IPL 10, Match 9 :RPS vs DD – As it happened...

Live cricket score and live updates from Match 10 of the Indian Premier League between Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) and Delhi Daredevils (DD).

IPL 10, Match 9 :RPS vs DD – As it happened...

Pune: Live cricket score and live updates from Match 9 of the Indian Premier League between Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) and Delhi Daredevils (DD). 

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MAXIMUM SIXES- Sanju Samson (five sixes)


MAN OF THE MATCH- Sanju Samson (102 off 63 deliveries)

Summary- Surprising Sanju Samson comes forth to score a sensational century as Delhi Daredevils register their first victory this season with a commendable 97 run victory over Rising Pune Supergiant at Pune.

The Daredevils of Delhi stepped onto the field with all the cards against them, given their poor batting line-up. A score of near mere 140-150 was expected of them. But they, they came in strong, charging forward right from ball one to carve in a perfect win over the Pune-based team.

They indeed started off slow, with the wickets of Aditya Tare and Sam Billings falling in early. It looked rather usual off the Delhi team. But the Pant came came to the pitch and together with Samson they put that score well past 120. However, Rishabh Pant fell soon after a brlliant run -out from Mayank Agarwal. But Samson continued to lead his side and scored a scintillating century as the team crossed that much unexpected 180-mark score.

Morris stepped in next to play an applauding cameo, hitting sixes and fours all round the field. Striking 38 off just 9 deliveries the score soared over 200 as Delhi set the highest target this season.

Pune felt that impossibility of that number, given the absence of their star batsman Steve Smith. But with Rahane and Faf in the line-up, they could have got at least near-about that.

Reagrdless, of all going by their side, Rahane went off early and then Mayank, followed by Faf as the target of 206 filled their dressing room more and more with darkness.

Dhoni was the only hope with the crowd cheering out his name loud. A couple of sixes and boundaries and he too departed as he clipped off that yorker to deep midwicket and Karun Nair there to take in rightly.

Wickets started falling as Delhi pace and spin attack put the batting-heavy Pune line-up to succumb to a loss. In the end Cummins came in at over no. 17 to remove the last Pune batsman, Dinda to finish off in style. Pune faced a himiliating 97 run defeat at home as Delhi registered their first victory, climbing to third position on the table.  

Delhi Daredevils win by 97 runs.

Over 16.1 | Score 108/10 | ; Tahir 0 (2)

Cummins into the attack. Goes for the drive and Mishra dives forward to take that spendid catch and finish it off for Delhi. What a win!

AB Dinda c Mishra b Cummins 7 (7b)

Over 16 | Score 108/9 | Dinda 7 (6) ; Tahir 0 (2)

Mishra returns to attack as Pune marches with an impossible target in mind. Only a miracle can save them. And everything has ended. Short, slow, turns inside out as Zampa slogs it over to long on. Samson takes it there in the deep. What is wrong with Pune?

A Zampa c Samson b Mishra 5 (7b)

Last batsman walks in- Tahir. Just a wicket away from victory now.

Over 15 | Score 106/8 | Dinda 5 (4) ; Zampa 5 (4)

Skipper into the attack. Short, clips off the upper edge and Chahar departs early.

DL Chahar c Pant b Khan 14 (6b)

And again. Zaheer on fire. Short again, top edge and flies to slip as Nair takes it. Dinda walks in to walk out, but...umpire moves upstair. Is that out? No is the answer. Had touched the ground. Dinda saved. Answers back with a rather surprising boundary.

Over 14 | Score 100/7 | D Chahar 14 (5) ; Zampa 5 (4)

Mishra returns to get his second wicket. Bhatia goes for the big one, but Morris at long-on to take it. On a hat-trick now.

R Bhatia c Morris b Mishra 16 (17b)

Can he take that? Turns to leg, but too outside for an LBW.

Over 13 | Score 94/6 | D Chahar 13 (4) ; Bhatia 16 (16)

The crowd goes suddenly silent as their last hope disappears into the pavilion. Deepak Chahar makes his way in as Pune struggle a difficult, rather impossible target.

Cummins into the attack now. His third over. Fifth delivery and Chahar puts it high, high over midwicket for a six and then comes another over cover. Consecutive sixes from struggling RPS.

Over 12 | Score 79/6 | ; Bhatia 15 (15)

Amit Mishra introduced. Will be using his experince to remove another Pune batsman. 127 needed of 49 deliveries. And Dhoni departs. Mishra places it near his toe as he clips it off to deep midwicket, but Karun Nair just in position to take it.Very, very important wicket.

MS Dhoni c Nair b Mishra 11 (14b)

Over 11 | Score 76/5 | Dhoni 10 (10) ; Bhatia 13 (11)

Nadeem comes back into the attack. And there is Dhoni. Wicket to wicket ball, and Dhoni steps out to smack it over the bowler for a six. And the crowd is going all "DHONI". Eight off the over.

Over 10 | Score 68/5 | Dhoni 3 (7) ; Bhatia 12 (9)

Corey Anderson introduced into the attack. Outside off and Bhatia cracks it to the leg over midwicket for a six. Nice way to finish that over.

Over 9 | Score 58/5 | Dhoni 2 (6) ; Bhatia 3 (4)

Pune in sure trouble now as asking rate soar over 12 now. Two new batsman at strike and none are playing too hard to spark off that firework needed to boost themselves up.

Over 8 | Score 55/5 | Dhoni 1 (3) ; Bhatia 1 (1)

Cummins back in attack now. Things are at complete dismay for the home team. Their batting-heavy line-up is dismantling. Delhi on fire now. Beauty from Cummins. Pushing 150kmph with that delivery which seamed out and knicked the lower edge of Stokes's bat and Pant there behind to take it. RPS falling one by one.

BA Stokes c Pant b Cummins 2 (5b)

Rajat Bhatia is the new man.

Over 7 | Score 52/4 | Dhoni 0 (2) ; Stokes 1 (1)

Nadeem back into the attack. Now what was that! Strange! Seemed like he gave that ball to the keeper. Turns it out and Faf goes for a scoop over Pant, but fails as the ball kisses the edge and goes straight into the gloves.

F du Plessis c Pant b Nadeem 8 (7b )

MS Dhoni out to bat now.

Over 6 | Score 50/3 | Faf du 6 (3) ; Stokes 1 (1)

Morris continues. Tripathi at strike and gets off the mark with a timely crunch down cover. Gets that four. This time a little higher, outside the off stump and Rahul gets that touch to put it past slip. Second boundary in that over. They know, they need that partnership.

Another quick bouncer, cahnging the length and Rahul pulls it early and it edges the upper section to float over square leg. Nadeem is the fielder there to take it.

RA Tripathi c Nadeem b Morris 10 (5b)

Stokes out on strike.

Over 5 | Score 38/2 | Faf du 5 (3) ; Tripathi 0 (0)

Skipper Zaheer up with his second over. Seams it outside, slower one this time and gets the better of rising Mayank Agarawal. Cuts it high as it sails to extra cover and Morris moves back to take it with ease.

MA Agarwal c Morris b Khan 20 (18b)

du Plessis gets a boundary off the last delivery as he drives it down mid-off.

Over 4 | Score 31/1 | Faf du 1 (1) ; Agarwal 18 (14)

Chris Morris comes into the attack against the new batsman, who is also his countrymen, Faf du Plessis. Gets off the mark with a single to cover.

Outside off and Mayank carves it past the slip to get that boundary. Shorter delivery this time, too high to pull that one. Five off five deliveries. Two to finish off the over. Excellent save from Anderson at deep midwicket.

Over 3 | Score 24/1 | ; Agarwal 12 (9)

It is the highest total set forth to them. They have to bat through really well, to bring up that massive score. Slightly slower start to comment. Delhi, as usual, starts with their pace attack. Zaheer and Pat cummins are the two bowlers. And skipper gets skipper out abd it is the star of the day, Samson taking it just behind the bowler.

AM Rahane c Samson b Khan 10 (9b)

Over 2 | Score 17/0 | Agarwal 10 (7); Rahane 5 (5)

An economical over from pat Cummins. Gave away just 7 runs as as RPS start-off their chase with caution.

Over 1 | Score 10/0 | Agarwal 6 (3); Rahane 3 (3)

Ajinkya Rahane, Mayank Agarwal begin Pune's chase, with the spinner Nadeem beginning Delhi's charge with the ball. A boundary in the first over has set RPS off on a bright note.

RPS need to score 206 runs off 120 deliveries.

Over 20 | Score 205/4 | Anderson 2 (4) ; Morris 38 (9)

Stokes it take over the last six deliveries. To Anderson, gets a single. Slow, to the leg side. Morris waited and clipped it past square for a boundary.

Two with a shot to midwicket.

Four now. Places to leg stump and Morris moves out to drive it down point for a four. Six to follow. Over sqaure. 199 it is now for DD. SIX! What a way to finish the over! Incredible batting.Incredible batting. Delhi Daredevils sets highest target this season. 

Over 19 | Score 182/4 | Anderson 1 (3) ; Morris 14 (3)

Zampa returns. Samson four short off his first IPL hundred. CENTURY! IN STYLE! Smacks it down the line over the roof . And his ravishing innings comes to an end. Googly, slightly flatter down the line and it strikes the leg stump. But absolutely brlliant with the bat.

SV Samson b Zampa 102 (63b)

Inside out and new batsman Chris Morris drives it over extra cover for a boundary. And now a maximum. Humongous! Over deep midwicket. Four to finish. Zampa has been absolutely washed off.

Over 18 | Score 160/3 | Anderson 1 (3) ; Samson 96 (61)

Tahir magic surely didnt work much today. Just one wicket. Dinda returns. And he is welcomed with a massive six. Downtown and Samson dismissed it into the crowd. And another..smashed it again along the ground, but good fielding in the deep. Samson gets a two. He has been sensational today.

Six! Second of the over. Short, too high and Samson pulls it over deep midwicket for a six. 14 already off four deliveries. And now a cheeky boundary. Watches that wide delivery and chips it to the leg side down square leg.

Over 17 | Score 141/3 | Anderson 1 (3) ; Samson 77 (55)

Tahir to bowl his last over. Has got just one wicket till now. Anderson on strike. Fends to point for a single. Thats stunning! Googly and Samson whacks to over mid wicket for six. Beauty! Then cuts it down point to take two.

Over 16 | Score 129/3 | Anderson 0 (2) ; Samson 67 (50)

Stokes into the attack. Slow delivery and Samson takes a single. Pant on strike, Stokes places it wide. Slices it down the grond to point and Mayank Agarwal fields it well and throws it hard at runners end. Pant to slow to make himself run in, as the stumps dismantle before that.

RR Pant run out 31 (22b)

Corey Anderson comes in. Short delivery and Samson muscles it to square leg. One bounce and a boundary.

Over 15 | Score 123/2 | Pant 31 (21) ; Samson 61 (47)

Zampa returns to spin in. Two each in the first two deliveries. This time places it wide and he hovers it down the line for a six. 80Metres it is.

Over 14 | Score 112/2 | Pant 31 (21) ; Samson 50 (40)

Expensive Ben Stokes comes back into the attack. Around the wicket to Pant. Presses it to leg side and Pant smacks it to third man to take a single. Given his continuous hammering to the offside, RPS have guarded it with fielders now. So Samson strikes it hard to long-on, in the air and skipper makes a dive to take it, but misses. He gets his fifty . Commendable from the Delhi batsman.

Over 13 | Score 108/2 | Pant 29 (17) ; Samson 48 (36)

Tahir back into the attack to bowl his third over. Bowling rather tight with his googlies. Four off six deliveries. Strategic time-out.

Over 12 | Score 104/2 | Pant 26 (15) ; Samson 47 (35)

Bhatia returns to be smacked down the line for a six. Massive, crosses the side screen. Travelled that distance. And yet again from the same batsman. Second six off the over. Lenght delivery, slow and powers it over long-on. 100 comes up for the Daredevils.  

Over 11 | Score 88/2 | Pant 12 (11) ; Samson 45 (33)

Delhi has rather slowed down their RR. Dipped to eight now. Zampa comes back to attack. Slower, full of flight and Samson sweeps it past square to take a single. Pant on strike, drives it hard, down the line and gets a boundary. Googly this time, Pant plays it late. Single to finish off.

Over 10 | Score 81/2 | Pant 6 (6) ; Samson 44 (31)

Bhatia now into the attack. Delhi now need an important partnership from Pant and Samson, to take it over 180. Five off the over.  

Over 9 | Score 76/2 | Pant 3 (3) ; Samson 42 (29)

Tahir into the attack...and he does it, yet again. Googly, Billings steps out tow swing his bat across and the ball turns below to clip off the bails. Celebration starts in Pune as home team get another and important wicket.

SW Billings b Imran Tahir 24 (17b)

Reliable Rishabh comes in now. Poor shot to start off. Googly and Pant slogs it immaturely over to midwicket. Lucky no one there to take it. Four and a wicket from five deliveries. Single to finish it off.  

Over 8 | Score 71/1 | Billings 24 (16) ; Samson 40 (25)

Adam Zampa, another leggie into the attack. Single off the first ball. Samson drives twice down cover to take two both the times. Heading towards another tidy over. Just five concieved off that over.  

Over 7 | Score 66/1 | Billings 23 (15) ; Samson 36 (21)

Dangerous Tahir comes in. Delhi now have a reason to worry. Four off the over. Rather tidy one.  

Over 6 | Score 62/1 | Billings 21 (12) ; Samson 35 (19)

Deepak Chahar back into the attack. To bowl his third over today. Slightly shorter in the off side and Billings volleys it over midwicket to get that boundary. And yet again. Steps out to hit the leg side placed ball. Whistles down square leg to beat Dinda's pace and gets that four. And another. Same ball, same region.

Fifth ball, clipped off the toe, but this time stopped by Dinda. Single to finish off.  Strategic time-out.

Over 5 | Score 47/1 | Billings 8 (7) ; Samson 34 (18)

Ben Stokes comes into the attack now. Samson gets his sixth boundary now. Gets the gap between point and cover to get that four. Somewhat better over from the home team. Just six off five deliveries. Two to finish it off.  

Over 4 | Score 39/1 | Billings 7 (6) ; Samson 27 (13)

Deepak Chahar back in. Samson drives down extra cover for a two runs. Second ball, swings out and Samson drives it now over extra cover to get that boundary.

This time straight, edged off Billings' bat and flies to third man, gets a single. Eight off four deliveries now.

RPS needs Samson off the pitch now. Chahar goes for a leg cutter, but ends up with a wide delivery.

Over 3 | Score 29/1 | Billings 6 (5) ; Samson 19 (8)

Ashok Dinda comes up. Short delivery to start with and Samson pulls it past short leg for a boundary. He starts off in fire. And now his no.4. Boundary again, rockets down cover. He goes for another one...but fielder makes a timely dive to save that, gets a single.

Wide and Billings stretches out to whack that. Top edge, over the slip for a boundary. Dinda in trouble. 15 already off five deliveries.

Last ball, Samson cuts it to point for a single.  

Over 2 | Score 13/1 | Billings 1 (3) ; Samson 9 (4)

Deepak Chahar starts off, Tare at strike. Good line and length, swings out as it gets a knick of the bat and flies to Dhoni. What a way to start of the over. One down for the Daredevils.

AP Tare c Dhoni b Chahar 0 (5b)

Sanju Samson is the new batsman. This is what the Delhi boys feared and this is what exactly happened.

And finally a start for the Daredevils. Swings out, goes for a timely drive down point for a boundary. And a similar shot. Playing with the swing and looked exactly like an action replay of the previous one. Single to finish off with.  

Over 1 | Score 2/0 | Billings 0 (2) ; Tare 0 (4)

Major blow to the home team as they start without in for Steve Smith owing to upset stomach. Ajinkya will be leading the team. Faf du Plessis has also been included along with Tripathi. However, for the Delhi Daredevils, it is much the same, except for the inclusion of Kiwi international Corey Anderson.

The question thus is, can DD deliver a daredevil performance with the bat? All questions to be answered as the game unfolds.

The players are out on the field and the crowd is already roaring loud for the team. Sam Billings and Aditya Tare open up for Delhi Daredevils as Ashok Dinda comes up into the attack for Pune. Good start from the Pune team. Just two off six deliveries.  

News from the RPS dressing room- Steve Smith wont be playing today, is unwell. Ajinkya Rahane will lead the team.

TOSS TIME- RPS win the toss and elect to bowl first

19: 25 IST: RPS vs DD - Top players to watch out for

19: 15 IST: Have a look at the possible playing XIs of tonight's encounter. 

After beating Mumbai Indians in the first match of the tournament, Rising Pune Supergiant were defeated by an astonishingly good Kings XI Punjab in their second match. The RPS top-order seems to be relying too much on skipper Steve Smith, who guided the team to a brilliant win in the first match with an 84-run knock. MS Dhoni, Ajinkya Rahane, Ben Stokes and Smith himself will all have to click as a unit for a positive result.

On the other hand, after losing their first match, Zaheer Khan's men need to deliver as a unit to register their first win of the tournament. With Quinton de Kock and JP Duminy ruled out even before the tournament had started, Delhi need their young batsmen to rise up to the occasion and make a name for themselves.

Daredevils lacked the spark in their batting having failed to chase 158 against RCB, with youngster Rishabh Pant emerging the lone bright spot for the side, scoring 57 runs, two days after losing his father.

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The top order comprising the domestic trio of Aditya Tare, Karun Nair and Sanju Samson fumbled while opener Sam Billings failed to provide the fiery start expected from him.

All-rounders Carlos Brathwaite and Chris Morris, too flunked with the willow, when the team needed them the most.

Pune however, will have to be cautious dealing with the Daredevils` bowling, which is spoilt for choice in the pace department.

Here's everything you need to know about the tenth match of the season:-


Rising Pune Supergiant: Steve Smith (Captain), Mahendra Singh Dhoni (WK), Ajinkya Rahane, Ben Stokes, Faf du Plessis, Usman Khawaja, Manoj Tiwary, Mayank Agarwal, Ankit Sharma, Baba Aparajith, Ankush Bains, Rajat Bhatia, Deepak Chahar, Rahul Chahar, Daniel Christian, Ashok Dinda, Lockie Ferguson, Jaskaran Singh, Saurabh Kumar, Milind Tandon, Jaydev Unadkat, Adam Zampa.

Delhi Daredevils: Zaheer Khan (Captain), Mohammad Shami, Shahbaz Nadeem, Jayant Yadav, Amit Mishra, Shreyas Iyer, Sanju Samson, Karun Nair, Rishabh Pant (WK), CV Milind, Khaleel Ahmed, Pratyush Singh, Murugan Ashwin, Aditya Tare, Shashank Singh, Ankit Bawne, Navdeep Saini, Corey Anderson, Angelo Mathews, Pat Cummins, Kagiso Rabada, Chris Morris, Carlos Brathwaite, Sam Billings, Ben Hilfenhaus.

When and where to watch the match:

Date & Time: April 11 (Tuesday) at 20:00 IST

Venue: Maharashtra Cricket Association's International Stadium

TV Listing: Sony Six, Sony Six HD, Sony ESPN, Sony ESPN HD and SET MAX.

Online Streaming: Sony LIV, Hotstar

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