball, Tiwary drives it vdown to mid-on and looking for a two, Dhoni stops him at single. Half-way through and Bhuvi does the run out, as disappointed Dhoni looks on.

MK Tiwary run out 9 (5b)

Over 18 | Score 123/5 | Dhoni 11 (14) ; Tiwary 8 (4)

And sensing that Pune might be going big now, Warner brings back Rashid Khan in for his last over now. Six runs already off the five deliveries bowled as the last ball ends with a single for Dhoni to keep the strike.  

Over 17 | Score 116/5 | Dhoni 7 (10) ; Tiwary 5 (2)

Pace attack continues with Bhuvneshwar Kumar now. Into his third over. Manoj Tiwary is the new batsman. Last ball, length, to the off as Tiwary cuts it gently down backward point to end the over with a boundary. 11 off the over.  

Over 16 | Score 105/5 | Dhoni 2 (6) ; 0 (0)

Siddarth Kaul back into the attack now for his third over now. Fourth ball, yorker, well to the off as Smith half volleys to the short third man. Simple catching practice it seemed. Pune falter yet again as the skipper departs this time.

SPD Smith c Bipul Sharma b Kaul 34 (39b)

Dan Christian makes his way to the pitch after that second time-out now and off the first ball, drives it down cover for a boundary. Last ball, length, angling in as Dan slices it up, doesn't travel far as Rashid runs in from the deep to take it.

DT Christian c Rashid Khan b Kaul 4 (2b)

Over 15 | Score 100/3 | Dhoni 1 (3) ; Smith 34 (38)

And Warner looking more for a pace-spin combo as Rashid Khan yet again. Second ball, googly as

Stokes shimmies down, edged and off to Ojha behind. Huge appeal tuned down by the umpire. But Rashi up for the revenge it seems as he gets rid of the Englishman off the very next delivery. Third ball, quicker delivery, ripper of a leg-break placed right near his toe as the ball turns in through bat and pad to topple down the leg stump.

BA Stokes b Rashid Khan 39 (25b)

Two off the over as 100 up for Pune.  

Over 14 | Score 98/2 | Stokes 38 (23) ; Smith 33 (37)

And Siddarth Kaul into his second over now as Warner shifts to pace attack again. Three singles off the first thre deliveries. And that is 50 partnership off 40 deliveries for the overseas duo. Fourth ball, back of th length, angling outside as Stokes reverse sweeps it down point for a boundary. Looked more of a reverse swing of the bat. 12 off the over.  

Over 13 | Score 86/2 | Stokes 30 (19) ; Smith 31 (35)

Spin, and more spin as Bipul steps in to finsh off with his quota. Three singles off the first half offthe over. Fourth ball, back of the length as Stokes off his back-foot picks it over long-on boundary for a six. 13 off the over.  

Over 12 | Score 73/2 | Stokes 19 (15) ; Smith 29 (33)

And spin attack continues as Rashid Khan joins the attack now. In for his second over. Just four runs scooped up between the wickets off the four deliveries bowled. Five off the over

Over 11 | Score 68/2 | Stokes 18 (13) ; Smith 25 (29)

Bipul Sharma now into his third over, Second delivery, slow through the air, to the off as Stokes slogs it over deep midwicket for a six. And a second consecutive six comes up. This time shimming down to put it just over the long-on boundary. Stokes finally taking the responsibility to pileup that big over for them.  

Over 10 | Score 51/2 | Stokes 3 (9) ; Smith 23 (27)

And it is Moises Henriques into the attack for his third over now. Two singles off the first half of the over brings up the fifty for Pune. Real slow till now. 27 deliveries ago was the last biggy struck. Just three off the over.  

Over 9 | Score 48/2 | Stokes 2 (6) ; Smith 21 (24)

And it is Bipul Sharma back again for his second over now. Just five off the over. Time-out now.  

Over 8 | Score 43/2 | Stokes 1 (4) ; Smith 18 (20)

Moises Henriques into the attack for his second over as Ben Stokes walks to eards the pitch. Just two runs off the first four deliveries. Over sums up to just three.  

Over 7 | Score 40/2 | Stokes 0 (1) ; Smith 16 (17)

And it is Bipul Sharma into the attack now. Four runs off the first half of the over as the second half kicks off with another WICKET down. Rahane this time. Fourth ball, lengthy, spinning in as Rahane paddle sweeps it a bit too early over square-leg as the ball off the top edge flies to the fielder at long-on.

AM Rahane c Yuvraj Singh b Bipul Sharma 22 (20b)

Over 6 | Score 34/1 | Rahane 21 (18) ; Smith 12 (14)

A real slow start for the Pune side. Now they understand what damage Tripathi creates in the power-play overs. That spark is indeed missing. Ashish Nehra once again into the attack for his second over now. Oh...it seems a bot of problem for the 38-year-old. Made a false start and that created the problem in his hamstring injury again. Support staff runs in. And it is Henriques to finish off the next four deliveries of the over. Third ball, short, angling in as Rahane shimmies down to strike it off the sweet spot over long-on boundary. Six! 11 off the over.  

Over 5 | Score 24/1 | Rahane 13 (14) ; Smith 10 (12)

And it is time for some spin attack now. Rashid Khan in for his first over. Four singles off the four deliveries bowled. Single to finish the over.  

Over 4 | Score 19/1 | Rahane 11 (12) ; Smith 7 (8)

Pace attack continues with Siddarth Kaul now. Third delivery, yorker, angling in as Smith whips it off to short fine legggg....dropped by Bipul Sharma. Big opportunity gone! Was an easy on, straight at him, but buttery fingers killed it. Just seven off the over.  

Over 3 | Score 12/1 | Rahane 8 (10) ; Smith 3 (4)

And it is Bhuvi back again for his second over as Steve Smith makes his way to the pitch. Five singles off the five deliveries bowled as the last ball too goes for a single.  

Over 2 | Score 6/1 | Rahane 5 (7) ; Smith 0 (1)

And it is the experienced Ashish Nehra into the attack now as Rahane whips down the first ball dwon midwicket to take a single. So far just three runs off the four deliveries bowled. Fifth delivery, short and flat down leg side as Rahul glances it down to take a single but Bipul Sharma at short fine leg cltches on to it and throws dirct at the stumps to dismiss Tripathi, who changed his mind, but was too late.

RA Tripathi run out 1 (4b)

Huge loss for the Pune team.   

Over 1 | Score 3/0 | Rahane 2 (5) ; Tripathi 1 (1)

And it is the first game of yet another double-header matchday as Pune aim to strike off Hyderabad's dominance home. Two changes for the home team which brings in the experienced Ashish Nehra, while the visiotors stay unchanged.

Ajinkya Rahane and Rahul Tripathi are at the pitch now as Bhuvneshwar Kumar has a short discussion with the skipper David Warner before he sets up for the first over.

First ball, to Rahane, swings in out, well off as the ball skids off the bat to go to point- no run. Second ball, little bit of bounce and a bit more wide as the ball zips over the swinginmg bat- no run again. And finally off the mark with a single down to third man. Just three off the over.  

TEAM CHANGES: Ashish Nehra and Bipul Sharma come in for Mohammed Siraj and Deepak Hooda; Pune remains unchanged

TOSS TIME: SRH win the toss and elect to bowl first. (Why the decision? - asked the presenter. "No idea", laughed Warner)

15:18 IST: Few minutes left before the two skippers are out for the toss!

Going into the encounter, David Warner will be looking to put a halt to his fellow countryman Steve Smith's Pune side when both teams meet in a bid to cement their place in the play-offs.

RPS are presently placed third in the points table with 14 points from 11 matches, having won six out of their last seven games. Sunrisers, meanwhile, are in fourth position with 13 points from 11 games.

The visitors, who are coming into the clash on the back of a convincing victory over Kolkata Knight Riders at the Eden Gardens, where rookie opener Rahul Tripathi produced a special knock of 93 off 52 balls to add to his impressive run in his maiden IPL campaign. (SRH vs RPS - Full Preview)

The hosts, who haven't had much success on their travels so far, remain a formidable outfit on their home turf and skipper Warner had said that his team would like to take full advantage of playing at home and turn the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Uppal into a virtual 'fortress'.

The Supergiant's talented yet inconsistent batting line-up will surely be put to test against the Sunrisers, who are known for their lethal bowling attack, especially at home. Bhuvneshwar Kumar presently holds the Purple Cap, while young Afghanistan spin sensation Rashid Khan, the seasoned Ashish Nehra, young Siddharth Kaul and Mohammed Siraj form a potent combination.

The live score updates of the match can be caught here, but for live streaming, you can log on to hotstar of Sony Liv.