India vs Australia, 3rd Test, Day 4 — As it happened...

At stumps on Day 3, India were 360/6 with Cheteshwar Pujara and Wriddhiman Saha batting on 130 and 18 respectively.

India vs Australia, 3rd Test, Day 4 — As it happened...

New Delhi: Welcome to our Live coverage of 4th day's play of third Test between India and Australia at Ranchi. (Scorecard | Full Coverage)


END OF DAY'S PLAY: It started off in India's favour and India stood by it till the end. Double hundred by Pujara and a century by Saha, adds on the concern of the Aussies who lived through the day of bad luck. After tea, things changed in the favour of the Aussies. Got two important men and then two tail-enders, but finally it was the sword man who took charge. A quick fifty and then striking off two Aussie batsman in that eight overs left for the day was absolutely impressive. Know not what waits tomorrow but it was Pujara, Saha and then Jadeja who steered India past the massive Aussie total and put it on a commanding position.  

Over 7.2 | Score 23/2 | Renshaw 7*

Last over of the day. And the Nightwatchman departs. Jadeja strikes yet again to dismiss Nathan Lyon and with that the day's play ends. Aussies now trail by 129 runs.

NM Lyon b Jadeja 2 (7b)

WICKET!  WHAT A TURN! Classic Jadeja spins off to dismiss Warner.

DA Warner b Jadeja 14 (16b)

Over 5 | Score 17/0 | Warner 14* ; Renshaw 5*

Ashwin back with ball. Three more overs to go for the Aussies. Renshaw on strike after a single to mid-off.   

Over 4 | Score 16/0 | Warner 13* ; Renshaw 5*

Maiden for the left-arm spinner after a couple of tensed deliveries to Matt Renshaw. He has always been a threat to left-handed batsmen.

Over 3 | Score 16/0 | Warner 13* ; Renshaw 5*

Ashwin into the attack. Second ball, Warner steps out to volley it over mid-off and gets his first boundary. Fourth ball, struggling with defence. Huge appeal for a LBW to dismiss Warner, denied.  

Over 2 | Score 12/0 | Warner 9* ; Renshaw 3*

Jadeja starts from the other end. New ball is playing its turn. Killer off the first two deliveries. Single to rotate strike to Warner. Nathan Lyon all paded up. Jadeja bowling with bit more speed in it.  

Over 1 | Score 8/0 | Warner 8* ; Renshaw 0*

Pressure is surely on the Aussies. They will take it slow as far as today is considered. Just eight overs to go and then start off fresh tomorrow. Ashwin initiates Indian attack, Warner at crease. Round the wicket. Quick and flat around the off stump. Cuts, but no run. Straight ball and huge appeal, denied. Short and finally gets his job done. Cuts it through to the boundary. Has been trying it long and does it again. Eight off the over, with a boundary off the last delivery.  

Over 210 | Score 603/9 | Jadeja 54* ; Ishant 0*

He takes out his sword to show off his skill once again. Jadeja gets his fifty and celebrates in his classic style. Kisses the bat and glides to the boundary. Jadeja utilises the pace down the leg side and brings India it 600 runs. With that Kohli calls out both men as India declare at 603/9. Lead by 152 runs

WICKET! Keefe gets his third, Umesh departs early of a catch out

UT Yadav c Warner b O'Keefe 16 (33b)

Over 208 | Score 595/8 | Jadeja 46* ; Yadav 16*

Keefe places it wide and Jadeja steps out once again for the big one, misses it and it stumped? No says the third umpire. Keefe answered back in the fifth delivery where the sword-man strikes a six straight down the wicket.

Cummins replaces Lyon. Outside off and Yadav cuts a four between gully and slip. Another boundary, same position but off the outside edge. And with that India gets another 50 up partnership.  

Over 206 | Score 578/8 | Jadeja 38* ; Yadav 7*

The pitch is obstructing quick runs now. Jadeja steps out, gives him space and straight above the wicket for a six. What a comeback after that LBW appeal. No reviews left onve again for the Aussies.  

Over 204 | Score 568/8 | Jadeja 30* ; Yadav 5*

Sun is finally out it seems. India will aim for a 150+ lead now. It was last time in 2004 against South Africa that Aussies bowled 200+ overs in an innings. Impressive for the struggling home team to stick on the the crease so long. An hour more to go now with minimum 17 overs to bowl.  

Over 202 | Score 562/8 | Jadeja 26* ; Yadav 3*

Keefe in his 73rd over. Single down mid-off and Yadav gets strike. Ishant Sharma is all paded up to come out. Probably hoping that their end is near. Hazlewood comes in. Jadeja grabs a two by drifting the ball towards third man. Three off the over

Over 200 | Score 556/8 | Jadeja 21* ; Yadav 2*

200th over by the Aussies. Second ball and Jadeja cuts it down to third man for a boundary. Five off the over.

Over 199 | Score 551/8 | Jadeja 16* ; Yadav 2*

Hazlewood comes back. BAD MISS! Umesh lobs straight to mid-on and Keefe dives to take a one-hand catch nut drops it. Would have been phenomenal if taken. A risky single to finish off the over. Indians are now 100 runs ahead.

Keefe over the wicket to Yadav. Just one off his over.

Over 197 | Score 547/8 | Jadeja 13* ; Yadav 1*

Keefe into the attack. Saha steps out to loft it over the cover but Maxwell was there again to dismiss another obstacle to their hope. Saha departed for 117 and things seem to change for the Aussies.

Jadeja chips over midwicket to get a boundary. Six runs and an important wicket

WICKET! Steve O'Keefe gets his first with another big man down. Saha departs for 117.

WP Saha c Maxwell b O'Keefe 117 (233b)

Over 196 | Score 541/7 | Jadeja 8* ; Saha 117*

Much has changed with the start of session 3. Pujara departed at the hands of Nathan Lyon, shortly after his double ton. Saha , on the other hand, marched past his century. Jadeja is the next man who walked in. India have now taken a lead by 85 runs. Jadeja gets his first boundary with timely cut.  

OVER 194 | Score 532/7 | Saha 114, Jadeja 2

Jadeja the new man to walk in after Pujara departs. India need to believe and try to bat though the final session.

WICKET! Pujara's brilliant knock comes to an end, Lyon's wait for wicket comes to an end.

OVER 191 | Score 518/6 | Pujara 198*, Saha 106*

Saha gets his 3rd Test century, 1st against Australia and Pujara is moments away from his double hundred.

TEA BREAK: India continue with their dominace with the bat. From a 15 runs deficit at lunch to a 52 runs lead at tea, things have changed slowly and silently for the Indians, while the Aussies could only stand and stare and blame their luck. Both batsmen have doubled their delight since lunch and Pujara has an array of records which he has broken past in the second session. Completely one sided for the home team. What has the Aussies in reserve or will Virat's men march till declare?

 Over 188 | Score 503/6 | Pujara 190* ; Saha 99*

Taking singles, rotating strikes, impressive from the home side. 500 comes up for India. Last over before tea. Two from it. 52 runs lead. Saha surely has to wait for a sip of tea to held his bat high for his century. And for Pujara, it will be double delight.  

Over 186 | Score 499/6 | Pujara 188* ; Saha 97*

Pujara now becomes Indian batsman with longest innings. Lyon comes in now. Saha lofts the ball comfortably over mid-off and gets his four runs. Wriddhiman strolls towards his ton.  

Over 184 | Score 490/6 | Pujara 186* ; Saha 90*

Lyon replaces Cummins. Round the wicket to Saha. This session so far- 22overs and 51 runs without a wicket. Paddle sweeps the third ball to the leg slip and takes a quick two. Saha now steps into 90s. Lead extends to 36 runs.  

Over 182 | Score 485/6 | Pujara 185* ; Saha 86*

Pujara marches towards his double ton now, while Saha towards his century. Cummins, no more with his variations. Hammering with those short deliveries. Lead extends to 33 runs. Finally a single off the last ball. Saha fends the outside off delivery to third man.

Over 180 | Score 480/6 | Pujara 184* ; Saha 82*

Aussies in absolute dismal condition as none of their plan fail to get the duo off the pitch. Cummins continues with his bouncers and Saha ducks both of them. Few words were seen flying off Cummins. Another killer of a bouncer, hits his chest and Smith grabs the flying ball as Aussies appeal for a wicket. DRS call and immediately denied. Lost all their reviews once again. Maiden

Over 178 | Score 478/6 | Pujara 183* ; Saha 81*

Cummins comes back. Length ball, swings to leg, tries to drift towards short-midwicket, gets two. Saha almost saved. Saha has stepped into the 80s now. Commendable from the wicket-keeper. Pujara drives a single to the leg side and brings up 150-run partnership for the duo, off 373 balls.  

Over 177 | Score 474/6 | Pujara 182* ; Saha 78*

Over 10 hours now for Pujara. He has been there really long battling at the crease. Keefe comes back to grab a maiden.

Over 176 | Score 474/6 | Pujara 182* ; Saha 78*

Hazlewood back into the attack. Single towards deep-square leg and Pujara becomes the Indian batsman to play fourth longest innings. Clever! Short ball, but oustside off andSaha hovers it over the slip. Gets a two.  

Over 175 | Score 471/6 | Pujara 181* ; Saha 76*

Keefe continues after the short drinks break. Ranchi facing an overcast weather, no sign of un. Floodlights have instead replaced. Maiden for the left-arm spinner.  

Over 174 | Score 471/6 | Pujara 181* ; Saha 76*

Risky of a stroke by Pujara! Hazlewood slightly swinging towards leg and he clips it backwards down fine leg for a four. Wade stretches out by fails to trap it. Lead extends top 20 runs now.  

Over 173 | Score 467/6 | Pujara 177* ; Saha 76*

Keefe over the wicket. Couple of defensive strokes from Saha to fend off the spin.  

Over 172 | Score 466/6 | Pujara 176* ; Saha 76*

Wonder why Maxwell isn't out to bowl till now? That was a grubber from Hazlewood, travels below Saha's bat. The medium-pacer gets a maiden over.  

Over 171 | Score 466/6 | Pujara 176* ; Saha 76*

Keefe to Pujara and he pads away the ball. Gets a single off the third ball to bring up highest seventh-wicket partnership for India against Australia. Saha lofts it over midwicket to get two runs. Then above mid-off to get a three. Saha riding on luck now.   

Over 170 | Score 458/6 | Pujara 175* ; Saha 71*

129 runs off 321 balls- their partnership does stand strong. Down deep square leg and Pujara gets a single. Slightly towards leg and it kisses the bat to travel to the boundary but gets a two.  

Over 169 | Score 457/6 | Pujara 174* ; Saha 71*

Pujara is now at no. 6 in terms of ball faced by any Indian. Lead is now to 6 runs. Keefe gives away just two runs.  

Over 168 | Score 455/6 | Pujara 173* ; Saha 70*

Cummins with the ball. His magic ain't working today, neither is it showing up for the spin bowlers which has been a constant threat this series. That was a good ball! Swings past the bat down leg side.  

Over 167 | Score 453/6 | Pujara 172* ; Saha 69*

Keefe back in. Aussies need to turn the game now. Time to strike off a few. One off the over.

Over 166 | Score 452/6 | Pujara 171* ; Saha 69*

Cummins into the attack. Scores level with that single. And India for the first time takes a lead in this series with a single down third man. What a game for India! Brilliant form the duo. Two off the over

Over 165 | Score 450/6 | Pujara 170* ; Saha 68*

Bouncer from Hazlewood and Pujara ducks it. Two quick singles off the next two deliveries to narrow the gap to just one run. Two off the over

Over 164 | Score 448/6 | Pujara 169* ; Saha 67*

Saha is on fire now. Strikes yet another boundary down cover. Tension continues for the Aussies. Sharp bouncer of the third ball. Just three runs behind now. Tempting ball, going for a cut, just misses the bat and travels to Wade.

Over 163 | Score 444/6 | Pujara 169* ; Saha 63*

Hazlewood comes in. Smith playing the pace-attack on the visitors. Just 11 more to go now. WOO! Swings past Pujara's bat. And then a boundary. Excellent from Pujara as he pushes it down midwicket to get four.  

Over 162 | Score 440/6 | Pujara 165* ; Saha 63*

Players out on the field and Pat Cummins will pick it up for the Aussies after Lunch. Looking for his first wicket for the day. New Ball in Cummins' hand. Pujara on strike. Risky single from the first ball. Saha drives the outside off down between point and cover for a boundary. Indians continue to worry the visitors. A terrific delivery to end the over. Glides untouched past the bat  

POST LUNCH: Can Pujara, Saha continue with their brilliance with the bat and post an impressive lead on the visitors or will the second session of the game witness the Aussie comeback?  

LUNCH: Confident Indian team stepped out to take the total close to the 451 run target. Not much was expected from Saha following Aussies strategy to trouble him with Cummins' short deliveries. But Saha along with Pujara guided their side to an applaudind session. Getting two DRS lifelines were the cherries on the cake and now they are just 16 runs short of the mammoth total.

For the Aussies, it has been equally worse. Unlucky with India's sudden DRS luck and then losing one review coupled with failure to get the two batsmen down have all added up to their concern. What lies ahead is sure of a delight to watch. Will be back in 40 minutes.

Over 161 | Score 435/6 | Pujara 164* ; Saha 59*

Lyon continues with the old ball. Off the backfoot and Saha drives it down cover, denied a boundary. Gets three off it. Lyon goes up for a shout in the fifth delivery. Is it LBW to Saha? No it is from Umpire and denied again after DRS call from Australia. Visitors facing a real hard time. They need to regroup to make a comeback into the game. Last ball and safely negitiated by Saha. Departs for Lunch

Over 160 | Score 431/6 | Pujara 163* ; Saha 56*

22 more to travel. Aussies suffering from the bad luck. New ball to come up in next over and ten minutes to lunch. Three runs off Keefe's over.

Over 159 | Score 428/6 | Pujara 162* ; Saha 54*

66 runs in this session without a loss of a wicket. Excellent from India. Pujara gets a single down long leg. Single by Saha too and bring up their 100-runs partnership. Incredibel for the home side and worth of concern for the visitors

Over 158 | Score 426/6 | Pujara 161* ; Saha 53*

Keefe with the ball. Slower delivery to start off with, tries to paddle sweep it by touches his forearm and goes in the air. No one to take it. Maiden.

Over 157 | Score 426/6 | Pujara 161* ; Saha 53*

98 from 245 balls- is where their partnership stands. Pujara has been more with his footwork this morning aagainst the spinners. Two off the over.  

Over 156 | Score 424/6 | Pujara 160* ; Saha 52*

Aussies have been unlucky this morning. Battered with the increasing run-score and then with the DRS calls that saved both the batsmen. Keefe into the attack. India now trailing by 27. Three off the over.

Over 155 | Score 421/6 | Pujara 158* ; Saha 51*

Lyon into the attack. Lovely from Saha, scoops it aside to get a single. Huge Huge appeal for the big man. LBW to Pujara and Umpire takes it. DRS for India. Saved again. India on fire in DRS and with the bat. Pujara saved and Kohli seen applauding. Two out of two this moring for India.  

Over 154 | Score 419/6 | Pujara 157* ; Saha 50*

Single to rotate strike and Saha is on strike. One short of his half-century and there it comes. Commendable from the wicketkeeper. 50 off 100 balls. 5th Test fifty and first against the Aussies. Partnership in his 90s

Over 153 | Score 416/6 | Pujara 155* ; Saha 49*

Just out of nowhere! SIX! Off Saha's bat to Lyon. Full extension of the bat and plays a confident stroke to whistle it over the boundary. Lyon has failed to knock any opposition down in this innigs. Single of the last ball to keep strike- Pujara.  

Over 152 | Score 409/6 | Pujara 155* ; Saha 42*

Aussies now need to breakthrough. Its been quite some time now that no wickets have fallen in their favour. Pujara's patience game has bore the fruit. Not going for the big ones. Just singles and twos to bring the mark.  

Over 151 | Score 407/6 | Pujara 153* ; Saha 42*

Much needed boost for the Indians. Pujara has been single handedly leading the Indians to the mammoth total of 451. They are now 44 runs away.  

Over 149 | Score 403/6 | Pujara 150* ; Saha 41*

50 more to go for the home team. Lyon gives away a single to Saha and Pujara is in strike. One short of his 150 runs. Standing ovation from the crowd and dressing room as a single from Pujara brings up his 150.  

Over 148 | Score 401/6 | Pujara 149* ; Saha 40*

Strategy by the Aussies- Cummins would trouble Saha with short deliveries while Lyon would attack Pujara from the other end. Pujara gets a single and 400 comes up for the Indians. Commendable from the Indians, first time off course in this series. Thanks to Pujara.

Cummins with a short delivery, Saha jumps to defend it. Outside off and Saha pushes for a single

Over 147 | Score 399/6 | Pujara 148* ; Saha 39*

Lyon to Saha. Third ball, turns from the leg side and Saha pushes it off towards third man, gets a single. Same fro Pujara. Huge appeal for a LBW. But umpire denies, pitched middle and its turning down  

Over 146 | Score 397/6 | Pujara 147* ; Saha 38*

Cummins returns with the ball. Comes in round the wicket. Bouncer from the pacer. It follows by a slower off-cutter and then again a short delivery. Probably seems Smith's idea not to give away anymore runs off Pujara's stroke.  

Over 145 | Score 397/6 | Pujara 147* ; Saha 38*

Nathan Lyon is the new bowler. Saha punches it to mid-off to get a quick two. Fourth ball drived to mid-wicket for a single. Anoher single to end the over.

Over 144 | Score 393/6 | Pujara 146* ; Saha 35*

Beauty from Pujara! Drives off to point for a two. Hazlewood with a bouncer and Pujara ducks it. India now 58 runs behind. Richie Richardson is there at the box to witness the match. Four off the over.

Over 143 | Score 390/6 | Pujara 144* ; Saha 34*

Keefe into the attack. Gets a maiden

Over 142 | Score 390/6 | Pujara 144* ; Saha 34*

Hazlewood starts with a bouncer. Cover drive and Pujara takes a single. Saha gets a two after clipping the pad. Funny! Umpire raises finger and then scratches his head. Confused! Saha being troubles with short deliveries from the pacer. Three off the over.

Over 141 | Score 387/6 | Pujara 143* ; Saha 32*

Keefe with the ball. Round the wicket to Saha. Pushes to long -off in the third delivery to take a single. No silly point to take the catch from the outside edge nick off Saha's bat. Tw off the over

Over 140 | Score 385/6 | Pujara 142* ; Saha 31*

Hazlewood into the attack. Trail now under the 70-run mark. Short and outside off, Pujara gets the edge to fend it off to the square third man for a two. Seems an overcast weather and the lights are on. Bouncer this time from the medium-pacer to Pujara. Fails to pull it off. Dot to end the over.

Over 139 | Score 383/6 | Pujara 140* ; Saha 31*

Its important for the Aussies now to snatch the lead from the home team. They are playing the waiting game, taking singles to build pressure. Two off the last ball. Saha easing into the game.

Over 138 | Score 380/6 | Pujara 139* ; Saha 29*

Josh Hazlewood introduced, replaces Cummins. Saha shows improvement after the DRS lifeline. Opens up more of the bat to fend off the ball. Just two of the over.  

Over 137 | Score 378/6 | Pujara 138* ; Saha 28*

Keefe comes in. Saha drifts the second ball towards third man to take a single and that brings up their 50-runs partnership. This was absolutely necessary for the Indians. Keefe changes side, over the wicket for Pujara. One off the over

Over 136 | Score 377/6 | Pujara 138* ; Saha 27*

Cummins into the attack. A cut shot of the second delivery by Pujara to change strike. Short and outside off- Saha square cuts for a single. Good start this morning. Dot ball to end the over. Three from it

Over 135 | Score 375/6 | Pujara 137* ; Saha 26*

Keefe comes in. Slower delivery, giving Pujara to bank on backfoot strength to pull it off for a boundary past midwicket. India still 76 runs behind. Five off the over.

Over 134 | Score 370/6 | Pujara 132* ; Saha 26*

Cummins into the attack. Two off the over

Over 133 | Score 368/6 | Pujara 131* ; Saha 25*

Keefe is the bowler. Going in with much slower deliveries. Maiden for the left-arm spinner

Over 132 | Score 368/6 | Pujara 131* ; Saha 25*

Pat Cummins, first ball and huge appeal for LBW. Umpire raises his finger and delight for the visitors. Saha quickly for DRS. Yes! India is beginning to get it right now. Saha saved and answers back with a boundary. Wonderful down cover on front foot. Six off the over

Over 131 | Score 362/6 | Pujara 131* ; Saha 19*

Risky single to start off the day. Aggressive to begin with. Keefe is the bowler now, Saha at strike after the single. Saha too gets a run with an outside edge. Two off the over

09:20 AM IST: Players ready as action is about to resume in Ranchi.

The top three of Indian batting line-up including KL Rahul, Murali Vijay and Cheteshwar Pujara deserve almost all of the credit as India look to surpass Australia's first innings total of 451 today.

Pujara had most Indian cricket fans and pundits talking about Rahul Dravid with his resolute knock of 130-not out on Day 3.

Other than the top 3, Indian batsmen including skipper Virat Kohli struggled in their fight against the Aussie attack, especially against the comeback man Pat Cummins who took 4 wickets on the day.

Virat Kohli (6), Ajinkya Rahane (14) or Nair (23), were all dismissed after briefly settling down in their innings but Pujara showed that why he is considered as a Test match specialist with his 11th century of Test career.

Forced to leave the ground in the 40th over on the opening day, Kohli spent the rest of the first day and the whole of the second day in the dressing room getting medical attention from the support staff.

However, the 28-year-old's stay at the crease was not long as he was out for six after being caught by his opposite number Steve Smith at second slip off Cummins.

Next in, Rahane looked good during his brief stay but failed to repeat the kind of partnership which he and Pujara displayed to save the second Test in Bengaluru.

Rahane looked positive from the start, consuming 33 deliveries and added 51 runs for the fourth wicket before being caught behind by Wade off a bouncer from Cummins to leave India in a spot of bother.

The loss of two crucial wickets at the other end, however, did not deter Pujara from playing his shots as he got to his next 50 runs in just 59 deliveries.

Thereafter, Nair joined Pujara in the middle and the right-handed duo ensured India went into the tea break without any more casualties.

Earlier in the first session, Vijay and Pujara played with poise to help India post 193/2 in reply to Australia's 451 at lunch.

The duo stitched together a 102-run stand for the second wicket before left-arm spinner Steve O'Keefe (1/117) gave the Aussies something to cheer about in the last ball of the first session, taking the wicket of Vijay who played for spin but was stumped by Wade.

But it was definitely the banter between both the teams that kept the fans on the edge of their seats. Kohli started it first when he rushed out to the balcony and started clapping after Smith decided to use up the last review and the decision went against the visitors.

All-rounder Glenn Maxwell reciprocated the India skipper when he held his shoulder in the same fashion as the Delhi batsman did on Thursday, after saving a boundary.

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