Would wake up at 2 AM to watch Chris Gayle play, says Gautam Gambhir

Gayle recently became the first batsman to complete 10,000 runs in T20 cricket.

Would wake up at 2 AM to watch Chris Gayle play, says Gautam Gambhir

New Delhi: Royal Challengers Bangalore superstar Chris Gayle led his team to victory over Gujarat Lion with a brilliant 33-ball 77, helping his side secure a 21-run victory on Wednesday, April 19.

On the day, Gayle also completed 10000 runs in T20 cricket, earning big praise from all across the globe including Kolkata Knight Riders skipper Gautam Gambhir.

“He (Chris Gayle) is a delight for marketing men, broadcasters, and of course us, the lesser mortals, his fans who were not surprised that he reached 10000 runs in this format,” Gambhir was quoted saying in his column for Hindustan Times.

“How does he do it? Well, the first thing is Gayle’s intent. Most coaches have told me the 4-3-2-1 formula to score runs. It means the first option is to look for a boundary. Second, look for three runs, third option is to search a couple and final one being to at least take a single.

"With Gayle, the formula seems to be “think 6--think 6--think 6 again--bloody hell, let me block. Fours, well, let’s see.

"My man hates to deal in ones, twos or threes. Most people look (sometimes complain) at the thickness of his bat, but for me the truth lies in the simplicity of the Jamaican’s gameplan.”

Gautam finished his praise for the big West Indian saying, “I may not be able to give him company at a pub beyond 1 AM but I’ll be the first person to switch on my TV set at 2 AM if he is batting. He is what the T20 planet craves for, an entertainer.”