IPL 2017, SRH vs KXIP, Match 19 – As it happened...

Live updates from IPL Match 19 between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kings XI Punjab.

By Zee Media Bureau | Updated: Apr 18, 2017, 00:22 AM IST
IPL 2017, SRH vs KXIP, Match 19 – As it happened...

New Delhi: Welcome to live score updates of the Indian Premier League Match 19 between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kings XI Punjab at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad.



MAXIMUM SIXES- Manan Vohra (five sixes)


MAN OF THE MATCH- Bhuvneshwar Kumar (5/19)

SRH win by 5 runs


Over 19.4 | Score 154/9 | ; Sandeep 5 (4)

And it all comes down to these last six balls and it is Kaul into the attack now. 9 off 5 deliveries now needed. Second ball, slower to the off and Sandeep gets a single down cover. 7 off 4. And a yorker to finish off the game. Dangerous to the off stump and plucking it off with the bails lighting in their victory.

I Sharma b Kaul 2 (5b)

Fifth consecutive win by the SRH over KXIP.

Over 19 | Score 149/9 | Ishant 2 (3) ; Sandeep 2 (2)

Bhuvi up for the last over of his and a deadly yorker pressing to the leg side and Cariappa departs. Absolutely breaks off the leg stump.

KC Cariappa b Kumar 1 (5b)

Ishant Sharmais the new batsman at crease. His only work now, to get Vohra on strike and he does. That was indeed an important single. And a thats it for the Sunrisers! Crowd goes haywire as Manan Vohra's splendid innings comes to an end with his departure off another Bhuvi's viscous yorker.

M Vohra lbw b Kumar 95 (50b)

Sandeep the new man at strike and thats a NO BALL. FREE HIT for the Kings. Ishant at strike...and slow puzzling delivery, no runs. Single to finish the over.  

Over 18 | Score 144/7 | Cariappa 1 (4) ; Vohra 95 (48)

Kaul is the man with great responsibility now. Up for third over, but Vohra...that man is the hero for the night, taking on things for the Kings single-handedly. Six off the first ball and the equation looks 22 off 17 balls. If one thing that stands between Hyderabad and victory, it is Vohra. They desperately need their wicket. 11 off the four deliveries already.  

Over 17 | Score 132/7 | Cariappa 0 (2) ; Vohra 84 (45)

Bhuvi comes back now for his third. 33 off 23 balls needed. Kings are back on track now, but only for a while as Mohit departs whilst going for the big one.

MM Sharma c Dhawan b Kumar 10 (5b)

Things can still come back for the visitors if Vohra keeps the strike for the remaining and he does. Yorker to the off and he drifts it past point for a four. And then DROPPED! Shikhar Dhawan misses great opportunity to dismiss Vohra.  

Over 16 | Score 125/6 | Mohit 8 (3) ; Vohra 79 (43)

Rashid Khan comes up for his last over to correct things up for the Sunrisers. Second ball, flatter and Vohra handsomely picks it up to ramp it over deep midwicket for a four and then comes two back-to-back sixes. Stunning batting from Vohra as he ends the over with a boundary again notching up a total of 21 runs.  

Over 15 | Score 104/6 | Mohit 7 (2) ; Vohra 59 (38)

Barinder Sran into his second over. First ball, seaming well outside the off stump and Mohit slices it way over cover an dismissed it into the crowd. Six! Third ball, powers it downtown for a six and brings up his fifty in style. He has been taking forward his team and has been impressive today. And then a four comes up. 18 already notched up in four ball as 100 up for the Kings. 20 off it in total.  

Over 14 | Score 84/6 | Mohit 0 (0) ; Vohra 47 (34)

Moises Henriques up for his second over now. Single by Axar off the second delivery down to extra cover. Vohra too gets a single in the third delivery with drive down to extra cover. And the Axar departs. They know how dangerous he can get and they got him off pitch before things would start turning for the Kings. Outside off delivery as Axar slices it high over cover and Shikhar Dhawan there to take it.

AR Patel c Dhawan b Henriques 7 (12b)

Mohit Sharma now comes out to bat.  

Over 13 | Score 80/5 | Axar 6 (9) ; Vohra 44 (31)

Nabi returns for his fourth and final over. Four runs picked up in the first half off the over. And then a four comes up in the fifth and sixth delivery both times over the midwicket region by Vohra. Time for strategic time-out.  

Over 12 | Score 67/5 | Axar 2 (6) ; Vohra 35 (27)

Rashid Khan now into his third over. Continues to show variations getting on to the nerves of the batsmen at crease. The Afghanistan duo has really shown what they have done and shown in their T20 international matches. Just four off the over. 

Over 10 | Score 62/5 | ; Vohra 32 (22)

Rashid Khan back in for his second over. After two troublesome deliveries, Rashid Khan gets the better off David Miller as another left-hander bites the dust. Third ball, ripper off a leg-break as the ball turns to rip apart the leg stump. Miller looking for the late cut, but the spin was to quick to make its effect.

DA Miller b Rashid Khan 1 (6b)

It is Wriddhiman Saha at crease now only to be left in complete disarray. Googly and Saha departs pulling a long face.

WP Saha b Rashid Khan 0 (2b)

Over 9 | Score 61/3 | Miller 1 (3) ; Vohra 31 (21)

And it is Md. Nabi back into his second over to get the important wicket of Eoin Morgan in the very first ball. Low arm action, little bounce turning to the leg and rips off the middle and leg stump. Morgan was looking for the cut as the ball went through the pad and swinging bat.

EJG Morgan b Mohammad Nabi 13 (17b)

Killer Miller makes his way to the crease now. Cheeky late cute off the last delivery to the third man region as Yuvi makes a desperate attempt to save it. Three off it.  

Over 8 | Score 57/2 | Morgan 13 (16) ; Vohra 28 (19)

Siddharth Kaul into the attack now. His second over in the match. Three runs scored off the first three deliveries. An unanticipated quick bouncer to follow and Morgan leaves it unattempted. Another dot to follow. Single struck down extra cover by Morgan to finish the over.  

Over 7 | Score 53/2 | Morgan 11 (12) ; Vohra 26 (17)

And it is Moises Henriques into the attack now. His first over today. Two off the three deliveries bowled now. And then two dots to follow- good length and both slower off a delivery. Good over building up especially after that expensive last over from Rashid Khan. And a dot to finish. Strategic time-out.

Over 6 | Score 51/2 | Morgan 10 (8) ; Vohra 25 (15)

The last over of the power-play and Rashid Khan comes up into the attack now. Off the fourth delivery, smacks the outside turning tossed up delivery over extra cover for a boundary. And what a way to hit off a maximum! Crack of a shot from the bat as it went miles over the midwicket for a six. And then again, a boundary to finish off the over. Vohra on complete fire.  

Over 5 | Score 32/2 | Morgan 9 (6) ; Vohra 11 (11)

And it is the IPL debutant Md. Nabi up into the attack now. Around the wicket an Morgan spanks it high over the long-on region for a six. Nine already off the five deliveries. Single to finish off the over.

Over 3 | Score 16/2 | Vohra 6 (5) ; Morgan 0 (0)

Another brilliant over from the IPL 2017 Purple cap holder, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who removed the opposition captain Glenn Maxwell as soon as he replaced his bat with a new one. Preventing Bhuvi from striking again will be key to Punjab's chances in the match, while Warner will be looking to use his bowling linchpin, who already has two wickets in the match, effectively.

GJ Maxwell c Warner b Kumar 10 (12b)

Over 2 | Score 15/1 | Vohra 5 (3) ; Maxwell 10 (8)

KXIP skipper Glenn Maxwell looks in mood to give real contribution in the chase once againt this IPL season. Vohra, also has started his innings off. The visitors are looking to strike early and prevent pressure for building.

Over 1 | Score 6/1 | Vohra 0 (0) ; Maxwell 6 (5)

Hashim Amla dismissed on first ball of the innings. Glen Maxwell comes out to bat and scores a 4 on the first ball. Punjab put under pressure from Ball 1 by Hyerabad. That was the 17th duck Bhuvneshwar Kumar inflicted in his IPL season.

HM Amla lbw b Kumar 0 (1b)

KXIP need to score 160 off 120 deliveries to win


Over 20 | Score 160/6 | Warner 70 (54) ; Rashid 6 (1)

And it is the last over of their innings and Sandeep Sharma there to finish of the attack for the Kings. At strike is the man making his IPL debut- Md. Nabi. A pull shot off the second delivery down square-leg and he gets off the mark with a quick two. And he departs too. Another pull off the shorter delivery as Miller there in midwicket region to take it with ease.

Mohammad Nabi c Miller b Sandeep Sharma 2 (3b)

Warner on strike and gets a lucky six over long-on. Morgan was there, but missed it poorly. And Rashid finishes off things with a six.  

Over 19 | Score 144/5 | Warner 64 (52) ; Nabi 0 (0)

Mohit Sharma into his last over now. Second ball, full toss and Warner flicks it past point for a four. And then the fifth wicket goes down. Deepak Hooda is the batsman to depart.

DJ Hooda c Sandeep Sharma b MM Sharma 12 (10b)

And it is Md Nabi is the new man at crease. And Warner once again, raising hope with a boundary down the wicket, well over the umpire.  

Over 17 | Score 124/4 | Warner 54 (47) ; Hooda 2 (3)

And Mohit Sharma into the attack now. It will be his third over for the day. It is expected that Warner will be looking for the strike to ramp up the score. So for the Kings, they have to keep him off the strike.

And the skipper continues to rampage, boundary yet again, cheekely past the keeper to get his fifth consecutive IPL fifty against the Kings. Nine already notched up in the five deliveries bowled. Last ball, dot ball.  

Over 16 | Score 115/4 | Warner 45 (43) ; Hooda 1 (1)

Cariappa into his last over now. Second delivery, turning it past the right-hander and Saha bulleting the stumps apart to dismiss Naman Ojha of a well played 34 runs.

NV Ojha st Saha b Cariappa 34 (20b)

Deepak Hooda is the new batsman.  

Over 15 | Score 108/3 | Warner 42 (39) ; N Ojha 33 (18)

With Naman going for those big shots, he is surely taking equal responsibility as the skipper to pull up the score. They need to do with the score just below 100 and already 15th over underway.

Ishant back in for his last over. Off the second delivery, full toss and Warner gets thick inside edge to seep through point and notch up a boundary. 100 comes up for the team, fifty for the duo.  

Over 14 | Score 96/3 | Warner 37 (37) ; N Ojha 28 (15)

Axar Patel back for his third over. Fifth delivery, and Naman steps out to clip it off over the midwicket region for a biggie. That was huge indeed. Single taken off the last ball.  

Over 13 | Score 86/3 | Warner 35 (34) ; N Ojha 20 (12)

And it is Sandeep Sharma back for his third over. Warner with a quick single off the first ball down extra cover. Fifth ball, seams to the off side as Warner cuts it guiding it past the third man region for a four. 11 off the over.  

Over 12 | Score 75/3 | Warner 29 (30) ; N Ojha 15 (10)

Axar Patel continues into his second over. One off the first three deliveries bowled. And then a quick two comes up off Naman's strike down the onside. Last ball, poor delivery, pressing down leg side and Naman Ojha pushes it past the keeper for a boundary.  

Over 11 | Score 66/3 | Warner 28 (28) ; N Ojha 7 (5)

Cariappa continues into his third over. KXIP has indeed been too impressive today- good execution with the ball and spot-on fielding.

Third ball, and Warner gets a four by swiveling it past the long-leg boundary.  

Over 10 | Score 54/3 | Warner 21 (25) ; N Ojha 2 (3)

And after all that strategy making it is the Kings who come forth strong as yet another Sunriser topples down. Axar Patel, spinning well past the stretched out bat as Henriques steps out of the crease to strike it big. And Saha doing the rest.

MC Henriques st Saha b Patel 9 (16b)

And then again, Wicket! Yuvraj Singh is the man to depart off a healthy outside off the bat and Saha once again doing the job.

Yuvraj Singh c Saha b Patel 0 (1b)

Its two in two and...misses the hat-trick. So far, two runs, two wickets and five balls.   

Over 9 | Score 50/1 | Warner 20 (24) ; Henriques 9 (15)

Cariappa comes back for his second over. Two off the first four deliveries. Last ball and Warner goes for the reverse slog to put it well over square-leg region and gets a six. Strategic time-out.  

Over 8 | Score 42/1 | Warner 13 (20) ; Henriques 8 (13)

And Mohit Sharma continues now. He is bowling well today, changing pace, bringing about variations. Four dot balls so far. And finally a single off the fifth delivery with a strike by Henriques down cover. Bit of misfield indeed by Maxwell there. Single to finish the over.  

Over 7 | Score 40/1 | Warner 12 (19) ; Henriques 7 (8)

Powerplay is over- 29 runs dug out, one wicket down and just one boundary in it. Indeed a poor start to their innings.

Cariappa into the attack now. Third delivery, outside turning and Henriques cuts it hard to third man, but Sandeep making a timely save at the deep. Good fielding from the Kings. And a boundary to follow off a reverse sweep from the skipper. 

Over 6 | Score 29/1 | Warner 6 (16) ; Henriques 2 (5)

Moises Henriques is the new man at crease as Ishant continues into his third over for the day. One run off the four deliveries and Sunrisers continue to struggle to look for runs. Just one boundary so far in their innings and they do need to buckle up. Leg-bye to finish off.  

Over 5 | Score 25/1 | Warner 5 (15) ;

And it is Mohit Sharma for the first over of the match. The left-handers have started with a rather slower innings, rotating strikes. Its been eleven deliveries till the last boundary. They have to utilise the powerplay overs to pick up maximum run as possible. Just four off the four deliveries bowled. Fifth one goes for a dot. And finally a breakthrough for the Kings as they get Dhawan. Quicker bouncer this time as Dhawan goes for the pull, edged off his glove and Saha takes it behind.

S Dhawan c Saha b MM Sharma 15 (15b )

Over 4 | Score 21/0 | Warner 4 (13) ; Dhawan 12 (11)

Ishant Sharma back in again for his second over now. Just one off the first four deliveries. Good attacking play to start off by the Kings. Single to finish off- three off the over.  

Over 3 | Score 18/0 | Warner 3 (9) ; Dhawan 10 (9)

And it is Sandeep Sharma back for his second over. Second ball, straight and short and Dhawan confidently pulls it down square-leg for a boundary. Nine in total off the over.  

Over 2 | Score 9/0 | Warner 2 (7) ; Dhawan 3 (4)

And it is Ishant Sharma coming into the attack now. Coincidentally, he is going against his own teammates from the last season. Six off the first five deliveries with one wide ball and finally a dot to finish things off.  

Over 1 | Score 3/0 | Warner 1 (5) ; Dhawan 1 (1)

Crucial match for both sides as they will be hoping to strike back to their winning ways. Openers- Warner and Dhawan is at crease and Sandeep Sharma comes up for the attack. Just three off the over.  

19:40 IST: SRH XI: D Warner, S Dhawan, M Henriques, Y Singh, D Hooda, M Nabi, N Ojha, B Kumar, R Khan, B Sran, S Kaul

KXIP XI: M Vohra, H Amla, G Maxwell, D Miller, E Morgan, W Saha, A Patel, M Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, I Sharma, KC Cariappa​

19:32 IST: Kings XI Punjab win the toss and elect to field

The Indian Premier League Match 19 sees two teams, who after having the most impressive starts to the IPL season 10, have struggled for consistencies and are presently level with 4 points each at position 4 and 5 in the standings.

It would be an opportunity for SRH to bounce back on their home turf. The team possessed one of the best bowling attacks in IPL-10 with the likes of pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Afghanistan's Rashid Khan, the experienced Ashish Nehra, Ben Cutting, Bangladesh's Mustafizzur Rahman and all-rounders Yuvraj Singh and Moises Henriques in their ranks.

Bhuvneshwar has been outstanding, especially in death overs, and the young Rashid has emerged as a crucial bowler for the side with his unique leg-spin bowling.

The other bowlers, including Ashish Nehra, Ben Cutting and Rahman, can put any batsmen to test. Bangladeshi pacer Rahman, who conceded 19 runs from his first over to return with poor figures of 2.4-0-34-0 against Mumbai, would be keen to make amends and demonstrate his capabilities.

SRH openers David Warner and Shikhar Dhawan have been giving good starts to their innings but the other batsmen, especially those who batted at the middle order would do well by raising the bar.

The middle order, comprising Moises Henriques, seasoned Yuvraj Singh and Deepak Hooda, did put up a strong show to see their side romp home in the first two matches.

The Punjab side, who just like Hyderaabd, had won their first two matches and lost the next two, much like SRH, and they too would aim to get their momentum back.

The visiting side have some dangerous batsmen, especially the three Ms -- David Miller, Glenn Maxwell and Eoin Morgan -- who can pile up runs.

Their bowling unit includes the reliable Mohit Sharma and Ishant Sharma who is familiar with the conditions in Hyderabad as he played for SRH and also Deccan Chargers earlier.

Here's all you need to know about the Match 19:-

Predicted playing XIs:-

Sunrisers Hyderabad: hikhar Dhawan, David Warner (captain), Moises Henriques, Yuvraj Singh, Deepak Hooda, Naman Ojha (wk), Mustafizur Rahman, Bipul Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rashid Khan, Ashish Nehra

Kings XI Punjab: Hashim Amla, Manan Vohra, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Eoin Morgan, Glenn Maxwell (captain), David Miller, Axar Patel, KC Cariappa, Mohit Sharma, Varun Aaron, Sandeep Sharma

When and where to watch the match:-

Date & Time: April 17 (Monday) at 20:00 IST

Venue: Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad

TV Listing: Sony Six, Sony Six HD, Sony ESPN, Sony ESPN HD and SET MAX.

Online Streaming: Sony LIV, Hotstar