IPL 2017 Qualifier 2, Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders — As it happened...

Welcome to our live coverage of the second Qualifier of the IPL 2017, between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders, being played at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru.

IPL 2017 Qualifier 2, Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders — As it happened...

New Delhi: Welcome to our live coverage of the second Qualifier of the IPL 2017, between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders, being played at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru.
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Mumbai Indians to face Rising Pune Supergiant in the season finale on Sunday

CATCH OF THE MATCH- Mitchell Johnson


STYLISH PLAYER- Jasprit Bumrah


MI win by 6 wickets with still 33 deliveries to go 

Mumbai Indians Innings; Target 108

Over 14.3 | Score 111/4 | Krunal 45 (31) ; Pollard 9 (7)

Umesh Yadav into the attack. Wide ball and 2 needed for Mumbai Indians now. Third ball, short, down off side as Krunal ramps it back, fielder runs in from third man, fails to take it and boundary. MI race into the final for the fourth time in 10 years. They will face Rising Pune Supergiant on Sunday.   

Over 14 | Score 105/4 | Krunal 41 (28) ; Pollard 8 (6)

Ankit Rajpoot in for first over now. 17 needed off 42 deliveries, for MI. Second delivery, short and slow as Pollard pulls it hard, scaring Nigel Long at square leg, fumble in the deep by de Grandhomme and boundary. Seven runs off the first half of the over as the equation lowers down to just 10 runs now. Last ball, length, slow, as Krunal drives it down mid-on for a four. 3 needed for Mumbai to step into the finale.  

Over 13 | Score 91/4 | Krunal 35 (25) ; Pollard 2 (3)

Nathan back in for his third over. Second ball, back of the length, bouncer as Rohit drags it over square-leg off the top edge and Rajpoot takes it in the deep. Rohit disappointed with that shot of his, wanted to keep it down.

RG Sharma c Rajpoot b Coulter-Nile 26 (24b)

Kieron Pollard is the new man in. Just three runs off the five deliveries so far.  

Over 12 | Score 88/3 | Krunal 34 (24) ; Rohit 26 (22)

Narine into his fourth and final over now. First over, length, spins out as Krunal drifts it down backward point for a boundary. Third ball, fuller, inside out and Krunal elegantly lofts it over extra cover for another boundary. Krunal is making it count. Two fours in the last over and then in this over. Eight off the over.  

Over 11 | Score 80/3 | Krunal 26 (18) ; Rohit 26 (22)

Final over for Piyush Chawla. 48 more off 60 deliveries needed for Mumbai to step into the season finale. Second ball, over-pitched, down leg side as Krunal slashes it over mid-off, beating the pace of the fielder at long-off and boundary it is. And then again! This time teases the fielder at long-on for another four. 35 needed off 57 now. Last ball, length, spins out as Rohit slogs it over high, downtown and...dismisses it into the top tier. 16 off the over.  

Over 9 | Score 61/3 | Krunal 16 (12) ; Rohit 17 (16)

Two splendid overs and Chawla in for his third now. First ball, fullish, quicker through the air, down off side as Rohit drives it down cover for a four. Fourth ball, fullish again, down leg side, Krunal looking for a sweep, but ball knick off the lower edge and dances down to the boundary. So target comes below 50 now for Mumbai Indians. 11 off the over. First time-out for MI

Over 8 | Score 50/3 | Krunal 11 (9) ; Rohit 11 (13)

And Nathan Coulter-Nile returns for his second over. Four runs picked up between the wickets by the duo at pitch off the five deliveries bowled. Single off the last ball and fifty up for Mumbai.  

Over 7 | Score 44/3 | Krunal 7 (6) ; Rohit 9 (10)

Spin attack continues with Narine back in for his second over. Gambhir places two slips. Too aggressive it seems. Fifth ball, length, spins in as Krunla cheekily carves it down leg side for a boundary. Single to finish off the over. Eight off the over.  

Over 5 | Score 32/2 - Ambati Rayudu 5(8b); Rohit Sharma 5(7b)

KKR skipper Gautam Gambhir introduced his weapon of choice Sunil Narine. Brilliant response from the West Indian. Only two runs from the over, all singles.

MI need another 76 runs from 75 balls.

Over 4 | Score 30/2 - Ambati Rayudu 4(4b); Rohit Sharma 4(5b)

Bowling change for KKR. Nathan Coulter-Nile on, and conceded six runs. Tidy spell from the Aussie pacer.

Mumbai Indians need another 78 runs 16 overs.

Over 3 | Score 24/2 - Ambati Rayudu 2(2b); Rohit Sharma 0(0b)

One eventful over from Umesh Yadav. 10 runs and a wicket. Parthiv Patel started with back-to-back fours, then ended off losing his wicket. Caught behind.

WICKET: Parthiv Patel c Robin Uthappa b Umesh Yadav 14 (9b)

That happened off the fifth ball. Rohit Sharma is the new man for Mumbai Indians.

Over 2 | Score 14/1 - Parthiv Patel 5(5b); Ambati Rayudu 1(1b)

Brilliant first over from Piyush Chawla. The leg-spinner removed dangerous Lendl Simmons, trapped in front, in the third ball. Contentious, though. Ball seemed to be missing stumps.

WICKET: Lendl Simmons lbw b Piyush Chawla 3 (6b)

Ambati Rayudu is the new man. A wicket and three runs from the over.

Over 1 | Score 11/0 - Lendl Simmons 3(3b); Parthiv Patel 4(3b)

Mumbai Indians off to a flier with Parthiv Patel hitting Umesh Yadav for a four off the last ball. And there was four leg byes too, off the penultimate ball.

11 runs from the over, and it's already under 100 from them.

MI need 108 runs off 120 deliveries to qualify for the season finale


Over 18.5 | Score 107/10 | 0 (0) ; Umesh 2 (3)

And after the student, the teacher paces up. Malinga in for his final over now. Just a single off the first three deliveries bowled as Malinga continues with his slower deliveries down off side to Rajpoot. Fifth ball, shifts line, yorker down leg side, slow again, dips late to bamboozle Rajpoot and topples down leg stump.

AS Rajpoot b Malinga 4 (7b)

Over 18 | Score 106/9 | Rajpoot 4 (4) ; Umesh 1 (1)

Bumrah into the attack now for his third over now. First ball, short and slow, angling in. Surya mistimes it, whips it over square-leg, just the elevation and not the distance as Malinga waits and takes it in the deep. Excellent way to start the over!

SA Yadav c Malinga b Bumrah 31 (25b)

Ankit Rajpoot is the last man in now for Kolkata. Gets off the mark with a boundary off a chinese cut. Outside off yorker, inside edge, inches past the leg stump and past fine leg for a four. Five off the over.  

Over 17 | Score 101/8 | Suryakumar 31 (24) ; Umesh 0 (1)

There is a glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan waving to his fans at Chinnaswamy. Johnson starts off with his last over now. And wide ball it is. First delivery, cutter, length, outside off as Chawla mistimes his shot to loft it with the toe-end of the bat and Rayudu takes it at mid-off.

PP Chawla c Rayudu b Johnson 2 (6b)

Nathan Coulter-Nile is the new man in. His first ball, length, seams across to the off as Nathan rocks back to drag it over deep square-leg for a six. Aussie to Aussie, pacer to pacer and Nathan wins it! 100 up for KKR now. Fifth ball, takes the pace off, length, down leg side as Nathan whips it over midwicket. Hardik paces in and takes it to dismiss Nathan.

NM Coulter-Nile c HH Pandya b Johnson 6 (4b)

Umesh Yadav walks in now.  

Over 16 | Score 92/6 | Suryakumar 30 (23) ; Chawla 2 (5)

And it is Hardik Pandya into the attack now. Four runs picked up between the wickets by the duo off the first half of the over. And then follows two shortish deliveries to trouble Chawla. Just four off the over.  

Over 15 | Score 88/6 | Suryakumar 27 (21) ; Chawla 1 (1)

Karn Sharma back into the attack for his fourth and final over. Three singles off the first half of the over. Fifth ball, fuller, middle lineas Jaggi shimmies down to strike it hard over mid-on, Johson leaps a little to catch it. What a match for Karn! He strikes again to dismantle this dangerous looking partnership.

IR Jaggi c Johnson b KV Sharma 28 (31b)
Piyush Chawla is the new man in. Single off the last ball as Karn finishes off with his best IPL figure 4/16 in four overs.  

Over 14 | Score 83/5 | Suryakumar 25 (19) ; Jaggi 27 (28)

Malinga into his third over now. First ball, slow, length, off-cutter as Jaggi whips it down midwicket for a boundary. And he ends the over with a boundary. Sort of a helicopter shot, a grounded one though to scoop out the yorker  down mid-on. That brings up 50-run partnership for the duo. 12 off the over.  

Over 13 | Score 71/5 | Suryakumar 23 (17) ; Jaggi 18 (24)

Krunal back in for his third over now. First ball, length, spinning in as Surya sweeps it off down midwicket for a boundary. Second ball, length again, down off side as Suyra lofts it hard over extra cover, on bounce and over the rope for a four again. Two singles off the next four deliveries.  

Over 12 | Score 61/5 | Suryakumar 14 (12) ; Jaggi 17 (23)

Pace-spin combo continues with Johnson now. Around the wicket. First delivery, slow and over-pitches, angling in as Jaggi makes room to smack it hard down cover for a boundary. Second delivery, length, angling in as Jaggi whips it down midwicket, Rayudu sprints along from deep square-leg and saves the boundary. Three off it. And then follows to shortish deliveries to Surya and he ducks both. Eight off the over.  

Over 11 | Score 53/5 | Suryakumar 13 (9) ; Jaggi 10 (20)

Krunal Pandya back in for his second over. First delivery, length, spins out, down leg side as Suryakumar sweeps it lowly through backward square-leg and flat six it is. Splendid display with the bat! A single off the next delivery and 50 up for Kolkata. 10 off the over.  

Over 10 | Score 43/5 | Suryakumar 5 (5) ; Jaggi 8 (18)

Rohit Sharma now shifts back to pace attack as Malinga paces in for his second over. Starts off with two slower deliveries to deceive Jaggi, one down off side and the other past the leg stump. No runs off both. Four runs picked up between the wickets by the duo off the last three deliveries bowled.  

Over 9 | Score 39/5 | Suryakumar 4 (4) ; Jaggi 5 (13)

And after that short time-out, it is Karn Sharma back into the attack for his third over now. Hat-trick ball...ripper of a leg-spin, past the bat and straight to the keeper. Three dot balls and three singles. Tidy finish by Karn.  

Over 8 | Score 36/5 | Suryakumar 3 (3) ; Jaggi 3 (8)

Suryakumar Yadav makes his way to the pitch as Krunal Pandya warms up for his first over. Good opportunity for the two youngsters to show their worth now. Five off the over and Umpire signals for the first time-out.  

Over 7 | Score 31/5 | 0 (0) ; Jaggi 1 (5)

Karn Sharma back in for his second over now. First bal, length, off side, spins in as Gambhir charges out to loft it over extra cover for a boundary. That is a classy Gambhir strike! Fifth ball, fullish, leg-break, and Gambhir slogs it over midwicket, doesn't travel much as Hardik take it comfortably in the deep. Karn strikes yet again as Kolkata keeps stumbling further.

G Gambhir c HH Pandya b KV Sharma 12 (15b)

Last ball, length, googly it is and strikes the pad in line with leg stump as Colin flies out on a golden duck.  

Over 6 | Score 25/3 | Gambhir 7 (11) ; Jaggi 0 (4)

Last over of power-play and it is Bumrah back into the attack for his second over. Second ball, quickish delivery, length, angling in, deceives Uthappa who looking for a leg-side stoke and hits the pad in line with leg stump.

RV Uthappa lbw b Bumrah 1 (3b)

Ishank Jaggi is the new man in. Three anxious deliveries to the new batsman and he is stealing the game early. WICKET MAIDEN!

Over 5 | Score 25/2 | Gambhir 7 (11) ; Uthappa 1 (1)

Spinner now into the attack, in the power-play. Karn Sharma for his first over. It is a test for the leg-spinner as Narine had destroyed Badree in this very ground to score second-fastest fifty.

Fourth delivery, googly in its disguised form, Narine shimmies down for a biggy, ball spins past his bat and Parthiv does the stumping.

SP Narine st Patel b KV Sharma 10 (10b)

Robin Uthappa joins Batman at crease.  

Over 4 | Score 22/1 | Gambhir 6 (9) ; Narine 11 (7)

And another pacer into the attack now. 'Slinger' Malinga paces up for his first over. Two quick single soff the first two deliveries. Third ball, length, no swing, straight down leg side as Narine whips it over square-leg for a six. That's a bit strange from Narine who loves striking biggies mostly towards the long-on, long-off side. Two dot balls to end the over. Nine off it.  

Over 3 | Score 13/1 | Gambhir 5 (6) ; Narine 3 (4)

Johnson back in for his second over now. Third delivery, fuller, outside off as Gambhir drives it down cover for a boundary. Two singles off the next two deliveries, both down leg side. A quicker bouncer to end the over, Gambhir ducks it, Umpire calls it wide. Eight off the over.  

Over 2 | Score 5/1 | Gambhir 0 (3) ; Narine 1 (1)

And it is Jasprit Bumrah to share the new ball for the second over. For the first time this season he is opening the attack. Second ball, low full toss, just outside off as Narine punches it down to Pollard at mid-on to get off the mark with a single.
Third ball, length, angling in as Lynn lofts it over mid-on, doesn't travel the distance and Pollard is the man at long-on to take it. Huge, huge wicket for Mumbai.

CA Lynn c Pollard b Bumrah 4 (8b)

Gautam Gambhir is the new man in.  

Over 1 | Score 3/0 | Lynn 3 (6) ; Narine 0 (0)

And by the end of the night or probably early Saturday morning, the second finalists for the 10th season of Indian Premier League (IPL ) will be revealed.
KKR is back with their blockbuster opening pair – Sunil Narine and Chris 'Lynnsanity' Lynn. Mitchell Johnson will start off with the new ball for MI.
Three dot balls to start off with. Third man comes in the circle, while mid-on goes back. Fine leg too inside the circle. Fifth ball, short and quick, down leg side, Lynn pulls it hard, off the top edge, arcs over short-fine leg. Yards away from Malinga and Lynn takes a two. Single off the last ball.  

TEAM CHANGES: Mitchell McClenaghan is injured and so Mitchell Johnson will replace him, as informed by Rohit Sharma. For KKR, Ankit Rajpoot replaces Yusuf Pathan and Colin de Grandhomme comes in for Trent Boult

TOSS TIME: MI win toss, elect to bowl

Teams (From):

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (C), Lendl Simmons, Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell McClenaghan, Nitish Rana, Parthiv Patel, Saurabh Tiwary, Shreyas Gopal, Tim Southee, Lasith Malinga, Krunal Pandya, Keiron Pollard, Ambati Rayudu, Asela Gunaratne, Harbhajan Singh, Hardik Pandya, Jagdish Suchith, Jaspreet Bumrah, Jos Buttler, Karn Sharma and Vinay Kumar.

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Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (C), Darren Bravo, Trent Boult, Piyush Chawla, Nathan Coulter Nile, Colin De Grandhomme, Rishi Dhawan, Sayan Ghosh, Shakib-Al-Hasan, Sheldon Jackson, Ishank Jaggi, Kuldeep Yadav, Chris Woakes, Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan, Ankit Rajpoot, Suryakumar Yadav, Robin Uthappa and Umesh Yadav.

When and where to watch the match:

Date & Time: May 19 (Friday) at 20:00 IST

Venue: M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru

TV Listing: Sony Six, Sony Six HD, Sony ESPN, Sony ESPN HD and SET MAX.

Online Streaming: Sony LIV, Hotstar

There's talk of rain, and more rain. Well, if it really rains hard, and the second Qualifier of the Indian Premier League 2017 is washed out, then Mumbai Indians will qualify for the Sunday's final against Rising Pune Supergiant.

It will be tough exit for Kolkata Knight Riders, who have survived a similar threat in their Eliminator against Sunrisers Hyderabad on Wednesday. But the general belief is that the Gautam Gambhir-led outfit will be able the cheat rain again.


Rohit Sharma's Indians topped the table, but were humbled by neighbours from Pune, for the third time this season. To avenge those defeats, what they need is a heavy rain or a win. By virtue of being table toppers, they qualify for the final if indeed the match is washed out.

So much of negativity. But in such existential crisis, they wouldn't mind a washout, even though they have defeated the Kolkata outfit in both the league matches this season.

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