IPL 2017, Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab – As it happened...

While Mumbai Indians have already qualified for play-offs, Kings XI Punjab need to win their remaining two matches to advance into the next stage. We bring to you the live cricket score and live cricket updates from today's match.

By Zee Media Bureau | Updated: May 12, 2017, 00:28 AM IST
IPL 2017, Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab – As it happened...

New Delhi: While Mumbai Indians have already qualified for play-offs, Kings XI Punjab need to win their remaining two matches to advance into the next stage. We bring to you the live cricket score and live cricket updates from today's match. ( Scorecard || Full Coverage 2017 || Points table 2017 || Match report )

CATCH OF THE MATCH- Martin Guptill

MAXIMUM SIXES- Kieron Pollard (5 sixes)


MAN OF THE MATCH- Wriddhiman Saha

KXIP win by 7 runs

Mumbai Indians Innings; Target 231

Over 20 | Score 223/6 | Bhajji 2 (4) ; Pollard 50 (24)

And the massive run chase squares down to the last six deliveries as MI need just 16 runs off it. Mohit Sharma paces in for the final over. Quick single off the first ball and 15 needed now. Second delivery, slow, short, angling in as Pollard picks it up to put it over deep midwicket boundary for a six. 9 off 4 now. Dot ball to follow as Pollard doesnt intend to exchange strike to stay on the safe side. 9 off 3 now. Dot again, brilliant yorker delivery from Mohit Sharma. 9 off 2 now. Fifth delivery, over-pitched well off and Pollard fails to strike it. 9 off 1 now. Yorker again and Pollard gets a fifty, but MI fail to cross the target set.

Bravo, for MI! What a fight!  

Over 19 | Score 215/6 | Bhajji 2 (4) ; Pollard 42 (18)

23 off 12 deliveries needed. Sandeep into the attack. Just a single off the two deliveries bowled as Pollard reurns to strike. And he maintains the strike with a quick two off a drive down mid-on. And it is two more from the Jamaican. 18 off 8 now.  

Over 18 | Score 208/6 | Bhajji 1 (1) ; Pollard 37 (15)

39 off 18 deliveries needed. Mohit Sharma into the attack. Slower delivery to start off with as perplexed Pollard gets a single off it. Second ball, length, outside off as Karn smacks it down town as Maxwell....drops it for as six. And then comes a boundary, sliced down point. 200 up for MI. Pollard was the man to be feared and it seems Karn is no less. And it is a boundary again of a blinder off the outside edge. And then a sudden silence! Low, slow, cutter, length. Travels down under to rip apart the stumps and off goes Karn Sharma.

KV Sharma b MM Sharma 19 (6b)

Over 17 | Score 192/5 | Karn 5 (2) ; Pollard 36 (14)

Sandeep Sharma now into the attack. 56 off 24 needed. Wide ball to start off with. The bowlers are already facing the pressure. So first delivery, over-pitched, well off as it gets the bottom edge of the bat and the ball floats real lowly and Saha takes it magnificiently.

HH Pandya c Saha b Sandeep Sharma 30 (13b)

Karn Sharma makes his way to the pitch. Third ball, boundary down the wicket and then a six downtown. He is keeping Mumbai's hope alive in the massive run chase. 13 runs already off the five deliveries bowled. Last ball, low full toss as Karn smacks it down mid-on for a boundary. Well, Maxwell fumbles in the deep to let go off the ball.  

Over 16 | Score 175/4 | Hardik 30 (12) ; Pollard 25 (11)

Five more overs to go as Matt Henry paces in for his second over now. First delivery, fuller, outside off as Pollard, the big man strikes the big shot downtown. And another one! Quicker bouncer as Pollard pulls it hard over fine leg for another maximum. Fourth delivery, length, off as Pandya lofts it over cover powerfully to put it over the boundary. 20 already off the over so far. And more in for the crowd! Low full toss, angling in as Pandya lofts it over long-on now. What an over! Crowd has come to life. Single to end the over. 27 off the over.  

Over 15 | Score 148/4 | Hardik 17 (9) ; Pollard 12 (8)

And spin attack continues with Axar Patel going in for his third over now. Just five runs picked up between the wickets by the duo off the five deliveries bowled and Pandya finishes off the over with a maximum.  

Over 14 | Score 137/4 | Hardik 8 (5) ; Pollard 9 (5)

Tewatia back in for his second over , but gets punished by both the batsmen for a six sent downtown. 14 off the over. Time-out

Over 13 | Score 123/4 | Hardik 1 (1) ; Pollard 3 (4)

Axar Patel returns to attack, for his second over now. Fourth delivery, paced up, well off as Rana slogs it hard, but not hard enough to cross the boundaries as Guptill takes his third catch of the night, this time at long-on.

N Rana c Guptill b Patel 12 (12b)
Hardik Pandya is the new batsman now.  

Over 12 | Score 120/3 | Nitish 12 (9) ; Pollard 1 (2)

And previous game's star bowler Rahul Tewatia steps into the attack now. Fourth delivery, googly, length and Rohit rocks back to loft it over mid-on, but doesnt travel far as Guptill again the man in the deep to take it.

RG Sharma c Guptill b Tewatia 5 (7b)

Kieron Pollard is the new batsman at crease. Just three off the over.  

Over 11 | Score 117/2 | Nitish 11 (8) ; Rohit 4 (4)

Ishant Sharma in for his third over now. Second delivery, length, seaming across to off as Rana gets the slight inside edge and the ball rockets past the diving keeper for a boundary. Fourth ball, over-stepped and Umpire signals it as NO BALL. FREE HIT for Rana, just a single off it.  

Over 10 | Score 108/2 | Nitish 6 (3) ; Rohit 1 (2)

Maxwell in for his second over now. Third delivery, angling in, full toss, low as Simons crackles it over midwicket andddd....it is Guptill with a timely leap in the deep to take a single-handed catch.

LMP Simmons c Guptill b Maxwell 59 (32b)

Skipper Rohit Sharma into the attack now. Just four off the over.  

Over 9 | Score 104/1 | Nitish 4 (1) ; Simmons 58 (30)

Mumbai is off to a crackling start, just the kind of thing they needed. This could in fact turn out to be a record chasing run chase. Mohit in for his second over. First ball, fuller, well off as Parthiv shifts to the left to cheekily scoop it past short fine leg for a boundary. Similar delivery and this time sliced over short third man for another boundary. Third delivery, slow, down leg side as Parthiv drags it down to fine leg for a boundary. Hat-trick of fours now. And then finally comes the first WICKET. Slow again, mistimes it and put it straight up as Vohra strolls in to take it comfortably at mid-off.

PA Patel c Vohra b MM Sharma 38 (23b)

Nitish Rana is the new man in. Last ball, short and angling in as Rana glides it down backward dqaure-leg for a boundary.  

Over 7 | Score 82/0 | Parthiv 22 (14) ; Simmons 57 (28)

And after that little time-out, Maxwell shifts to Axar Patel. Second delivery, well off as Simmons lofts it mistimingly over to long-on as Mohit runs ti take it....drops it. Buttery fingers and Mohit let go a huge, huge opportunity. Proof- Last two deliveries goes for six as Simmons nothches up his another IPL fifty.  

Over 6 | Score 68/0 | Parthiv 21 (13) ; Simmons 44 (23)

Last over of power-play as Mohit Sharma sprints in for his first over. Second delivery, fuller outside off stump as Simmons sends it sailing over long-on for a six. Fourth ball, slow, straight along middle line as Simmons shifts left to loft it over cover for a six. This is a crazy start towards that massive target and MI is clearly on it. Time-out

Over 5 | Score 52/0 - Lendl Simmons 29(18b); Parthiv Patel 20(12b)

Ishant Sharma continued with his second over. A huge shout to begin with, against Parthiv Patel. Then, Lendl Simmons hit the next ball for a four. A single followed, then another four. Same sequence followed, for a single and a four.

BTW, while delivering the fifth ball, lanky Ishant had a nasty tumble, and, that's not the first time we have seen him going through that rigours.

15 runs from it.

Over 4 | Score 37/0 - Lendl Simmons 20(15b); Parthiv Patel 15(9b)

Sandeep Sharma returned for his second over. A wide to start the over, but still a tidy one from the right-arm medium pacer, until the last ball.

Lendl Simmons whipped, again, for another four. Eight runs from the over.

Over 3 | Score 29/0 - Lendl Simmons 14(11b); Parthiv Patel 14(7b)

Bowling change, a Sharma on for another. Ishant Sharma, playing his first IPL match this month, started rather well. Only six runs, with a four to account for.

Two dot balls to Lendl Simmons, then a double. A dot followed, then Simmons played a delicate ramp shot over, and the ball bounce into the third man boundary for a four. A dot ball to end the over.

Mumbai still need another 202 runs from 17 overs.

Over 2 | Score 23/0 - Lendl Simmons 8(5b); Parthiv Patel 14(7b)

Matt Henry shared the new ball with Sandeep Sharma, and 13 runs from the over, which included three back-to-back fours.

A single to start the over to Lendl Simmons, then Parthiv Patel took over. A dot ball, then the wicketkeeper-batsman hit three fours. A dot ball to end the over.

Over 1 | Score 10/0 - Lendl Simmons 7(4b); Parthiv Patel 2(2b)

Whatever happens, it's similar start to the innings for Mumbai Indians. Sandeep Sharma to Lendl Simmons, and the big West Indians whipped past square leg fielder for a four.

A wide followed, then a dot ball. Simmons took a couple off the third ball. A single to rotate the strike, and Parthiv Patel took a double to end the 10-run over.

MI need a massive 231 runs to win off 120 deliveries


Over 20 | Score 230/3 | Saha 93 (55) ; Axar 19 (13)

And it is the last six deliveries to go as Hardik Pandya paces in. First ball, low full toss and Saha slogs it powerfully over midwicket for a six. Single to follow off the yorker delivery. Third ball, short and quick, top edge and helmet as the ball fires shortly up behind the stumps but Parthiv fails to take it. Just a single for Axar. Just a single off the next two deliveries. Last ball, full toss, well off as Axar ramps it down town for a six. 

Rohit Sharma calls for a little team talk, right before they depart. Probably asking them to enjoy the game from here on and not bother much about winning or losing

Over 19 | Score 214/3 | Saha 85 (51) ; Axar 12 (11)

12 deliveries more to go as McClenaghan paces up for the penultimate over. Two singles off thw first two deliveries bowled. Third ball, short, down leg side as Axar ramps it over midwicket as Nitis Rana sprints in, dives forward and fails to take it. Gets two runs off it. Tidy over from the Kiwi international- just seven off it.  

Over 18 | Score 207/3 | Saha 83 (49) ; Axar 8 (7)

And it is Malinga in for his final over now. First ball, low full toss, slight to the off, to Axar as he strikes it down mid-on and gets two runs. 200 up for KXIP. Five runs picked up between the wickets by the batsmnen at pitch off the four deliveries bowled. Two each off the last two deliveries. Nine off the over.  

Over 17 | Score 198/3 | Saha 79 (47) ; Axar 3 (3)

And Bumrah paces in for his fourth and final over. Four singles taken by the duo off the four deliveries bowled. Fifth ball, length, straight and Saha lofts it over mid-on for a boundary. 8 off the over.  

Over 16 | Score 190/3 | Saha 72 (42) ; Axar 1 (1)

Left-arm action returns with McClenaghan pacing in for his third over. First ball, slow, to the off as Marsh slogs it over midwicket for a six. And that is a NO BALL too! FREE HIT for KXIP. Marsh gets just a two runs off it. Second ball, takes the pace off the ball, low too as Marsh looking for a biggy again gets only the strong top edge as the ball fires straight up. Parthiv runs in to take it.

SE Marsh c Patel b McClenaghan 25 (16b)

Axar Patel is the new batsman in. Fifth ball, slow, down leg side as Saha shifts to pull it hard down midwicket for a boundary.  

Over 15 | Score 173/2 | Saha 67 (40) ; S Marsh 17 (13)

Back to pace attack now. Malinga in for his third over. Second delivery, fuller, seaming off as Saha off his back-foot with a half-volley sends it downtown for a six. "D-Man-Saha," shows the giant-screen. 12 off the delivery.  

Over 14 | Score 161/2 | Saha 59 (37) ; S Marsh 14 (10)

Bhajji in for his third over now. Third ball, well off, fuller as Saha strikes it down mid-off for a boundary. Fifth ball, around the wicket to Marsh, well off as Marsh slogs it over long-on for a six. 14 off the over. Second time-out.  

Over 13 | Score 147/2 | Saha 53 (34) ; S Marsh 6 (7)

Spin attack continues with Karn Sharma returning to attack for his third over now. Six runs picked up between the wickets off the five deliveries bowled as the last ball goes for a dot.  

Over 12 | Score 141/2 | Saha 51 (32) ; S Marsh 2 (3)

Bhajji in for his second over now. Shaun Marsh walks in towards the pitch. Fourth ball, length, well off as Saha shimmies down to ramp it over long-on for a six and that is his first IPL fifty this season. 10 off the over.  

Over 11 | Score 131/2 | Saha 43 (29) ; 0 (0)

Bumrah yet again into the attack now, this time for his third over. Three deliveries and just a single off a leg-bye. So it is 11 deliveries since the last boundary. Fifth delivery, length, bit of seasm, just outside off as Maxwell edges it down slip region for a boundary. And then a massive WICKET. Last ball, little fuller, skids through and toplles down the off stumps to cease Maxwell's rampage at Wankhede.

GJ Maxwell b Bumrah 47 (21b)

Over 10 | Score 126/1 | Saha 43 (26) ; Maxwell 43 (18)

A bit of spin and Rohit shifts back to pace. Malinga in for his second over now. Just a single off the first three deliveries. Three singles off the next three deliveries.  

Over 9 | Score 121/1 | Saha 41 (24) ; Maxwell 41 (14)

Bhajji into the attack now for his first ball. First ball, Maxwell off his back-foot whacks it over midwicket for a six. And then again! This time a flatter six just over long-on. Ohh, he looks thirsty for more! And it its more! Fifth ball, over midwicket again. 50 runs partnership comes up for the duo, courtesy, Maxwell.  

Over 8 | Score 100/1 | Saha 40 (23) ; Maxwell 21 (9)

And it is Karn Sharma into the attack again, this time for his second over. First ball, fuller along middle line as Maxwell slogs it wide over long-on for a six. Fifth ball, well off, inside out as Maxwell shimmies down to slash it over long-off for a six. Single off the last ball and it is 100 up for KXIP.  

Over 7 | Score 85/1 | Saha 40 (23) ; Maxwell 6 (3)

McClenaghan into the attack for his second over now. Second delivery, length, cutter as Saha cheekily sweeps it past short third man for a boundary. Saha is indeed looking great as an opener tonight. Fourth ball, length, paced up, angling outside as Maxwell looking to defend it gets the outside edge and the ball zips past the keeper to the ropes. Last ball, around the wicket to Saha. Length, well off as Saha taps it down backward point for a boundary.  

Over 6 | Score 71/1 | Saha 31 (19) ; Maxwell 1 (1)

And after all the pace attack getting crmbled by the batsmen, Rohit introduces leggie Karn Sharma. First delivery, full, spinning down leg side as Guptill sweeps it down square-leg for a boundary. Second delivery, fuller, tossed up as Guptill off his back-foot creams it over the bowler for a boundary again. Third ball, fuller again, little bit back in fact, tossed up as Guptill looking for a six over midwicket gets a leading edge. Hardik Pandya takes it at mid-on.

MJ Guptill c Pandya b KV Sharma 36 (18b)

Glenn Maxwell steps in.  

Over 5 | Score 60/0 | Saha 29 (17) ; Guptill 28 (15)

And it is Bumrah back in for his second over now. First ball, well off, length as Guptill drives it down cover for a boundary. Nine off the over.  

Over 4 | Score 51/0 | Saha 26 (15) ; Guptill 22 (11)

And it is slinger Malinga into the attack now. Second delivery, fuller, to the off as Guptill chips it powerfully over long-off boundary for a six. NO BALL! What is wrong with the bowlers! FREE HIT, Guptill still at strike and just a single off it. Third ball, length, seaming off as Saha cuts it down cover for a boundary. Fourth ball, shorter, low as Saha drags it down backward square-leg for a boundary again.  

Over 3 | Score 32/0 | Saha 18 (11) ; Guptill 13 (8)

Another pacer into the attack now. It is Jasprit Bumrah sprinting in for his first over. Just three singles taken so far off the four deliveries bowled. And two dot balls to follow as it turns to be a rather tidy over for Mumbai Indians.  

Over 2 | Score 29/0 | Saha 17 (7) ; Guptill 11 (6)

And now its time for some left-arm action. Mitchell McClenaghan into the attack now. Second delivery, length, seams across well to the off as Saha guides it down third man for a boundary. Two quick singles to follow in off the next two deliveries bowled. Fifth ball, length, cutter as Saha whips it off his wrist over mid-on for a boundary. Last ball, full toss and Saha smacks it down the line for a four again. NO BALL! Oh dear! FREE HIT, Saha at strike, but no run off it.  

Over 1 | Score 13/0 | Saha 4 (2) ; Guptill 9 (4)

Complete surprise as Match 51 kicks off. New opening pair for Kings XI Punjab- it is Martin Guptill and Wriddhiman Saha. And then new bowler Hardik Pandya into the attack now.

First delivery, length, well outside off as Guptill lofts it over cover for a boundary. Third delivery, length and slight outside off as Guptill looking for a down the line stroke gets an outside edge and it whistles inches over the Bhajji at slip for a boundary. Last ball, cover drive this time from Wriddhiman Saha.  

TOSS TIME: MI win toss, elect to bowl first

Glenn Maxwell's men have stepped up their performance in the last few matches ever since the going got tough for them. For Kings XI Punjab (12 points from 12 games), a slip against Mumbai Indians will mean that KKR (16 points from 13 games), Rising Pune Supergiant (16 from 12 games) and defending champions Sunrisers Hyderabad (15 points from 13 games) will be through even before playing their respective last league matches.

In their previous match, KXIP put a good show against KKR, where they beat the two-time IPL winners by 14 runs. 

Now that Hashim Amla has left for national commitments, Glenn Maxwell, Kiwi Martin Guptill and Shaun Marsh will have to score big and help the team to post a gigantic total if they opt to bat first.

Their batsmen will be looking to convert starts and lay a foundation for a big total if batting first. The visitors will also have to get their combinations right in terms of both bowling and batting.

For Mumbai, their batting has fired throughout the season and when skipper Rohit Sharma, Nitish Rana, Parthiv Patel, West Indian Kiron Pollard and Lendl Simmons fire in unison, it can send jitters to any bowling line up in the world.

Rohit, who has been included in the Indian team for Champions Trophy, had stuck a 67 run knock in 45 balls in their last game and he would like to continue his form on a batting friendly Wankhede track.

Moreover, Parthiv and Simmons will be eager to give the team a solid start, be it while chasing or batting first.

Here is all you need to know about today's match:

When and where to watch the match:

Date & Time: May 11 (Thursday) at 20:00 IST

Venue: Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

TV Listing: Sony Six, Sony Six HD, Sony ESPN, Sony ESPN HD and SET MAX.

Online Streaming: Sony LIV, Hotstar