IPL 2017, Rising Pune Supergiant vs Gujurat Lions: As it happened...

As far as head to head records are concerned, Pune are yet to register a victory over Gujarat, having lost all three encounters the duo have clashed in so far.

By Zee Media Bureau | Updated: May 02, 2017, 00:01 AM IST
IPL 2017, Rising Pune Supergiant vs Gujurat Lions: As it happened...

New Delhi: Welcome to our LIVE coverage of the match between RPS and GL at MCA stadium, Pune. Steve Smith-led Rising Pune Supergiant take on Suresh Raina's Gujarat Lions hoping to further tighten their hold on 4th position in the Indian Premier League points table by claiming their 5th win in last 6 matches in the competition. (IPL 2017 - ScorecardFull Coverage | Points Table | Match Report)

CATCH OF THE MATCH- Brendon McCullum




RPS win by 5 wickets with one ball still remaining


Over 19.5 | Score 167/5 | Stokes 103 (63) ; Christian 17 (8)

Faulkner in for the final six deliveries and punished for a boundaruy down cover off the very first ball and that brings up century for Stokes. Unbelievable! Single off the next two deliveries as equation comes down to 2 off 3. Single by Stokes off the fourth delivery – 1 off 2 needed now. And it is Dan finishing off in style with a maximum. Well, bow down to Mr. Stokes! Aesthetic innings!  

Over 19 | Score 154/5 | Stokes 98 (60) ; Christian 10 (6)

Thampi sprinst in now for his fourth and final over. First delivery, low full toss, staright and Stokes powers it inches over long-on for a maximum. 19 off 11 needed. Anxious three runs by Stokes off the next two deliveries. 16 off 9 now. Fourth delivery, to Dan, slow, middle line and Dan pushes it down midwicket to take a single. 15 off 8 now. And a six! Back off the length and smacked downtown for a maximum. 9 off 7 now. Single off the last ball as there is a bit of tensed situation for Pune fans- Stokes down with a pull now

Over 18 | Score 137/5 | Stokes 82 (55) ; Christian 9 (5)

36 off 18 needed. 12 is the run rate required. Sangawan up for his fouth and final over now. Third delivery, quicker ball, seams across to off-side as Dan cuts it down point for a boundary. Eight runs already racked up off the four deliveries bowled. Fifth ball, full toss, leg side as Stokes cracks it down midwicket but Smith makes a timely save in the deep to restrict it to just two runs.  

Over 17 | Score 126/5 | Stokes 78 (52) ; Christian 1 (2)

An some real pace attack now for the Pune batsmen as Thampi charges in for his third over. Starts off with a brilliant slow baal, placing it well off as Dhoni strikes it early. Too short off the boundary and Baz there at long-off to take the catch. Big wicket indeed.

MS Dhoni c McCullum b Basil Thampi 26 (33b)

Dan Christian is the new batsman. Three singles off the next three deliveries. And then comes a much needed boundary from Stokes. Length, to the off and Stokes smacks it over the bowler for a four.  

Over 16 | Score 118/4 | Stokes 72 (49) ; Dhoni 26 (32)

Dwayne Smith in for his third over now. Second ball, slow yorker and Stokes chips it over mid-on for a maximum. "The Big Ben", says the giant screen. And then again, a four this time. Yorker, well off and he slices it over cover for a boundary. Third ball, slows the pace, full toss too, gets the leading edge, flies over umpire and a quick two. 16 off the over.  

Over 15 | Score 102/4 | Stokes 59 (45) ; Dhoni 25 (30)

Faulkner in for his second over now. Second delivery, back of the length, middle and Dhoni crackles it over midwicket for a six. And crowd goes all, "Dhoni! Dhoni!" 11 already off the five deliveries bowled. Single to end things up.

Over 14 | Score 90/4 | Stokes 57 (43) ; Dhoni 15 (26)

And Dwayne Smith manages to get his second over now. Bowling stump to stump to pressurise the batsmen. Just a single off the first half of the over. Run rate is also sneaking up to oveer 11 now. Just three off it. Second time-out now.  

Over 13 | Score 87/4 | Stokes 55 (40) ; Dhoni 14 (23)

Soni in for his fourth and final over now. Two comfortable two runs with both struck down off side by Dhoni. Brilliant bowling by the youngster, no boundaries at all off this over and then just seven off it.  

Over 12 | Score 80/4 | Stokes 55 (40) ; Dhoni 8 (17)

A little change in bowling as Dwayne Smith comes into the attack for his first over now. Single off the first ball and it is fifty for Ben Stokes. His second in IPL. Has been good at bowling tonight, perfect with his fielding and now with his batting too. Hopes among the fan ponder around athjat the duo at pitch can pull up Pune with two more points. Stokes finishes the over with a boundary.  

Over 11 | Score 72/4 | Stokes 49 (37) ; Dhoni 6 (14)

After a splendid second over where he gave away just a single, Soni returns for his third. Just four runs scored off the five deliveries bowled. Single to end the over.  

Over 10 | Score 67/4 | Stokes 46 (33) ; Dhoni 5 (12)

And Jadeja returns to attack to pile up even more pressure on the batsmen. But Stokes sheds all of it with two back-to-back maximums. Both fuller, both to the off and both slogged over mid-on for six. That puts ample pressure on Jadeja now. 15 runs off the over.  

Over 9 | Score 52/4 | Stokes 31 (27) ; Dhoni 5 (12)

Ankit Soni in for his second over now. Starts off with two googlies, and both goes for a dot. Last 10 balls just 5 runs- definitely not going the way they need it to be. Both need to rack up a couple of quick boundaries to bring back momentum. And just a run off the over.  

Over 8 | Score 51/4 | Stokes 30 (23) ; Dhoni 5 (10)

And it Ravindra Jadeja spinning in for his first over, to his countrymen, Dhoni. First ball, oevr-pitched, off and Dhoni drives it down cover for a boundary. And it is 50 up for RPS. Jadeaj turning it slowly into a tidier over- four dot balls to follow. And dot ball it is to finish the over.   

Over 7 | Score 47/4 | Stokes 30 (23) ; Dhoni 1 (4)

And a delightful first over, Ankit Soni returns for his second now. Three runs off the first two balls by Stokes and Dhoni comes on strike. Gets a single off the last ball and gets off the mark. Just four off the over.  

Over 6 | Score 43/4 | Stokes 27 (21) ; Dhoni 0 (0)

Last over of power-play as Suresh Raina introduces James Faulkner. Second ball, keeps it outside off and Stokes cuts it down point for a boundary. Next delivery, Stokes drives it down the wicket, Tripathi looking for a two, but Stokes denies. Unfortunate for Tripathi, who was mid-way through to the other end had to depart off a direct throw from long-off.

RA Tripathi run out 6 (7b)

It could have worked out to be one fine partnership, but the little confusion created a whole mess. MS Dhoni is the new batsman now.  

Over 5 | Score 37/3 | Stokes 21 (15) ; Tripathi 6 (6)

And it is Sangwan in for his third over now. First ball, to Stokes, keeps to outside off as it edges off his bat to whistle to third man for a ...no, not a boundary. Soni dives in to save it and he only gets a two. Second delivery, change in length, bouncer this time as Ben pulls hook the paced ball behind square-leg and it is a six. "BEN STROKES", says the giant screen. Fifth ball, seams across, short as Tripathi cuts it down point to strike his first boundary of the night.  

Over 4 | Score 24/3 | Stokes 12 (12) ; Tripathi 2 (4)

Thampi once again paces in, this time for his second over. First ball, short, flat, seams off as Stokes pulls it hard through midwicket for a boundary. Quick single to finish off the over as it sumps up to just seven runs.

Over 3 | Score 17/3 | Stokes 6 (8) ; Tripathi 1 (2)

And season debutant Sangawan sprints in for his second over. Second ball, length, middle and Stokes pushes it down the line for a boundary. Beautifully struck! But the pacer makes a good comeback to give just a run off the next four deliveries

OVER 2 | Score 11/3 | Tripathi 1, Stokes 1

Rising Pune Supergiant being taken apart by Gujarat Lions bowlers. Thampi strikes, removing Manoj Tiwari for a duck. Ben Stokes if the new man in and not MS Dhoni.

  1. MK Tiwary lbw b Basil Thampi 0 (2b)

OVER 1 | Score 8/2 | Tripathi 0

Just the sort of start Gujarat Lions wanted! Ajinkya Rahane departs in the very first over after getting off the mark with a 4. Steve Smith too falls to Pradeep Sangwan, right after guiding the ball to the boundary on his very first delivery. RPS in big trouble.

AM Rahane lbw b Sangwan 4 (4b)

SPD Smith c Ankit Soni b Sangwan 4 (2b)

RPS need 162 to win off 120 deliveries


Over 19.5 | Score 161/10 | 0 (0) ; Thampi 2 (5)

Final over of Gujarat Lions innings as Jaydev Unadkat sprints in. Second delivery, off-cutter as Karthik with a pre-meditated switch hit strikes it down third man for a boundary. Two desperate attempts at run-out and the second one pays off as Dinesh Karthik is the man to depart.

KD Karthik run out 29 (26b)

Ankit Soni walks in to face his first ball. Length and a cutter, flatter too as the ball flies below the bat to dismiss Gujarat's last batsman.

Ankit Soni b Unadkat 0 (1b)

Over 19 | Score 155/8 | Karthik 25 (24) ; Thampi 1 (3)

And it is Ben Stokes for his fourth and final over. Two dot balls to start off with and then three runs comes up off the next two. Fourth delivery, good length, pressing leg side as Karthik shimmies down to flick it off his back-off over midwicket for a much needed boundary.  

Over 18 | Score 148/8 | Karthik 19 (20) ; Thampi 0 (0)

And Jaydev Unadkat paces in for his third over and he strikes off the seventh Lion on the road. Second ball, short, flat. Seaming off as Faulkner fires it down cover, but Manoj Tiwary dives to clutch on to that bullet of a ball to dismiss the Aussie.

JP Faulkner c Tiwary b Unadkat 6 (7b)

Pradeep Sangwan is the new batsman now only to leave the pitch off his second delivery. Fifth ball, slower, straight, and Sangwan immaturely volleys it high and Tripathi there at mid-on to take the catch.

PJ Sangwan c Tripathi b Unadkat 1 (2b)

Over 16 | Score 140/6 | Karthik 17 (16) ; Faulkner 2 (2)

Imran Tahir returns now as the Giant screen displays HAT-TRICK ball. And...no. Karthik sheds off the pressure with a defence shot. Just five off the over.  

Over 15 | Score 135/6 | Karthik 14 (12) ; 0 (0)

Continuing with pace attack, Dan Christian charges into his second over now. Six runs already racked up off the four deliveries bowled. The duo are quick between the wickets, so runs are sneaking up despite fewer boundaries. Last ball, Christian goes for a shorter delivery as Jadeja pulls it hard. Top edge and flies to backward square-leg and Unadkat there to take it.

RA Jadeja c Unadkat b Christian 19 (12b)

Over 14 | Score 128/5 | Karthik 10 (9) ; Jadeja 16 (8)

And it is Shardul Thakur yet again into the attack. It will be his third over now. Three risky singles off the first half off the over as the second half starts off with a boundary. Fourth delivery, pressing along leg, length, and Jadeja glances it down fine leg for a four.  

Over 13 | Score 121/5 | Karthik 9 (7) ; Jadeja 11 (5)

Pace attack continues with Ben Stokes who goes around the wicket to left-handed Jadeja. Yorker off the first delivery and Jadeja taps it down midwicket to take a single. Fourth ball, length, slight along middle as Jadeja chips it lightly over Stokes for a boundary. And the second four comes off the left-handed in the last delivery.  

Over 12 | Score 109/5 | Karthik 8 (6) ; Jadeja 0 (0)

After an expensive first over Shardul Thakur returns back for his second over now. Second ball, paced up, angling in and Karthik shimmies down as the ball edges his lower pad to zip past the keeper. Loud appeal, but unheard by the umpire. Third ball, yorker to the off as Karthik beautifully drives it down cover for a boundary. And then another WICKET. Shorter to the off as Baz slices it down backward-point and Rahane there at third man to take a perfect catch.

BB McCullum c Rahane b Thakur 45 (27b)

Over 11 | Score 101/4 | Karthik 1 (1) ; McCullum 44 (24)

Ben Stokes into the attack now for his second over now. First ball, length, to the off as Baz edges it past keeper for a boundary. Three singles off the next three deliveries brings up 100 for the struggling Lions.  

Over 10 | Score 94/4 | 0 (0) ; McCullum 38 (19)

And Finch! Starts off with a six! First ball, tossed up, presses to leg as Finch makes room to strike it downtown for a maximum. Tahir in trouble now. WICKET! Ohh...off the leading edge, teases off to Tahir and he takes it easily. Caught and bowled!

AJ Finch c & b Imran Tahir 13 (6b)

Dwayne Smith in, Dwayne Smith out. His first ball, googly and rest could be left unsaid.

DR Smith b Imran Tahir 0 (1b)

Remember is is on-a-hattrick

Over 9 | Score 86/2 | Finch 6 (3) ; McCullum 38 (19)

New bowler into the attack now. It is Aussie international Daniel Christian in for his first over. Aaron Finch is the new batsman at the crease. Remember, these were the same two batsmen who failed to pull off that 12 runs off that super over in their previous game against Mumbai.

Fourth ball, fuller, off as Finch chips it over the bowler for his first boundary. Last ball, flatter, seaming to leg as McCullum drags it over midwicket to strike a flat six.  

Over 8 | Score 71/2 | 0 (0) ; McCullum 30 (16)

And after that short time-out, it is Imran Tahir to start things off again. Four runs already scored off the five deliveries and the over ends up with a ....BIG DOUBT! Ohh... it is a wicket1 That quick two between the wickets cost the skipper his own wicket. Well, incerdible Dhoni does it again, with an assistance from Ajinkya Rahane

SK Raina run out 8 (8b)

Over 7 | Score 66/1 | Raina 3 (3) ; McCullum 29 (15)

That was a gritty start by the openers, but Kishan, off a poor shot selection departed early. Well, with the power-play overs getting over, the field restrictions are off now. Skipper Suresh Raina is the new batsman in as Shardul Thakur is the new bowler now.

Just four runs scored off the first half of the over. Fourth ball, length, angles in as Baz charges out of the crease to bullet it down mid-on for a boundary. Two singles off the last two deliveries to sum up the over to 11 off it. Strategic time-out

Over 6 | Score 55/1 | McCullum 23

ICC World No. 1 T20 bowler, Imran Tahir has now been brought into the attack as RPS skipper Steve Smith looks to break this dangerous partnership. Two consecutive fours for Ishan Kishan, who looks unfazed with the prospect of facing a world beater. Tahir, however, makes a comeback to dismiss Kishan after the youngster got caught while going for another blazing hit.

This wast Gujarat's 2nd 50+ opening partnership of the campaign.

Ishan Kishan c Washington Sundar b Imran Tahir 31 (24b)

Over 5 | Score 46/0 | Kishan 23, McCullum 22

Brendon McCullum welcomes Ben Stokes in bowling attack by smashing a 4 and 6 on the 2nd and 3rd delivery respectively. Dan Christian's brilliant work on field prevents Stokes being hit for another boundary on 4th ball.

Over 4 | Score 35/0 | Kishan 23, McCullum 11

Sundar has been causing all sorts of trouble to Kishan, as the latter almost got bowled on 4th delivery of the over but hen made a comeback on 5th, hitting the bowler for a six over mid-wicket boundary. 11 runs from the over.

Over 3 | Score 24/0 | Kishan 13, McCullum 10

MS Dhoni with another 'no-look' run-out attempt but Kishan had made his ground in time. Kishan finally broke shackles and hit Unadkat for a brilliant-yet-risky shot after pulling one over fine leg boundary. 12 runs off the over.

Over 2 | Score 12/0 | Kishan 2, McCullum 9

Washinton Sundar brought in attack as Steve Smith looks for pace-spin combination to begin with. First 5 balls dot for Sundar as Kishan struggles to find enough room to hit the ball. A single off the last one will keep the Indian on strike.

Over 1 | Score 11/0 | Kishan 1, McCullum 9

Brendon McCullum welcomes Jaydev Unadkat with a boundary of his first ball after Ishan Kishan gave him strike on the first ball of the over. RPS skipper Steve Smith almost caught the Kiwi batsman at mid-on but the ball fell just short despite the Aussie putting in a diving effort. A four off the last ball of the over to McCullum. Eventful first over!

19:52 IST: RPS XI: Rahane, Tripathi, Smith, Tiwary, MS Dhoni, Stokes, Christian, W Sundar, Unadkat, S Thakur, Tahir

GL XI: I Kishan, B McCullum, S Raina, A Finch, Smith, D Karthik, Faulkner, Jadeja, Soni, Thampi, Sangwan​

19:39 IST: Steve Smith wins the toss and elects to bowl first.

19:21 IST: Not long left before we have the toss. Stay tuned!

England all-rounder Ben Stokes, who missed the last two matches with shoulder injury, remains a doubt for RPS in today's match, while the arrival of Indian all-rounder Irfan Pathan has added more mettle and strength to GL squad.

Coming on back of a defeat against Mumbai Indians, after the match went all the way to a Super Over, Gujarat Lions will be desperate to strengthen their claims for a spot in IPL 10 playoffs, presently sitting 6th with 6 points under their belt.

Here's everything you need to know about the Indian Premier League 2017 season:

Predicted playing XIs:-

Rising Pune Supergiant: Ajinkya Rahane, Rahul Tripathi, Steven Smith (captain), MS Dhoni (wk), Manoj Tiwary, Dan Christian, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Imran Tahir, Lockie Ferguson, Jaydev Unadkat

Gujarat Lions: Brendon McCullum, Ishan Kishan, Suresh Raina (captain), Aaron Finch, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Ravindra Jadeja, James Faulkner, Andrew Tye, Basil Thampi, Irfan Pathan, Ankit Soni

When and where to watch the match:

Date & Time: May 1 (Monday) at 20:00 IST

Venue: Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, PUne

TV Listing: Sony Six, Sony Six HD, Sony ESPN, Sony ESPN HD and SET MAX.

Live Streaming: Sony LIV, Hotstar

As far as head to head records are concerned, Pune are yet to register a victory over Gujarat, having lost all three encounters the duo have clashed in so far.